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18 Sneakers For Short Women That Tall People Wish They Could Wear


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Are you a shortie struggling to find cute sneakers that add just the perfect amount of height? As someone who is 5'2 I know the struggle and have been in your position. 

There are so many sneakers out there that are either too tall and chunky, or too flat where they can't give you the height you want. I decided to do the dirty work and source some of the best sneakers for short women that will add the perfect height! 

From designer labels that offer pristine stitching and elevate any look, to more affordable sneakers that offer plush platform soles, there is something here for every shortie. 

So, lets dive right into the best sneakers for short women that will have tall people wishing they can wear these!

1. New Balance 9060 WHITE

Not sure how this grandpa sneaker became trendy, but they're comfortable AF. They're always sold out, so if you can find your size snag them!

purple new balance women sneaker
New Balance

2. On Cloud Cloudmonster Sneakers

On Cloud has popped off this year. They're liike the new Nike, but higher-end and cooler in my opinion. From someone who has gone through 4 pairs of on cloud sneakers, I can vouch and say they really feel like you're walking on a cloud. I walked miles in these in Europe and on the treadmill and they do not disappoint. 

If they're sold out on Fwrd, check out the Cloudmonster's on Zappos.

Cloudmonster white and black sneaker
On Cloud

3. Women's New Balance 550 Sneakers

I have these exact sneakers and I love them. I'm 5'2 and although they don't have so much platform, they looks so good. Pairs nicely with almost anything too. Pair it with one of these petite friendly denim jeans!

white green platform trainers 100% calf leather
New Balance

4. New Balance 574+ Sneaker

New Balance really made a comeback. One customer in the reviews section said, “I would pay double for these shoes! They are so cute and I've already gotten so many compliments!! They go with everything and are so comfortable!” 

If you have flat feet, these also offer a lot of arch support. Be sure to check out these running shoes for flat feet that offer arch support.

new balance platform blue and white sneaker
New Balance

5. Superga 2740 Platform

Can't not include the OG Supergas. One customer reviewed these and said, “The platform is perfect for short girls.”

black superga platform sneaker women

6. Veja Venturi Sneaker

Ugh, these are so cute. And the color weirdly matches with everything - denim, white, black, you name it. These are hard to get your hands on, so if you can find your size in stock get them! If you love designer shoes, check out these women's designer snow boots for your next winter trip!

beige sneaker with platform sole

7. On Cloud Cloudnova Sneaker

I am on my second pair of these so you know they are short girl approved. They're nice enough where you can wear them out to lunch and not feel weird about wearing running shoes. But also comfortable enough where you can walk miles in them. These are the perfect “europe sneakers” for walking around and exploring the city.

Check out these comfortable walking sandals for travel for your upcoming Summer trip!

women cloudnova on cloud sneaker

8. Adidas Samba Og Shoes Burgundy

If the burgundy ones are sold out, Adidas has a lot of different colors. I also love the Gazelle and Spezial collection - they look almost identical!

Pair it with one of these petite bell bottom jeans!

adidas samba sneaker burgundy

9. adidas Women's Samba Shoes

Comes in green and red! These are the sambas but in platform version. Might have to snag a pair of these myself ;)

black platform sneaker for short girls
Dicks Sporting Goods

10. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform

These sneakers are designed with a high sole made from ultra-comfy foam making you feel like your walking on clouds.Love the way this girl styled them. The sneakers also come in different colors! It also runs large FYI. Pair this with flared denim jeans and a button down for a casual day out. This would pair nicely with a mini dress and cardigan!

white chuck converse platform womens sneaker

11. Zappos GT Retro Sneaker

These are on sale for $52!! These would pair well with denim jeans and a cropped t-shirt. (Comes in a green color too).

navy and white platform sneaker

12. Reebok Women's Club C Extra Sneaker

These are from Amazon and 50+ bought in the past month. They are also part of the Amazon choice list! One customer left a review and said, “These are a cream colored shoe that is all leather so easy to keep clean. I love the extra height with the platform and they were a bit stiff day one, but much more comfortable day 2! I am usually a 7.5-8 and I went with the 7.5. At first I thought they were too small but after wearing they are breaking in and more comfortable. Probably could get an 8 and it would be fine too!” 

women wearing white and green platform sneaker

13. Salomon Womens Platform Sportstyle Shoes

On verified buyer said, "Bought this a little over a month ago and I’m already checking out for two more pairs to stock up on! Best products by far."

black platform sneaker womens

14. On Cloud Cloudnova Sneaker

These are trending sneakers on Revolve and for good reason. I have the black and white pair and can't get enough of these. Super comfortable for an everyday walk and looks good with anything. It adds the perfect height too for someone who is 5'2 

black platform sneaker with white sole on cloud

15. Hoka Bondi 8

I first got these about 2 years ago and I still wear them to this day. By far the most comfortable walking/running shoes I own. Def worth the price tag.

white and green platform shoes women

16. Dolce Vita Dolen Sneakers

These are a best-seller for a reason. They come in so many different colors and prints too. A customer said, “the most comfortable and stylish sneaker I own, I recommend sizing up for the perfect fit!”

women wearing beige platform sneaker on couch
Dolce Vita


Alo makes shoes now? You already know they're going to be good asf.

alo yoga white sneaker women
Alo Yoga

18. Hoka Clifton 9 Plush Sneaker

Another great collection from Hoka - I would say these are my favorite after the Bondi line. You can also get free shipping and returns if you're an Amazon Prime member!!

women wearing plush platform sneaker

Different Types of Platform Sneakers

Believe it or not, there are several types of sneakers that suit short women based on the different features they offer. 

  1. Platform sneakers: the most obvious! These are an excellent choice for short women because they provide added height without compromising comfort. These sneakers have a thick sole that can vary in height, giving you a subtle boost in stature. They also come in various styles, from casual to sporty to fashionable.

  2. Elevated Insole Sneakers: some sneakers are designed with built-in elevated insoles, often referred to as "hidden heels" or "height increasing" sneakers. These shoes provide discreet extra height without an obvious platform sole, making them a great choice for those who want a more inconspicuous lift.

  3. High Top Sneakers: high-top sneakers can visually elongate your legs. They cover more of your ankle and create a streamlined look, making your legs appear longer. They are available in a wide range of styles, from classic canvas high-tops to fashion-forward options with added embellishments.

  4. Monochromatic Sneakers: choosing sneakers in a single color from sole to upper can create a seamless, uninterrupted line from your feet to your legs, giving the illusion of longer legs. Opting for neutral or skin-toned sneakers can be particularly effective in this regard.


And there you have it! The best sneakers for short women. It shouldn't be that difficult to find a good pair of sneakers for us shorties. Whether you want to spend the big bucks on designer sneakers, or $100 on a more affordable pair, there are endless options of both! We always reccommend pairing your platform sneakers with neutral colors to give off a more balanced and elongated illusion!

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