9 Skims Long Sleeve Dupes - Starting at Just $23


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The Skims long sleeves have earned their permanent spot in my wardrobe, thanks to their incredible versatility and the flattering, snatched fit they offer.

However, a plain tight long sleeve should not cost upwards of $68. Because, lets be real these things cost probably a fraction of the price. 

Taking it upon myself, I've curated a list of highly-rated Skims long sleeve dupes that look and feel like the original. And yes, that includes the coveted cotton jersey versions. Let's dive in!

9 Skims Long Sleeve Dupes

1. Naked Wardrobe the nw crew top

Lauren Wolfe posted about these skims long sleeve dupes and it feels almost identical to the skims cotton jersey long sleeve. People say these feel a little bit thicker. Comes in other colors as well.

They have a boat neck version of this as well. 

skims grey long sleeve dupe
Naked Wardrobe


Guys, the reviews on this are amazing. This is a good alternative for the Skims Fits Everybody Long Sleeve. One verified buyer said, “Actually obsessed with this shirt. The quality is stunning, can reasonably compare this to something you’d find on SKIMS. A great material to workout in, for lounging at home, or to wear out. The fabric is super soft yet athletic. Sucks and holds you in, in all the right places. Compliments any skin tone. Want this is all the colors, would recommend this 1000x.”

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dark grey long sleeve top womens
Princess Polly

3. PUMIEY Women's Long Sleeve T Shirts Crew Neck

Most Amazon skims dupes SUCK, but this seller seems to have perfected the fits everybody long sleeve. Everyone on Tiktok is also raving about this specific sellers quality and fast shipping. And it's only $23!! 

One verified buyer said, I just opened this up and and I'm immediately going to order it in every color. Buttery soft, snatches you in, and the color is beautiful. Love everything from this brand.” 

FYI: this seller takes and uses their own photos, so you get what you see!

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white cotton long sleeve t shirt

4. Oh Polly Second Skin Soft Active Long Sleeve Top in Mahogany

Oh Polly is known to offer clothing that is fitted and snatched - especially their dress collections! One verified customer said, “Love it !! And it stays soft even after washing but I would def size up !!”


This would pair perfectly with a pair of mini ugg dupes.

dark brown crew neck t shirt seamless
Oh Polly

5. Altar'd State Everyday Seamless Long Sleeve Top

This is a cropped version and comes in three other colors. It has a built-in shelf bra and is made from 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex. It has a very soft, lightweight, and seamless feel to it. One customer left a review and said, "Fits better than my aritzia bodysuit. Super flattering!"

olive green seamless skims tshirt dupe
Altar'd State

6. PUMIEY Women's Long Sleeve Slim Fit T-Shirts Sweetheart Neck

Skims does not make this exact style, but this is so cute and the quality looks great and compressing.

Comes in a square neck version too!

pink long sleeve sweetheart neckline

7. Abercrombie Soft Matte Seamless Long-Sleeve Tee

This is a perfect long sleeve for date night on a colder night! I love how sleek and fitted it looks!! It comes in so many different colors too. You can pair this with wide leg denim jeans and booties. One buyer said, “Ugh. My new favorite shirt. Hugs all the right places. So comfy. So soft. AF doesn’t miss!!!! Ended up buying 3 different colors.”

black shiny long sleeve top womens

8. Spanx Better Base Long Sleeve Crew

Spanx never misses! This gives off a good dupe of the Cotton Jersey Long Sleeves but a little thinner/lightweight. It's currently 50% off and final sale. For some reason this looks better than the original Skims. 

One buyer said, “Great quality and goes with everything! Size is true. Highly recommend.”

cotton jersey long sleeve grey lightweight

9. White Fox Only For Tonight Long Sleeve Top Heather Grey

A lot of Tiktok influencers preach that White Fox has a really good dupe for the cotton jersey long sleeve! Comes in so many different colors but light grey is my fave.


Get $15 off your first order!

heather grey long sleeve crew neck womens
White Fox

Benefits of Choosing a Skims Dupe

The primary and most compelling advantage of opting for a Skims dupe lies in its affordability. Unlike the original Skims products, which can be on the higher end of the price spectrum, dupes offer a budget-friendly alternative. This accessibility democratizes fashion, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the trendy and stylish designs without breaking the bank.

Contrary to misconceptions, many Skims dupes excel in both quality and comfort. Crafted with attention to detail, these alternatives copy and paste the luxurious feel of the original products. By investing in a well-made dupe, girls can experience the same level of comfort and satisfaction at a fraction of the cost, making it a practical and enjoyable choice for everybody

Skims dupes offer the same level of versatility in styling as the original. Whether you're aiming for a casual, laid-back look or dressing up for a special occasion, they can be styled in countless ways.

Lastly, with the lower cost of dupes, there's a reduced financial risk for consumers. Trying out a dupe allows individuals to assess the quality, fit, and overall satisfaction without a substantial upfront investment. This risk mitigation aspect encourages more people to explore different products, ultimately expanding the reach of affordable fashion alternatives.

In summary, choosing a Skims dupe goes beyond saving money; it opens up a world of possibilities, providing affordable, high-quality, and stylish alternatives that cater to a diverse range of preferences and lifestyles.

Skims Long Sleeve Craftsmanship: A Dive into the Original Material Composition

The original Skims long sleeves are crafted with meticulous attention to material composition, ensuring a blend that prioritizes both comfort and style.


The infamous Fits Everybody Long Sleeve  T-Shirt is composed from 76% Polyamide / 24% Elastane. 


The Cotton Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt is composed of 90% Cotton / 10% Spandex.

Typically, Skims utilizes a combination of high-quality fabrics to achieve the desired feel and fit. The exact composition may vary across different styles, but common elements include a mix of soft and breathable materials such as cotton, spandex, and nylon. These fabrics work in harmony to provide a stretchy yet form-fitting structure, allowing the long sleeves to contour to the body's natural shape while maintaining a luxurious and smooth texture. 


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