9 Skims Dress Dupes That Are Actually Good Quality


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If you're looking for a more affordable version of the Skims dress or just can't get your hands on it because it's always sold out, we got you! 

A lot skims dress dupes are not actually dupes and the fit and fabric is not even close to the original. 

We spent hours reading reviews, looking through Tiktok, Youtube, etc. to find the best rated Skims dress dupes. From someone who actually owns the Skims dress, I can attest that these are the real deal. Lets go through it!

9 Best Skims Dress Dupes

1. Quince Tencel Rib Knit Maxi Slip Petite Dress

Quince is officially my favorite brand. They are known to have high quality clothing at a very affordable price. They must have very small profit margins because this dress is just $49 and looks and feels exactly like the Skims dress! Comes in five other colors. A couple customers also said that this dress is petite friendly!

One customer left a review and said, "This is a perfect dress. Looks amazing on and hugs all your curves in the right places. Like other reviewers mentioned, it is a great Skims dupe. Love!!

grey soft lounge maxi dress ribbed petite

2. Oh Polly Ribbed Modal Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress in Black

Oh Polly has the best fitted dresses that hug you in all the right places. Pair this with a long fur coat and kitten heels for a cold night out!

Comes in a spaghetti strap version too.

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long sleeve back dress fitted
Oh Polly

3. PUMIEY Women's Slip Fitted Skims Dress Dupe Pink

Almost all Amazon skims dupes SUCK, but this seller seems to have perfected the skims dress. 

One verified customer said, It’s the same material as skims. The quality is worth the price, I compare it to my skims dress and it’s practically the same. The lighter colors are a bit see through so I wouldn’t wear them out in broad day light, but they are technically loungewear so keep that in mind.”

You can find the long sleeve version of this dress here.

lilac strappy fitted bodycon dress

4. Quince Long Rib Knit Maxi Slip Dress

This is also from Quince, but just a different color than the first one! Someone in the review section said, "This is THE BEST, most comfortable dress! Skims has got nothing on this. Wear it on your next date, thank me later."

This would pair perfectly with a pair of mini ugg dupes.

brown fitted long dress women

5. Abercrombie Lounge Long-Sleeve Maxi Dress

This comes in a light brown color too. It says it's true to size and made from 91% Modal, 9% Elastane.  If you're on the fence on buying this, just read the reviews. One buyer said, "I bought a few things from skims and this dress. I ended up loving this more than the other stuff I got. PLEASE make it in other colors. I could live in this dress, it’s so comfortable."

If you love Skims but can't afford it, check out these Skims long sleeve dupes that look and feel very similar. 

ON SALE $27 VS. $60

grey long sleeve bodycon skims petite dress dupe

6. AnotherChill Women's Casual Lounge Slip Dress

This is another best-seller skims dress dupe on Amazon. There are also a lot of customer image reviews so you can really see what it looks like in real life.

One customer left a review and said, “Quality Skims dupe. This dress is super form fitting and is not see through at all. You can easily dress it up or down and it’s super comfy for long periods of time!”

You can find the long sleeve version of these dress here.

black slip dress womens bodycon petite

7. X Revolve Essential Ashlyn Maxi Dress

This is currently on sale for $53! It's the AFRM x Revolve collab. It also comes in a brown color too.

Pair this with one of these lookalike Prada sunglasses.

ON SALE $53 VS. $88

long slip lounge dress black

8. Zara Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Of course Zara has a dupe 😅

lounge maxi dress green form fitting hourglass

9. Beginning Boutique Melrose Khaki Maxi Dress

Comes in black, brown and grey too! On sale right now!!

ON SALE $30 VS. $60

skims maxi dress dress green lounge
Beginning Boutique

Why is Skims so Popular?


Skims has gained its massive popularity (originally) due to the viral lounge dress. I remember seeing them on my Tiktok with millions of likes and comments! Because of the massive social media coverage, the dress is always sold out on the website with 1000+ people on the waitlist! 


In addition to that, Kim Kardashian is the founder and face of the brand. And when you have over 100 million followers on your Instagram who love you, you can reach a lot of people! And with the powerful impact of other celebrity influence, Skims has become a must-have in everyones wardrobe.


In addition to the celebrity influence, the widespread popularity of Skims can be attributed to its perfect fit on ALL body types. Known for its body-hugging design, the dress has a unique ability to snatch and flatter any body shape. The tight fabric not only embrace curves but also accentuate them in a way that exudes an hourglass body like Kim. 

Whether it's the way it gently snatches the waist or enhances natural curves, the dress has become a symbol of style, sexiness, and confidence.

Why is Skims Always Sold Out?

Firstly, the influence of founder Kim Kardashian and her status as a global fashion icon has significantly heightened the brand's hype.

 The association with a celebrity of such caliber invariably leads to heightened interest and a surge in demand for Skims products (especially when your product is actually good).

More importantly, Skims has strategically created an image of exclusivity and luxury. Limited releases, coupled with meticulously designed and high-quality products, contribute to the perception that Skims is a coveted and highly desired brand. This deliberate scarcity, often seen in the fashion industry, fuels a sense of urgency among consumers, driving them to quickly purchase items before they sell out (similar to Rolex watches and Hermes Birkins lol).

The brand's commitment to inclusivity and diverse sizing also plays a crucial role. Skims has managed to resonate with a wide range of body types with sizes ranging from XXS-3XL.

Additionally, the brand's effective use of social media marketing and celebrity endorsements creates a buzz surrounding Skims, further fueling the rush to purchase items before they run out. 

The combination of strategic marketing, celebrity influence, and a commitment to inclusivity results in Skims consistently flying off the shelves, leaving fans eager to get their hands on the next coveted release.


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