11 Quality Bottega Bag Dupes - Starting at Just $45


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Bottega Veneta has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years mainly because of their infamous woven leather design. What a lot of people don't know is that a lot of handbag companies base din Europe have been using this design for decades! 

These bags start at $550 and go up to $4,200. Most people can't afford such a crazy price tag or just refuse to pay that much for a simple leather bag. 

I took the liberty to track down some of the best Bottega bag dupes that, look just as good, if not better than the real! And the best part - they won't break the bank.

11 Bottega Bag Dupes

1. Anthropologie The Brigitte Satchel by Melie Bianco

If you haven't heard of the Anthropologie bottega bag dupe then thank me later. This bag went viral on Tiktok and for good reason. One customer left a review and said, “Expensive looking handbag. 10/10 a key accessory in my wardrobe.” They also have a mini version here.

black woven shoulder bag womens

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2. Handmade Woven Bags for Women with Coin Purse Fashion Handbag Female Shoulder Bags Foldable Chain Small Tote Crossbody Bags

One customer left a review and said, I have worn this bag SO many times since I got it. I want every color. It’s the perfect size and I get so many compliments on it! Love it"

white woven mini handbag

3. Amazon Woven Crossbody Bags For Women, Small Handmade Purse Clutch Shoulderbag Handbag, Zipper Closure

Based on looking at all the other options on Amazon, this one looks very promising. It's $49 and has a 4.8-star rating. Comes in several different colors as well.

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green shoulder woven handbag

4.Peppermayo Jamelia Shoulder Bag Black

The quality on this looks really good! The black color will match with almost any outfit you throw on. (Comes in other colors as well). It's also $53. If you love dupes, check out these Ugg tasman slipper dupes!

black woven jodie handbag womens

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5. QUINCE Italian Leather Handwoven Pouch

Made from top-grain 100% Italian leather and has a magnetic closure. You can wear it as a clutch or on your shoulder! For $129, it's a good deal. One buyer said, "I can’t say enough about this purse - the leather is top notch and the taupe color is perfect. This is my first leather piece from quince and I’m so satisfied with it."

brown leather woven clutch affordable bottega bag

6. Lulus Essential Beige Woven Tote Bag

Obsessed with this color and comes in black and white too! Pair it with a black blazer dress and kitten heels with a cute designer headband. It's also just $55!! You can also pair this with one of these lightweight sweaters.

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beige woven tote bag

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7. Amazon Hobo Bags for Women Woven Tote Bag Woven Shoulder Bag Crossbody Satchel Bag Fashion Woven Purses Tote Handbag 2023

The real version of this bag is almost $4,000, and people like Bethany Frankel say it is not worth the hefty price tag. This bag from Amazon is more affordable and people say it's almost like the real thing. It comes in two different sizes as well. One customer left an honest review and said, It looks almost exactly like the small Bottega Venetta Andiamo. The gold loop on the front is not accurate, but I think no one will notice that.” 

Lulus also has their own version of the BV Andiamo bag for $55

bottega andiamo black leather bag affordable

8. amazon FEOFFS Woven Leather Hobe Dumpling Bag Dinner Handbag For Women Purse Hobo Bag Knotted Woven Clutch Bag

Bottega is selling this on their site for $4,200 and tbh that's a crime - It's so small! If you haven't noticed, this is the newest bag that everyone is hyped up about. It's like the Jodie bag 2.0. This option from Amazon is $67 and reviews are good. One customer who also owns the real version of this bag said, I have a real BV mini sardine in red and I can’t tell the difference side by side except the real BV handle is high polish. I bought the medium sized and returned it because the handle was gold plastic. The crossbody version has a heavy brass handle and is quite indistinguishable from the real thing.” Also comes in a ton of different colors!!!

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Update: seller turned off customer reviews due to getting reported, but this is the same seller with the customer reviews. If it's sold out, check out this sellers jodie bag dupes.

brown small leather tote bag with gold handle

9. Dragon Diffusion small woven-leather shoulder bag

Honestly, I love this more than the original! If you're not familiar with this brand, they gained popularity after their bags were caught being worn by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, etc. People rave about the quality and how convenient and practical this bag is.

black woven leather handbag bottega bag dupe
Matches Fashion

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10. Lulus Burgundy Woven Handbag

$55!! And the quality looks amazing. I also like how this isn't an EXACT design of Bottega if you want something a little different.

burgundy leather handbag with handle

11. Woven Knotted Strap Shoulder Bag Faux Leather

If the Anthropologie dupe is too expensive for you, this is a great alternative at just $48! Comes in burgundy and white too. Pair it with a pair of their platform ugg mini dupes!

black oversized shoulder bag woven

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Quince uses real Italian leather on all their bags, so you know you'll be getting good quality.

Etsy has TONS of bottega bag dupes (some with brand logos inside the bag too).

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Exploring the Diverse World of Bottega Veneta Bags: Mini Jodie, Sardine Bag, and Beyond

Bottega Veneta has created a name through its diverse range of bags. Each design is a testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. There are so many different styles that the brand has introduced in the recent years such as the Mini Jodie, Sardine Bag, and more.

The Mini Jodie is the most popular bag from the brands bag collection. It does a real good job at offering a contemporary style while offering a sense of sophistication. Despite its small size, the bag has a lot of detailing, including the signature Intrecciato weaving technique. Perfect for those who are on-the-go and need that accessory that will elevate the entire outfit. 

The Sardine Bag is like the Jodie bag 2.0. The only differences include the golden handle, and has a flatter shape to it. Its distinctive fish-shaped silhouette is a testament to the brand's ability to infuse creativity into lux fashion. 

A cornerstone of Bottega's collection, the Classic Tote is a symbol of understated luxury. With its clean lines and unembellished exterior, this bag exudes timeless aesthetic. Crafted with attention to detail, the Classic Tote remains a staple for those who appreciate everyday simplicity and elegance.

The Chain Cassette was more of a fad in my opinion that has slowly died down. It's still a beautiful everyday bag that is also very simple and chic. I feel like it was the brands contemporary edge to the classic Bottega style. It's a bold choice for people who want a little more oomph.

The Pouch, is exactly that! It's a great way to showcase the brand's signature weaving technique. It also has the ability to transition from day to night depending on the way that you style it. It's also spacious enough where you can fit your phone and other belongings inside of it comfortably. 

The Arco Bag is popular because of its geometric shape and large woven texture. You have an option to hold it by its handle or use the detachable shoulder strap. This makes a great versatile bag for day or night.

Bottegas diverse range of bags caters to the people who want to be understated yet elegant with no crazy logos or vibrant colors. Whether you gravitate towards the classic style of the Mini Jodie, embrace the fun of the Sardine Bag, or opt for the architectural elegance of the Arco Bag, each piece is a testament to the brands lowkey vibe.


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