9 Lululemon Scuba Dupes - Starting at Just $14


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Jacket weather has officially arrived, and we couldn't be happier about it. This Fall and Winter, it's hard to miss the Lululemon Scuba Jacket making waves as a popular choice among many. I personally adore its fit and style, but let's face it, the price tag isn't exactly budget-friendly.

If you're in search of a more affordable alternative to the Lululemon jacket or a similar option because it's constantly sold out, you've come to the perfect spot!

After sifting through numerous customer reviews and eliminating the irrelevant ones, I've curated an exclusive selection of the best Lululemon scuba dupes on the internet!

9 Lululemon Scuba Dupes


Love this color! Looks super thick and good quality.

women wearing green jacket with black leggings and sneakers
Nana Macs

2. Amazon Women's Sweatshirts Fleece Lined Half Zipper Jacket

If there is someone to have the dupe, its Amazon. This hoodie has great reviews. One customer said, “Loved this one so much that I ordered another in royal blue and then a dark pink one with a hoodie. They are so comfortable and they are cropped but I'm 5'3 so its not short at all.” It also comes in a ton of different colors. Definitely check it out. 

brunette women wearing beige half zip lululemon scuba hoodie

3. Commense Break Free Scuba Sweatshirt

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women wearing white half zip hoodie with biker short

4. Temu Solid Half Zip Kangaroo Pockets Hoodie

I have yet to shop from Temu, but this scuba dupe has such good reviews with over 4k sold. One said, “perfect dupe! Great quality. Most shein/Temu clothes collect lint balls after time but the material feels like it won’t do that. Love this!” This girl seems like a dupe expert and I trust her lol.

women wearing grey cropped hoodie

5. Amazon LASLULU Womens Hoodies Fleece Lined Collar Pullover 1/2 Zipper Jacket

This is the OG dupe that everyone is talking about. 200+ were bought in the past month, plus over 5,000 reviews. Also comes in several different colors. Also part of Amazon Prime 1-day shipping!!

women wearing beige jacket with half zipper and collar

6. Vici Power Up Fleece Half Zip Sweatshirt

Love this lime color. Someone said, “Love this fits really good. Oversized bought Med. Sized down. Would purchase again if it came in other colors.” The price is also very reasonable.

women wearing lime scuba  jacket with collar and zipper

7. Everlane The ReTrack Half-Zip Sweatshirt

Pricey but not as pricey us the original Lululemon Scuba Sweatshirt! Get 25% off your first order.

black women wearing black sweatshirt with black leggings

8.Old Navy Oversized Half-Zip Pullover Tunic for Women

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women wearing off white lululemon scuba hoodie with jeans
Old Navy

9. Abercrombie Essential Sunday Half-Zip Jacket

Comes in several different colors with amazing customer reviews. One said, “Love this sweatshirt! It’s buttery soft and rests nicely below the waist so it’s a cleaner look than sweatshirts that fall lower than that. Perfect for lounging or for a flight! I’m usually in between small and medium and I purchased a small.”

women wearing light brown half zip jacket with collar


Understanding the fabric and material composition of the original Lululemon Scuba Jacket is crucial when searching for a dupe that closely matches the original. According to Lululemon's official website, the jacket is crafted from a blend of 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester. 

After thorough research on available dupes, we found that the Abercrombie Essential Sunday Half-Zip closely mirrors the original composition with its 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester blend. 

The next closest option was the Amazon Women's Sweatshirts Fleece Lined Half Zipper Crop Pullover Tops Funnel Neck Long Sleeve Sweater with a composition of 57% Cotton and 43% Polyester.

Understanding these material compositions not only ensures you get a similar feel and performance to the original jacket, but also helps you make an eco-conscious choice by being aware of the materials used in your clothing. 

Furthermore, it's worth considering your personal preferences for comfort, stretch, and warmth, as these fabric ratios can impact how the jacket suits your needs in various weather conditions

With this knowledge, you can confidently select a dupe that not only looks the part but also provides the comfort and functionality you want.


The beauty of this jacket is it's made for so many different occasions. Here are some scenarios where you can confidently sport this jacket:

1. Morning run: The Scuba Jacket is perfect for chilly morning runs, offering a comfortable layer to keep you warm without feeling overly bulky. The snug fit and quality materials provide the right balance of insulation and breathability.

2. Before a workout class: Whether you're heading to a yoga, pilates, or fitness class, the Scuba Jacket is an ideal pre-workout layer. It keeps your muscles warm as you transition from the cooler outdoors to a warmer studio.

3. Casual coffee runs: Meeting up a friend at a coffee shop? This jacket is perfect for casual outings, while making you look really put together.

4. Running errands: Whether you're grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or doing any other errands, the practicality of this jacket is there. 

5. Hiking: If you're planning an outdoor adventure, like hiking or biking, the Scuba Jacket's blend of cotton and polyester can help regulate your body temperature. It's a versatile layer for changing weather conditions too.

6. To the airport: There's nothing like wearing chic athleisure to the airport. Pair your scuba jacket with matching sweatpants and sneakers. You''l sleep like a baby on the plane.

7. Evening walks: For evening strolls or walks, the jacket offers the right balance of warmth without feeling overly heavy, making it a great choice for keeping you comfortable during cooler evenings.

In essence, the Lululemon Scuba Jacket is an essential jacket to have in your closet because of it's versatility.


We hope you were able to find an alternative to this jacket that matches your style and preference! If you loved this read, make sure to check out these mini ugg dupes that would pair perfectly with your scuba jacket ;)