21 Best Travel Accessories For Women: Compact & Practical


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Traveling can be hectic, but it doesn't have to be if you're well prepared and organized. I've put together a list of all the best travel accessories that will make your travel experience10x better. From packing cubes, under eye masks, noise cancellation headphones, and more these best travel accessories for women will be lifesavers for your upcoming trip.

Best Organization Travel Accessories For Women

1. Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories

Packing cubes will save you SO much space in your luggage - especially if you're like me who who plans every outfit for every occasion on your trip! These are the packing cubes I use from Amazon and they are great.

You can pack these in one of these rimowa suitcase dupes!

packing cubes for luggage travel

2. Travel Jewelry Case

You're less likely to loose jewelry on your trip if you have a case for it! This one from Calpak has great reviews. One buyer said, "This case is luxurious. Quality Is amazing above anything else. All the compartments and snug and secure. Material inside and out adds to the safety of my jewelry. Please purchase this if you have jewelry you care about."

Traveling soon? Check out these stunning travel dresses for europe or anywhere that has warm weather.

pink jewelry case for travel

3. Hanging Toiletry Bag

A hanging toiletry bag is great especially if there isn't much space near the bathroom sink! You're also less likely to leave your belongings behind.

comfortable walking sandals for europeMake sure to check out these comfortable walking sandals for europe that are actually stylish and cute.

hanging toiletry bag

4. 7 Day Weekly Pill Organizer

A pill organizer for everyday of the week! This could also be useful for at-home.

Make sure to check out these beis weekender bag dupes for travel!

vitamin and pill organizer

5. 16 Pack Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries, TSA Approved

Don't bring your entire bottle of shampoo and conditioner - instead you can pour them into these leak-proof silicone travel containers. This comes with 16 containers just for $9!!

travel size toiletries

Best Beauty Travel Accessories For Women

6. Slip Silk Sleepmask

A silk sleepmask is a game changer. I used to think this was not necessary until I tried one on myself and it makes such a big difference. It forced you to go to sleep since you can't really open your eyes when wearing it. If you want a cheaper alternative get this one from Amazon. It has good reviews too.

women wearing silk sleep mask

7. Vasline Lip Therapy

I will never go anywhere without my Vaseline mini. It shits on any lip balm on the market (and yes, including overpriced brands like laniege, summer fridays, rhode, etc.) The rose flavor is my favorite, but they have unscented too!

vaseline lip therapy travel size

8. Shiseido WrinkleResist24 Pure Smoothing Eye Mask

An under eye mask for the plane. We're not trying to get puffy on this trip 😅

under eye mask for plane

9. Stainless Steel Mini Slant Tweezer

Just bought these tweezers, and they did not disappoint. They tweeze every little fine hair and it's only $9!

sharp tweezer for facial hair

10. Clinique Micellar Water Facial Wipes

These makeup removing wipes have great reviews. One buyer said, "After using this for awhile , I've noticed my skin looks so much better. It really works to hydrate my skin. They remove my makeup with ease and they feel soft on the skin. They aren't harsh and they don't need a ton of pressure to remove your makeup. It just melts right off. They also smell amazing. I would get these again. I need them for my makeup routine."

makeup removing wipe

11. Le Labo Hand Cream Travel Size

Le Labo hand cream - it'll make you feel like you're sitting in first class even when there's a crying baby in front of you in economy.

le labo hand cream travel essential

Best Travel Kits For Women

12. Minimergency Gadget Kit for Her

God bless the women who invented this. They have a lot of other kits as well including a travel set for the modern jet-setter.

Includes: earring backs, deodorant towelette, double-sided tape, stain remover, emery board, clear nail polish, breath freshener, clear elastics, lip balm, hair spray, dental floss, pain reliever, nail polish remover pad, safety pin, tampon, adhesive band.

emergency kit for her travel essential

13. Medicine Travel Kit

Comes with Advil, Peptobismol, Antacids,and Seltzer! I hope you won't need it, but definitely worth carrying with you on a trip.

medicine kit travel accessory

Best Electronics Travel Accessories For Women

14. 2 Pack European Travel Plug Adapter

A travel plug adapter is a must, especially if you're traveling to Europe. 8k bought just this past month on Amazon, and has great reviews.

If you're traveling to Europe this summer or anywhere with warm weather, check out these super cute breathable linen dresses!

europe travel adapter for smartphone

15. FUNTOUCH Rechargeable Travel Makeup Mirror with 72 Led Lights

We've all been to hotels were the lighting sucks! This portable travel mirror has three different light settings and is super compact (0.7lb) so it won't take up much space. Plus you can finally do your makeup in good lighting.

portable travel mirror with led light

16. Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones - Refurbished

I have both the Bose noise cancellation headphones and the Apple ones, and personally I prefer the Bose ones more. They are much lighter on my head, cheaper, and cancel out the same amount as the Apple headphones. Apple headphones are overhyped in my opinion.

bose noise cancelling headphone

17. Portable Charger for iPhone and Samsung

A portable charger is a must, especially if you're out and about all day in a city exploring. This one is compatible with both Samsung and Apple smartphones. 3K people bought just this past month!!

portable charger travel accessories

18. Apple AirTag

After loosing my luggage on the way to Rome, I will never NOT travel with this again lol. If you don't know what an air-tag is, you basically put it in your luggage ti be able to track exactly where it is in real time.

apple air tag travel gadget

Best Fashion Travel Accessories For Women

19. Sticky Adhesive Silicone Nipple Pasties with Travel Box

Nipple covers are a must. I've tried other brands, but this one from Amazon lasts the longest/fits the best.

nipple cover for women amazon

20. Lululemon Pickpocket Proof Fanny Pack

A good fanny pack for walking around. These fit a lot more than you think + you won't get pickpocketed if you're traveling to places like Europe.

women wearing light blue fanny pack travel accessory

21. Portable Clothing Steamer

A travel steamer for your lux Italian silk and linen outfits this coming summer! Because who likes wrinkly outfits?

Great reviews on this travel size clothing steamer too. One verified buyer said, "Good, it is small so it is easy to move around when you travel! Fast and easy to use, it will iron clothes in a few seconds, just what I wanted!"

travel size clothing steamer

The Best Budget Friendly Travel Accessories For Women 2024

Traveling in 2024 is way easier than before! Now, we've got tons of gadgets, accessories, and stuff to help us pack and move around without a hassle. For us women, it's not just about packing light; we've got to think about beauty, fashion, and staying comfy too. When you're not in your usual spot, it can feel weird trying to get used to a new place. But, if you've got the right gear, you can make any place feel a bit more like home. If I had to pick my top must-haves for travel, I'd go with packing cubes to keep things tidy, Vaseline because I hate dry lips, micellar cleansing wipes, noise cancellation headphones, and those travel size bottles for your shampoo and conditioner. These are the things that really make a difference for me when I'm out and about. 


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