11 Best Sandals For Walking in Europe That Are Actually Cute


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Summer is surprisingly around the corner and a lot of you guys have been asking for comfortable walking sandals for your trips to Europe or anywhere that requires a lot of walking. There is this constant struggle of wanting to look cute on the streets of Europe for the pictures, but also feeling comfortable enough to walk miles on cobblestone streets.

Well, I am here to tell you that you don't need to compromise on either one. I have scoured Google, Tiktok, and Instagram to find the best sandals for walking in Europe. From arch and ankle support, to plush platform sandals there is something you will love on this list. Lets get into it.

11 best sandals for walking in europe that are comfortable and cute

1. Teva Voya Infinity Sandal

Mary Kate Olsen was spotted wearing these in Europe! They are apparently the most comfortable walking shoes for long distances plus they are cute!

black walking sandal for europe

2. Womens Reef Waterproof Vista Stylish Walking Sandal

I got this recommendation from Tiktok, and everyone in the comments agreed on how comfortable these sandals are. One women said, "The reef sandals are SO good. I've walked miles in these with no issues at all. Such a good recommendation!"

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beige platform walking sandal for europe

3. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed - Suede (Unisex)

If they have these in stock, get them!! SO many people say these are the most comfortable sandals for walking in Europe - plus they actually look good on. They also come in a lot of different colors. One buyer said, "Love these. Perfect slip on - I wore all summer and now into fall with socks. Comfortable and not fabric so they can easily be cleaned or worn in the rain without being ruined."

If they are out of stock on Zappos, check out Amazon.

They also have a rubber/waterproof version of these for cheaper too.

arch support platform sandal for walking in europe beige

4. Steve Madden Luella Heel Stylish Walking Sandal Comfortable

These are great for a more fancy outing like dinner! A lot of girls said these were so comfortable even during the day time! Comes in black and white and it's currently on sale on Amazon.

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heeled platform sandal comfortable

5. Teva Universal Sandal Original

These are just $55!! One girl said she walked 10,000 steps with these in one day and her feet didn't hurt as well. They are also super lightweight and compact so they won't take up much space in your luggage.

Speaking of luggage, check out these good quality rimowa dupes for your next European getaway.

black slides for walking comfortable europe

6. Frame - Le Weston Sandal

These frame sandals are real leather, so you know they're soft and won't be giving you blisters while walking. Currently 50% off!

frame black platform sandal leather
Viva O Sol

7. Women's Wild Fable Ryder Platform Sandals For Travel

I know these may not look so supportive, but they are actually SO comfortable. One women on Tiktok who lives in NYC said she walked from the top of Manhattan down all the way down. Make sure to size up if you have wider feet than normal. Side note: You can store your walking sandals in these beis weekender bag dupes to save space in your check0in luggage.

stylish walking platform sandal for travel

8. Sorel Comfortable Platform Sandals

Comes in black, beige, and blue! One buyer said, "These are very comfortable right out of the box. I wore these for several hours walking around Icon Park in Orlando. I ❤️ that the velcro strap is easily adjusted."

women wearing comfortable walking sandl green

9. Steve Madden Mona Sandal

These are definitely the most stylish sandals on this list. One customer said, "I walked 14,000 steps in these and had no pain in these!" 

ankle support sandal for walking on cobblestone street on travel trip

10. Teva Flatform Universal Travel Sandal

For all my shorter girls, these are the Teva platform universals! These feel like you're walking on clouds. 

One verified buyer who vacationed in Europe said, "I usually wear a 7.5 and the 7 was perfect for me. Bought these shoes for a 10 day trip to Europe where I was walking 10+ miles a day and they performed PERFECTLY! I didn't put on the tennis shoes I brought even once. I tend to get bad blisters and that wasn't an issue at all - no blisters! Also, they double as great shower/beach/pool shoes since they are completely synthetic and dry quickly. I really couldn't recommend them higher- they are so comfortable, stylish, and also affordable! THANK YOU TEVA!"

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11. Chaco Z/1® Classic Sandal Arch Support For Walking Long Distance

Excellent amount of support on the ankles - these are great if you're walking on cobblestones or up steep hills. Comes in other colors as well! 

One verified buyer said, "These sandals were my first ever Zappos purchase 10 years ago. I'm not exaggerating. These sandals are so amazing, I still have them, and they're still in perfect shape, despite lots of heavy use. They are sturdy, durable and comfortable. they are also fairly heavy and rigid, so if you need a softer, lighter sole these are not for you. For me, these are as good as it gets. I've worn them twice backpacking for multiple weeks, including a trip to Morocco where these were the only shoes I wore (other than hiking boots) for two weeks. Highly recommended."

comfortable walking sandal for travel europe

Best Walking Sandals For Travelig to Europe

When searching for the best walking sandals for travel, there are a lot of things to look out for before purchasing. First, you want to make sure that they are gonna last a long time! You're going to be walking in these babies for miles at a time, so make sure that they are durable and can handle long walks. I've seen plenty of sandals straps break or get torn up because they just can't handle long distances.

The number one priority (obviously) is to make sure the sandals are comfortable enough for long walks and long standing times. Look for features that have adjustable straps, supportive soles, and cushioned footbeds for long days on your feet. The material should be made from breathable, high quality materials to keep your feel cool on those hot summer days when traveling. If you can, steer away from synthetic leather, plastic, and rubber.

If you're someone who loves to pack light, then make sure that your sandals are versatile. The best sandals are the ones that can be worn during the day casually and at night for a fancy dinner. This not only saves space in your luggage, but just makes life so much easier when your packing/unpacking and putting together outfits. My personal pick would be the Teva Original Universal Sandals. They're cute, comfortable, and very affordable too.

Waterproof and Arch Support Sandals For Long Distance Walking

When traveling, a lot of people are looking specifically for waterproof sandals or sandals with good arch support. When it comes to waterproof sandals, I would go for the Reef Water Vista Sandals. They are the best sandals for trips by the beach or any water-related activities. The best feature is that these sandals are crafted from a material that allows you to easily wash away any dirt.

Chaco Classics are awesome for arch support because they're shaped just like the bottom of your foot. They've got a nice curve that really supports your arch well. This smart design means your feet stay comfy, and you can walk easier and stand taller. Another cool feature of the Chacos is their adjustable foot strap, which lets you customize the fit to your foot's size and shape, making it uniquely yours. Any of these sandals above are great options for walking long distances for travel, especially Europe!


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