TOPSFORDAYS is a female-owned brand founded in 2020 out of a beautiful family home in Los Angeles, CA. Starting with just five crop tops on the site in October 2020, smack down during cold weather season, surprisingly did well. Fast forward to a couple of years, TOPSFORDAYS now offers an array of tops ranging from blouses, cutout tops, long sleeves, knits, and more.


Kaylin Malek is the founder and face behind TOPSFORDAYS. She is a 24-year old Los Angeles native and a recent graduate from University of Southern California. Kaylin created TFD as a platform to share the pieces she loves to wear on a day-today basis.

As Kaylin's style continues to evolve and flourish with personal growth, so do the styles and pieces offered by the brand, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing collection that reflects her growth and evolving taste.


In a fashion world inundated with brands offering an overwhelming variety of styles, we stand out as a haven where each garment is carefully chosen to reflect a specific vision and mood. Our focus is not on creating a melting pot of styles, but rather to create an experience that feels like shopping from a friend's closet.

Each piece we showcase is an expression of personality, allowing our customers to discover clothing that truly speaks to their tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking for a statement piece to elevate your look or a versatile everyday staple, our handpicked selection ensures that you'll find something special.