13 Best Jeans For Curvy Petite Women - Starting at $40


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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like a never-ending search for us curvy petite women. The struggle of finding a good fit with the right length is so common, making you have to either compromise on style, comfort, or even both.

Well, your denim dilemma ends here. We've scoured reddit threads, Tiktok, Instagram, and more to find the best jeans that celebrate curves and cater to petite frames. From sculpting high-waisted designs to stretch-infused fabrics that hug your curves in all the right places, our curated list will have you coming back for more..

13 Best Jeans For Curvy Petite Women

1. Abercrombie Curve Love High Rise 90s Straight Leg Jean

Comes in SO many different washes and sizes. After reading several Reddit threads on the best jeans for curvy petite, the Abercrombie Curve Love jean collection were the #1 hit.

curvy petite straight jeans

2. Everlane The Way-High® Jean For Curvy Petite Women

After looking at Reddit threads and Tiktok, Everlane was mentioned the most after Abercrombie Curve Love jeans. These are made from organic cotton, so it has the perfect amount of stretch but also hold you in.

One verified buyer said, "These are super comfortable, and really mold to your body with wear. I have wider hips, so I think I’ll stick to my regular size instead of sizing down. Even a size down, they look great and are super comfortable."

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light wash high waisted petite jeans

3. Madewell Petite Curvy Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Jean

In my opinion, this is one of the best brands of jeans for petites. Madewell now has a full collection that makes "curvy petite" jeans!

One customer said, "Finally, a pair of jeans I can sit in and be comfortable. Being a curvy petite, it’s been utterly impossible to find a pair of jeans that aren’t so thick and suffocating, yet actually keep up with current trends. These are for those that live in sweatpants & wish there was a Jean that was comfortable enough that you don’t have to wish you could rip them off the entire time you’re wearing them. If you prefer a rigid denim, these are NOT the pair for you (just read the materials). I’ve scoured the shops & feel as though I’ve tried everything with a curvy petite line (Everlane, Abercrombie, etc) & have finally found a pair I would buy multiples of."

wide leg curvy petite  jeans madewell

4. Good American Good Petite Flare Jean

These are the "ultimate body-hugging jeans" designed for people 5'4 and under. They have a straight leg version of these jeans too!

One buyer said, "I’m 5'2 and usually have to chop my jeans to fit - these were such a lovely fit and perfect length."

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petite women wearing flare jeans
Good American

5. AE Strigid Ripped Highest Waist Baggy Straight Jean

Personally not a fan of ripped jeans anymore, but for my girls who are these are a great option. Mikayla Noguiera (from Tiktok) who is 5'2 and curvy reviewed these jeans and loved them.

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high waisted baggy jean short
American Eagle

6. Abercrombie Curve Love Ultra High Rise Short Straight Jean

These are a best-seller and come in tons of different washes. They also now have an "extra short" version of these! 

One petite curvy customer said, "First time jeans felt so comfortable yet stylish. Can't stop reaching out for this pair. Ordered another one in different shade. For reference I am 5.3, 137 lbs, petite frame ordered short 30/10. Slightly loose fit which I love."

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ultra high rise straight leg jean women

7. Mother Petites The Lil' Hustler Ankle Cropped Pant

As someone who is curvy and petite, I have had these jeans for 2 years now and I still wear them. I really believe these are a good pair of jeans to invest in that will last you so long and will have you feeling so good every time you put them on. There is a reason they're so expensive!

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petite cropped mom jean

8. Levi's Women's Low Pro Jeans Petite

These have almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon. If they're out of stock on Amazon, check out the official Levi's store here.


9. AE Dreamy Stretch High-Waisted Cargo Baggy Wide Leg Jean

On sale! They kinda give me cargo pants vibe. Make sure to check out these 13 petite cargo pants.

beat jean for petite plus size
American Eagle

10. Madewell The Petite Curvy Skinny Jeans

Another "curvy petite" jean made from Madewell! These are not too skinny, but not too wide!

One buyer who is 5'1 said, "My first non-skinny jeans purchase! This was a comfortable transition as it still feels slim, but the wider leg opening is a more modern style. Curvy style fit me perfectly and is very flattering - and comfortable! I went with my usual sizing and found them true to size. Madewell suggested sizing down, but I think it would’ve been too tight around the waist if I had. Will purchase the curvy stovepipies in other colors!"

curvy petite dark wash jean

11. Levi's Ribcage Straight Ankle Short Women Jeans

These Levi's are very flattering jeans for petites because of the straight leg design, giving the illusion of longer legs. These are very flattering jeans for petite. Make sure to get the shorter length when adding to cart! Comes in different washes too. Pair this with a cropped white t-shirt and your favorite pair of platform sneakers.

best fitting jean for curvy body levi

12. AE Stretch Curvy High-Waisted Baggy Straight Jean

One buyer said, "These are my favorite jeans ever. The fit is so flattering, especially if you have wider hips. They have a good stretch to them without taking away from the quality of the denim. I got them in a short size and they fall perfectly at my ankles. 10/10 buy these."

women flare jean extra short length
American Eagle


Favorite Daughter is such an under-rated brand! I have these and they make your legs look so good and slim. They have a bootcut version of this that's not cigarette cut.

One buyer on the Favorite Daughter website said, "I am 5’3” and these are the perfect length to not graze the ground when wearing sneakers like the model. They still have a nice break in the front and the rise is very flattering."

bootcute jean curvy petite black
Favorite Daughter

Finding the Best Jeans For Your Curvy Petite Frame

Finding the best jeans for curvy petite frames starts with understanding your unique proportions and how different styles can complement them (i.e. hips, butt, stomach, etc.)

The goal is to select jeans that flatter your curves while making sure the length doesn't overwhelm your petite frame. Look for mid-rise or high-rise jeans that elongate your legs and highlight your waist. Stretch denim is your friend, because they're comfortable, but fitting.

Pay attention to the inseam length; petite sizes often offer shorter lengths that eliminate the need for hemming. Don't shy away from trying different cuts, from skinny to bootcut, to find what truly enhances your shape. Remember, the dressing room is your best friend—experiment with sizes and styles until you find that perfect pair that feels as if it was made just for you.


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