13 Best Women's Walking Shoes For Europe: Cute & Comfy


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I'm planning a trip to Europe this summer and have already started putting together my outfits. One essential item I'm focusing on is comfortable walking shoes, given how much time I'll be spending walking through the streets of Florence and Rome. There’s the constant challenge of wanting to look chic for those photo ops on Europe’s picturesque streets while also being comfortable enough to walk miles of charming cobblestones.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve thoroughly explored Google, TikTok, and Instagram to curate a list of the best womens walking shoes for europe that don’t skimp on style or comfort. From shoes with superior arch and ankle support to those with soft, stylish designs, there’s definitely a pair in this list that you’ll love. Let’s explore the options.

13 best women's walking shoes for europe

1. New Balance Unisex 2002R Sneaker

I have these in a different color, and wear them all the time on my 1-mile morning walks. Not only are comfortable shoes for walking long distances, but they are actually stylish. Because we all need to take cute insta pics on our Euro trips. They have different colors in these, plus they are unisex so you can snag one for you and your significant other!

comfortable sneaker for walking long distances grey white
New Balance

2. The Roger Advantage Walking Sneaker

I've bought 5 pairs of these for my husband. He says they're the most comfortable, lightweight shoes that pair nicely with any casual outfit. They now make them in womens so I'll be matching with my hubby this summer in Europe.

One verified buyer said, "Love them, easy to clean, comfortable and best white shoes."

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comfortable walking shoes on cloud white women

3. Dr. Scholl's Time Off Womens Walking Shoes For Long Distances

I discovered these walking shoes through a recommendation on TikTok. A woman shared how she was searching for shoes that were both comfortable and stylish for walking miles in Europe. She mentioned buying these and was not disappointed. She could walk miles through the streets of Rome and stated that by the end of the day, she experienced ZERO foot pain. After browsing through the reviews, I found that many people are saying similar things.

One verified buyer said, "Would give infinite stars. Have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for six months. Purchased 3 different, more expensive, recommended brands of sneaker only to continue to get worse. Was headed to Europe fearful that I’d be in agony or ruin the trip by not being able to walk (in otherwise excellent shape). The Time Off sneaker not only saved my trip, but after walking all day in them for 2 weeks my feet felt way better, not worse."

arch support walking shoes for europe womens
Dr. Scholl's


As seen on Kylie Jenner. I have friends that say these are the most comfortable sneakers they own for everyday wear. This comes in different colors, and was seen on Kylie Jenner recently. Here are just a couple of features that stood out to me: Ultra-cushioned comfort collar, seamless no-slip interior support, high-rebound recovery insole that supports pressure points in the feet, knees, hips, joints, and back, and has long-lasting rubber soles

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best womens walking shoes for europe white

5. On Cloud 5 Womens Walking Shoes: Best For Plantar Fasciitis

These are On Clouds best-selling shoes. You can't go wrong with these, plus they double down as gym shoes for your workouts in Europe. Plus, they come in 10+ colors! Pair this with denim shorts, a white t-shirt, prada sunglasses, and a lululemon belt bag.

One verified customer said, "Buy a half size up from your normal everyday shoe size. These shoes are stylish and comfy!!!

cushioned walking shoes for italy

6. New Balance Women's 515 V3 Sneaker

These are currently 20% off on Amazon!

One buyer said, "EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE!! True to size and great for walking!!"

Side note: Don't forget to take a travel hairdryer with you that's dual voltage!

best womens walking shoes for travel

7. Dolce Vita Dolen Sneakers Beige

These Dolce Vita sneakers are really slept on. Not only are they cute, but have a comfortable plush sole. It also comes in a ton of different colors - but my favorite is the beige. You can pair this with a white linen maxi dress and delicate jewelry.

One verified customer said, "The most comfortable and stylish sneaker I own, I recommend sizing up for the perfect fit!"

You can buy from Zappos here.

stylish walking platform shoes for traveling to europe
Dolce Vita

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8. Women's Allbirds Tree Runner Go White

According to this Reddit thread, many are raving about the Allbirds brand. I don't personally own a pair, but I bought some for my father-in-law, who is a cardiologist and on his feet all day from 6 AM to 7 PM. He hasn't stopped wearing them since. Previously, he wore On Cloudmonsters, but he has permanently switched to his Allbirds. Honestly, they're pretty stylish too. They sell out quick, so if you see your size I would jump on them.

comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis
All Birds

9. Kizik Womens Irvine Travel Walking Shoes

This is another brand that is slept on. People are raving about these basic white sneakers that feel like "magic" when you slip them on. They have a ton of different styles that are perfect for walking long distances.

One women left a review and said, "How on earth are not all shoes designed this way?! The first time I put these on it was literally like MAGIC. I’ve never felt a more comfortable shoe in my entire life."

womens white sneaker for walking in europe

10. Teva Flatform Universal Travel Sandal

If you're looking for a good walking sandals, these Teva sandals are it! Not only are the reviews amazing, but they can be paired with any outfit! A white linen maxi dress, silk mini dress, a lightweight jumpsuit, shorts, etc. They can also pass for dinner shoes if you pair them with a maxi dress or maxi skirt!

One verified buyer who vacationed in Europe said, "I usually wear a 7.5 and the 7 was perfect for me. Bought these shoes for a 10 day trip to Europe where I was walking 10+ miles a day and they performed PERFECTLY! I didn't put on the tennis shoes I brought even once. I tend to get bad blisters and that wasn't an issue at all - no blisters! Also, they double as great shower/beach/pool shoes since they are completely synthetic and dry quickly."

11. New Balance Women's 515 V3 Sneaker: Good For Plantar

A lot of different colors and shades in these. It's on Amazon prime too, so you can get them pretty fast if you're in need of something last minute. I would pair these with white linen pants and a tank top. 

cushioned new balance walking shoes women

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12. Adidas Gazelle Bold Women's Walking shoes

This color is screaming summer! They are not the most comfiest sneaker in my opinion, but they're good for days you won't be walking a ton. If it's out of stock on Goat, check out Adidas.

cute sneakers for walking europe summer

13. Hoka Clifton 9 FP Movement Sneakers Women

Lets be real, most Hoka sneakers are very unattractive. These newly launched x FP Movement sneakers are actually really cute and comfortable (based on the customer reviews). I personally own two pairs of the Clifton 9 Hoka sneakers and they feel like I am walking on clouds.

hoka orthopedic walking shoe women comfortable

The Best Womens Walking Shoes For Europe: Comfortable and Cute

Finding the perfect walking shoes for Europe that are both stylish and comfortable has always been a challenge. Every time I traveled to Europe, I faced the dilemma of choosing between comfort and style. It's unfair to have to sacrifice one for the other, which led me to search for the ultimate walking shoes that don't compromise on either.

After exploring various options, my top pick has to be the New Balance 2002r sneakers. I own a pair and can vouch for their comfort, even after miles of walking. While they're not suitable for running, they excel in comfort for walking. They're also incredibly stylish, pairing well with a mini dress or cute linen pants. For a sportier look, they look great with biker shorts or spandex.

For those looking to pack light without sacrificing functionality, the On Cloud 5 sneakers are an excellent choice. They're fantastic for both running and long-distance walking. Their neutral color options, like black and white, make them versatile enough to match different outfits too. 

How We Test Our Travel Walking Shoes

To recommend only the best walking shoes, our testing process is thorough and goes through several steps. First, and foremost is customer reviews. The best way to find out if a shoe is actually good is reading peoples non-bias experiences. We go through hundreds, sometimes thousands of reviews to understand what are the pros and cons of each shoe.

We even try some pairs out ourselves, verifying their comfort and aesthetic appeal. We also watch video testimonials on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to understand real-world performance.

Additionally, we conduct in-depth research into the materials used in the shoes, understanding how they are manufactured to assess their quality and suitability for long-distance walking. This helps us find shoes that excel in durability, comfort, and style, making sure you have access to the best list of walking shoes.


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