10 Quality Prada Sunglasses Dupe - Starting at Just $15


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Lets be real, not all of us want to spend $400 on sunglasses - especially when you're likely to lose them after two weeks. After all, they are just plastic with a logo slapped on. Handbags I can justify the hefty pricetag - they're leather, handcrafted, etc. But I can't justify the price tag of $400 sunglasses, which is why I decided to search for the best Prada sunglasses dupes! If you're new here, each product that is featured on our blog is extensively researched based on verified customer reviews, social media, and trusted retailers on the internet. So, lets get into it.

10 Prada Sunglasses Dupe That Are Good Quality

1. Amazon mosanana Trendy Prada Rectangle Sunglasses

3,000 people bought these Amazon Prada sunglasses dupes just this past month! After reading the reviews, I can say they surpass a lot of customers expectations (especially for the $15 price tag).

One verified buyer said, "This is the second pair of mosanana sunglasses for me. They are sturdy and well made, with UV protection, look amazing quality and great style."

amazon prada sunglasses dupe black

2. Revolve Aire Ceres V2 Prada Dupe

These are from Revolve and had great reviews. Looks almost exact to the original Prada rectangle sunglasses.

One buyer said, "I was honestly skeptical about the quality because of the price, but they are excellent quality & exceeded expectations."

black rectangle sunglasses designer sale


"Great affordable sunnies, they’re my go-to daily pair. I’ve dragged them through Europe, Mexico, and daily wear in LA and they’re holding up amazing after several months. The gold has held its color well." 

Wear this with a cute pair of comfortable sneakers and a fitted skims dress dupes.

princess polly black sunglasses rectangle
Princess Polly

4. amazon kimorn Rectangle Sunglasses for Women

Another great Amazon find based on customer reviews. 2 for $16!

"I love these! Nice and sturdy! Not cheap looking at all! They don’t come with a case." - Angie

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prada sports sunglasses dupe

5. Quay Australia Black Prada Sunglasses Dupe

Quay Australia is known to have great quality sunglasses at a very reasonable price. These have such good reviews it's making me want to buy a pair! They have frequent sales, so be on the look out.

sleek designer sunglasses
Quay Australia

6. Dhgate 17ws Unisex Prada Sunglasses

These come in so many different colors including white and brown. They're just above $20 including shipping costs + have good reviews.

prada symbole sunglasses dupe


I wouldn't say these are an exact dupe, but these were too cute not to feature. I love the color and can easily be dressed up or down. Perfect for the summer. 

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lookalike prada sunglasses women
Princess Polly

8. Ray Ban ZENA BIO-BASED White Sunglasses

Loving these new sunnies from Ray Ban. Comes in a total of five colors + you can add prescription lenses to them. It comes with free personalized adjustments, fast and easy returns, and free pick up in store (based on availability). 

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white cateye sunglasses women
Ray Ban

9. Glasses Usa Hailey Beiber x Vogue Designer Sunglasses

Glasses USA offers 100% money-back guarantee, 14-day return or exchange, and 365-day warranty! 

Get 50% off your first order!!

celebrity prada elongated sunglasses women
Glasses USA

10. Quay Hyped Up Catwalk Sunglasses

One buyer said, "Absolutely LOVE these frames. They cause me zero headaches and give the perfect amount of edge to my looks. High quality for sure."

Pair them with one of these with one of these cute outfits for italy.

cheap prada sunglasses women
Quay Australia

How To Style Your Prada Sunglasses Year Round

Sunglasses are an all-year-round accessory that we all wear. There are so many ways to style them given they are utilized for all seasons.

No matter the weather, a pair of sunglasses just completes any boring outfit. More importantly, it protects you eyes from the suns UV rays (even when it's cloudy outside).

In the sunny months, I love pairing my sunnies with a maxi dress and flat sandals making a cute and casual outfit. If I'm running errands and want to feel more comfortable, I'll bring out a grey sweatsuit and white sneakers. This gives that off-duty model vibe that's also cute.

When it starts to hit fall and the sun is in and out, I would opt for something more warm and cozy. Go for a pair of your favorite denim jeans, cashmere turtleneck, booties, and a neutral-toned trench coat.

Winter might seem like a weird time to wear sunglasses, but with the right styling, your Prada dupes can enhance your winter wardrobe. Pair them with a chunky knit sweater and a faux fur coat. 

When spring rolls around, I would mix florals, light linens, and pastel colors. A neutral toned maxi linen dress, and sneakers paired with a light jacket is a good look. If you're not a fain of dresses go for flared jeans, an elevated oversized t-shirt and sneakers.

Whether you're running errands or going to a formal day event, sunnies are a must. Let these Prada sunglasses dupes be your go-to in creating a perfect fit.

Finding the Perfect Balance of Quality Vs. Price

When it comes to dupes, you have to put your expectations in order. Not all dupes are made the same, and honestly, setting the right expectations is half the battle. If you’re eyeing a dupe that costs a fraction of the original’s price, don’t expect the moon and the stars -luxury-level craftsmanship and top-tier materials come at a premium, after all. But here’s the good news: with a little savvy shopping, you can snag some good finds that look great and last.

Start by taking a close look at what you're buying. What’s it made from? Does it feel solid or a bit too flimsy? Pay attention to the details like lenses and hardware. A quick peek at reviews or getting tips from friends can also steer you away from a dud and towards a gem.

Think of it this way—splurging a bit more on a quality dupe might pinch initially, but it’s a smarter move economically in the long run. Why? Because it’ll stick around in your wardrobe longer, giving you more bang for your buck. Striking the right balance between quality and cost means you’ll rock that luxe look. Each purchase is unique, so weigh your options and go for a balance that leaves you looking good without breaking the bank.


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