15 Hermes Sandals Dupe - Starting at Just $18


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Are you looking for Hermes sandals that won't break the bank? We sourced 15 best Hermes sandal dupes that will elevate any outfit that you can wear all season long.

We'll chat about what to wear with them, explore why they're so popular, and show you how to style these versatile alternatives all year round. Whether you're someone who loves fashion or just someone on the lookout for some cheaper alternatives, you came to the right place. Ok, let's dive right in to the best sandal dupes.

15 hermes sandal dupes


Love this monochromatic black outfit with the sandals! They have so many different colors of these sandals. Definitely check it out.

women wearing black outfit with black hermes sandal dupe
Steve Madden

2. Tuckernuck Black Raffia Alibi Sandals

These sandals have really great reviews with customer images. They also offer free shipping and free returns (we love that). I would wear these somewhere sunny on vacation or for a trip to the beach!

black woven sandals hermes

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Love this color combo. You can pair this with black baggy jeans and a black bodysuit for a sleek and sexy look!

women wearing gladiator sandal khaki green
Ego Shoes

4. Target Women's Hermes Sandal Dupe Beige

These Hermes sandal dupes from Target are only $20, and come in different colors too.

One verified buyer said, "Really love the shape and look of the sandals. I ended up buying them in two colors because they looked so great!"

women wearing canvas print  hermes sandal

5. ALTAR'D STATE Everlee Hermes Sandals Lookalike

Love this denim print sandal from Altar'd State!! Comes in other shades and it is just $39! One verified buyer also said they were really comfortable too. Pair this with a white linen dress and your favorite jewelry. 

denim blue slide sandal
Altar'd State

6. SHEIN Open Toe Slip-On Sliders

For all my SHEIN lovers (if there are still any out there), these are $18 and surprisingly customer reviews are good. If you love dupes or just more affordable options, check out these mini ugg dupes!

women wearing beige hermes sandal dupe


One customer in the reviews section said, “I had these for over 5 years and finally got a new pair since I’ve worn mine out 🙊 I’ve worn these with hundreds of outfits and they are on major sale.” 

white leather hermes sandal dupe
Steve Madden

8. Patricia Green Hallie Slide Sandal (Women)

These sandals have great reviews and are made in Spain, so you know you're getting good quality leather (hence the price tag). One customer said, “Absolutely the best splurge. This is my second pair of these sandals.. I’ve literally been asked a few times if they are the Hermès sandals. Love these and I keep stalking the site for the white ones to come back in stock.” (reviewed on Nordstrom)

navy leather hermes sandal womens
Patricia Green

9. Anthropologie Bibi Lou Cutout Slide Sandals

Anthropologie is known for making really good quality designer dupes! Did you check out the Bottegga bag dupe from Anthropologie? It went viral on Tiktok and for good reason. 

If these are out of your price range, check out these similar ones from Altar'd state that are $70.

womens brown leather sandal with strap

10. Amazon Women's Fashion Slide Sandals Summer Adjustable Strap Open Toe Leather Sandals

These don't have a ton of reviews, but the picture looks good. They are also just $26 and come in 8+ colors.

light brown leather hermes sandal lookalike

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11. Steve Madden HADYN Raffia Sandal

Another color-way of the Hadyn Sandal from Steve Madden. Matches with almost any outfit you throw on. Love all things designer? Check out these designer sunglasses that are perfect for small faces

women wearing beige flat sandal on the beach
Steve Madden

12. Dune London Loupe Slide Sandal (Women)

This emerald green color paired with white jeans and a t-shirt is chefs kiss. They are a little bit more on the pricier side, but that's because they are a brand based out of London and is crafted from good quality material.

women with white jeans wearing emerald green sandal

13. Billini Gordy Sandal Black White

Obsessed with this color-way and very reasonably priced. These are great chic summer slides to pair with linen pants or a sun dress.

women standing and wearing beige and black h sandal
Steve Madden

14. H&M Designer Slides

The purple metallic is a vibe. Pair with baggy denim jeans or a linen dress for the spring. Comes in four other colors as well. Side note: do you have a large bust? Check out these corsets for big boobs starting at just $23.

black women wearing white tank top and denim jeans with purple sandals dupe

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15. Amazon Leather Slip on Sandals Comfortable

100+ bought in the past month. After looking at all the Amazon options, these ones seemed to have the best reviews at a fair price point.

One verified buyer said, "These exceeded my expectations. They are true to size, comfortable, and look great. I'm sure I will be getting a lot of use out of them. Would buy them again."

brown leather flats sandal women

Other Hermes Sandal Dupes Options

Billini has really cute and trendy sandals at an affordable price.

cute influencer style sandals

How to style your sandals

The beauty of these sandals are that they are so versatile and can be paired with so many different outfits and occasions. For a casual summer look, consider pairing them with a maxi sundress and a sun hat. If you're going for a more polished appearance, pair your Hermes lookalikes with tailored shorts and a crisp white blouse for a chic and sophisticated look. For an extra pop, add some chunky earrings and a necklace! The options are honestly endless with these sandals which is why so many people love them.

Why Are Hermes Sandals So Popular?

Hermes sandals have achieved iconic status in the fashion world for several compelling reasons. They are timeless, making them suitable for a casual or formal event. Second, they can not only be worn in the summer but also in the fall and winter. It really just depends on how you style them!


Additionally, the signature H-shaped buckle, which is often emulated in Hermes sandal dupes, has a luxury and sophistication that many people find irresistible. This specific feature instantly elevates the sandals and makes any outfit 10x better in my opinion.

How to style your sandals for each season

As i said above, hermes sandal dupes can be worn all year long! In the spring and summer months, these sandals pair well with flowy maxi dresses or denim shorts and a t-shirt. As the temperatures drop in the fall, you can transition them into your autumn wardrobe by teaming them with skinny jeans and cozy oversized sweaters for a cozy look. For the winter season, you can opt for the Anthropologie Bibi Lou Cutout Slide Sandals and pair it with a sweatsuit for that influencer style look! Whether you're strolling the beach or navigating city streets, Hermes sandal dupes have your back, no matter the season.


I hope we got you one step closer to finding your favorite sandals. If you loved this read, make sure to check out these designer sunglasses for small face.

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