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9 Rimowa Dupes That Look & Feel Like The Real Thing


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Hunting for the perfect Rimowa dupe? You're not alone. Rimowa's sleek, durable suitcases are dreamy but I can't justify paying $1,000 for a suitcase. Plus, mixed reviews about their longevity and value for the price have many questioning if they're worth the splurge.

The quest for a similar vibe without the hefty tag is real. The market's packed with look-alikes, but finding one that truly lives up to the hype in quality, design, and price is tricky. I've done the legwork to find the best Rimowa dupes (carry-ons and check-in) that deliver on style, durability, and affordability. Enjoy! 

9 good quality rimowa dupes

1. Calpak Ambeur Carry-On Luggage Hard shell

Comes in a ton of different colors! Great reviews. One verified buyer said, "Love the amount of space this bag holds! Very impressive. The extra couple inches makes it even better and if you fly Southwest Airlines it fits above the seats even if it’s expanded. I did a ton of research between this bag, and the away carry on. This bag has more volume on the inside, it's lightweight, easy to maneuver, and it costs less. It may not be 💯 polycarbonate exterior but it’s a carry on. So it’s going to be used by you not tossed around in TSA. They did not have the silver one in stock so I had to get black but it still looks great. Happy Travels 😀"

silver chrome suitcase carry on


This is $99 and on Amazon prime (perfect if you're in a rush to get a suitcase). This suitcase has a ton of cool features: an outside hook to hold any bags, a TSA lock, thoughtful zipper pockets on the interior, and also has 3-YEAR WARRANTY!

One verified buyer said, "  I am very picky when it comes to luggage. My fear was that it might possibly get damaged when checking my baggage. I wanted to find something stylish but I also didn't want to spend $300. I am being honest when I say I found the perfect suitcase. Not only is it a great design, it has plenty of pockets and packing space. It has a very secure lock system that is easy to use. I took a two week trip to Japan and let me tell you, I had no complaints. It got a little scuffed but I expected that, the overall shell and wheels didn’t give me any issue." 

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amazon hardshell suitcase silver


Comes in three other colors. This is by far my favorite suitcase because of its unique features: it features a portable USB charger, a built-in digital scale, GPS tracker and TSA-approved locks.  It also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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dark grey hard shell check in suitcase
Hotel Collection


"This carry on is the perfect RIMOWA dupe, literally the same but less in price honestly. Customer care responded to my request for change of address and my order shipped out next day & arrived Wed! 1 Day Shipping? Can’t get no better! It’s Chic, Super Durable, Light Weight, & did I say Chic? GET IT!!" -  Tamir Lindo

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carry on aluminum suitcase unisex


100+ bought in the past month! This is a 3-piece luggage set and it's super affordable. It consists of 1 carry-on and two check-in size suitcases. You can also buy them separately.

One verified customer said, "  I had no idea it would be THIS GOOD but I got these and some of my co-workers were like wow why did you spend thousands of dollars in luggage and I was like I did not spend that much. They thought it was Rimowa. It's just made with such high quality materials that even from far away it looks luxurious and expensive. I would say go for it and buy it. You will love and people will also admire it " 

three pack silver suitcase set


One customer said, "I’m on the road 180 days a year. I’ve been using this suitcase for 5 years. That’s almost 1,000 days of use on this carry on. It is an absolute tank. Over 250 flights. I’m not gentle on this suit case by any means. It takes some serious abuse and it still feels new. The handle just bit the dust on me so I just purchased another to replace it. The scrapes give it a lot of character." 

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rimowa suitcase dupe

7. Away The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition

This is more on the pricer side, but still cheaper than the original Rimowa. You can get free shipping + free returns too.

One customer said, "I love my new away bag and its’ sleek look! I get stopped all the time when traveling and people ask what brand is it. Not only it moves smoothly but the size fits perfectly down the airplane aisles and in the overhead storage. I never want to part with it because it looks so good and fits my items perfectly, allowing me the extra room to buy some gifts to take home as well.

carry on suitcase rimowa dupe


On sale for $289 vs. $699! This is by far my favorite Rimowa dupe on this list. The reviews can speak for itself.

One buyer said, "This is a great carry on piece of luggage. Love that it has wheels. And it has so many compartments. It has a bag for shoes or dirty laundry. Has a waterproof bag which has been very handy. Has an outside USB charging cord, you can put your PowerBar inside and charge your phone from the outside. Another great feature is that it has an expandable zipper which adds like 2 inches of space, great for bringing home t-shirt souvenirs. All around a nice piece of luggage." 

check in rimowa luggage


I love how this suitcase has a cup holder for your coffee and a shopping bag holder. They really solved all minor inconveniences that we experience at the airport lol . The wide handle also makes it a lot more durable and easy to move.

One verified buyer said, "It’s literally just like how it’s in the picture/video! Very sturdy and I definitely see myself having this suitcase for a long time! She’s spacious! Definitely would fit a lot of things especially if you get compression bags! The carry on is quite light too." 

affordable durable hard shell carry on lightweight amazon

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10. Monoprice Carry-On Luggage, Silver, 20in

As far as looks goes, this looks very close to the original Rimowa. There's low stock on this, and it's sold out on Target so snatch it while you can. You can also fit a lot in here including a pair of comfortable tennis shoes, heels or booties, a couple of day and night outfits, toiletry bag, makeup bag, and some other miscellaneous items.

affordable hard shell carry on luggage rimowa amazon


Rimowa luggage stand out for their premium materials like aluminum and polycarbonate, promising to endure the rough and tumble of travel.  Their design is undeniably sleek, blending vintage vibes with modern aesthetics, and they're packed with features like TSA-approved locks and smooth-rolling wheels. Yet, despite these perks, there's a chorus of travelers questioning if they truly justify their hefty price tag.

The debate often centers around the value you get for the money. While no one denies Rimowa's quality or the luxury status it conveys, some users have shared mixed reviews about its long-term durability and functionality compared to other high-end brands. Instances of wear and tear, issues with customer service, and the cost of repairs have led some to ponder whether the investment really pays off in the long run.

In essence, while owning a Rimowa might elevate your travel game and turn heads at the airport, it's also sparked a conversation about what you're really paying for: the unmatched quality and style, or the prestige of the brand name.  For globe-trotters who see travel gear as an extension of their personal style and are willing to invest in luxury, Rimowa might tick all the boxes. But for others, the brand's allure might not fully outweigh the considerations of cost versus performance.


Choosing the perfect Rimowa dupe for both carry-on and check-in luggage involves a mix of savvy shopping and knowing what makes Rimowa pieces stand out, without the hefty price tag. Start by focusing on durability and material.  Look for luggage made from materials like polycarbonate or aluminum, which offer the same robustness and sleek finish as Rimowa. The build quality should ensure it can withstand the rigors of travel without denting or scratching easily.

Next, consider the design. Rimowa is known for its distinctive grooved exterior, so seek out dupes that mimic this stylish, iconic look. This doesn't just add to the aesthetic but often contributes to the luggage's structural integrity. However, ensure the design doesn't compromise functionality. Features like TSA-approved locks, 360-degree spinner wheels, and adjustable handles are non-negotiable for a smooth travel experience.

Size and weight are crucial, especially for carry-on luggage . Opt for a dupe that adheres to standard airline size restrictions while maximizing storage space. Lightweight options are a bonus, as they make navigating through airports a breeze and leave more weight allowance for your belongings.
Interior organization is another key factor. Look for luggage with smart compartments, dividers, and straps to keep your items secure and organized. This is particularly important for check-in luggage, where you'll pack more items.

Lastly, consider the brand's reputation and customer reviews. A good dupe should come from a brand that offers reliable customer service and warranties, ensuring peace of mind during your travels. By focusing on these aspects, you can find a Rimowa dupe that brings luxury and functionality to your travel gear without breaking the bank. 


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