15 Petite Sweatpants You Won't Have To Tailor


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I don't know about you, but sweatpants are my go-to, and as a petite woman, it's incredibly hard to find a pair that fits well.

There are so many options on the internet, and even when you type in petite sweatpants they just look like normal sweatpants! As someone who LOVES wearing sweats, I took the liberty to find the best petite sweatpants on the internet that are not only comfortable but also look good on your smaller frame. 

From brands like Gap, Old Navy, and Abercrombie, to higher end brands like Alo and Spnax there is something that I'm confident you will love. Lets get into it. 

15 Best Petite Sweatpants

1. Skims Cotton Fleece Sweatpants Petite

I have these and they fit just below my ankle!! So comfortable and honestly one of the softest sweatpants I own. For reference I am 5'2 and weight 100lbs and got a size XXS. It comes in a wide leg version too.

women wearing petite jogger grey

2. Spanx AirEssentials Wide Leg Pant

This comes in a petite length + comes in other colors! It's a best-seller on Spanx for good reason - 4-way stretch for easy movement and crafted from lightweight and soft fabric that feels like silk. Make sure to click petite before adding to your cart.

One buyer said, "Love these pants and were the perfect length for a petite person."

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petite wide leg sweatpants brown

3. UO Out From Under Hoxton Sweatpant

So many amazing reviews on these sweatpants from Urban Outfitters. One buyer said, "I have 3 pairs of these sweats, they are so soft. I do catch the bottoms dragging, so if you’re short maybe size down."

fold over petite loungewear sweatpants black
Urban Outfitters

4. Garage Straight Leg Panel Sweatpants

One verified customer said, "These straight leg panel sweatpants are it!!! They are so comfy! you can dress it up or dress it down and looks really good with uggs. I first got the grey pair and just had to come back for the navy blue. Overall fitting wise if you are short i recommend sizing down. I am 5’3 and i got the xs but would usually be a medium it pants."

petite wide leg sweapant grey for lounging

5. Abercrombie Essential Sunday Sweatpant

These high rise petite sweatpants are made from their heavyweight soft fleece fabric (perfect for the colder months). Comes in so many different colors too. I might just have to buy one of these for myself.

A customer who is 5'2 left a review and said, "Love these pants. So comfortable and fits perfectly."


light blue heavyweight fleece sweatpant petite

6. Old Navy Extra High-Waisted Vintage Sweatpants

"Simply the most comfortable sweatpants I've ever worn. I'm planning to live in these!" - Verified Customer

petite women wearing petite sweatpants in grey
Old Navy 

7. Amazon Ultra Performance Womens Sweatpants 3 Pack Lounge Pant

Get 3 pairs of sweatpants for just $28!! Love these colors too.

One buyer said, "I'm 5'2", and I expected these pants to be too long on me, since everything else is. They are not. These fit me perfectly and are so comfortable for sitting around the house when it's cold outside and also for being dragged out into the snow."

3 pack amazon petite sweatpants  for lounging

8. Quince Organic Heavyweight Fleece Boyfriend Sweatpant

I love everything from Quince. I recently got a skims bodysuit dupe from there and the fit and feel of it was 95% similar as the original for half the price. Their customer service and shipping was also A1. These petite joggers also have great reviews. 

One buyer said, "Love these pants. 100% cotton, thick and very well made. I'm 5ft 2" and they fit perfect and nothing ever fits me perfect in the length."

plum boyfriend sweatpant cottoin fleece petite

9. Amazon CRZ YOGA Cotton Fleece Lined Sweatpants Wide Leg Petite

These are giving Lululemon dupe. Heads up: after reading the reviews, these shrink a little bit in the wash. I recommend doing a cold wash and air drying them to avoid heavy shrinkage.

Looking for more Lululemon dupes? Check out these lululemon scuba dupes.

thick wide leg sweatpant chic petite

10. Gap Vintage Soft Cargo Sweatpants

These are selling fast! Comes in a petite length FYI. They are also 50% off for a limited time only!

heavyweight cargo sweatpant for short women

11. Amazon FULLSOFT Petite Sweatpants Joggers Women

1,000 people bought these just this past month and they're only $17!!

short women wearing black petite sweatpant jogger amazon

12. Amazon Yogipace Petite Straight Leg Sweatpant

Comes in other colors including black and grey. A lot of customers are saying how the quality is very good for the price. One said, "I bought a couple pair of these about 2 years ago. I am back to order another pair. I wear them daily from October through April in Wisconsin. They still look new!."

petite women wearing wide leg sweatpants navy

13. Uniqlo Drawstring Petite Sweatpants Jogger

Love the way they styled these joggers. Based on the reviews these are petite-friendly. There were a lot of customers who raved about the quality of these sweats - no pilling, shrinkage, or wear and tear after multiple washes and wears.

short women wearing  white joggers


I know these don't look petite-friendly, but they are! I am 5'2, 100 lbs and get size XXS and they hit just above the ground for me. I have them in the Gravel color.

alo yoga straight leg sweatpant for home

15. Aritzia Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Basic Wide Sweatpant

I know these don't look petite-friendly, but they are! I am 5'2, 100 lbs and get size XXS and they hit just above the ground for me. I have them in the Gravel color.

grey short length cozy sweatpants

How To Find the Best Petite Sweatpants Online

As a petite woman standing at 5'2", finding the perfect-fitting sweatpants online is a real struggle. They often end up being too long, dragging on the floor, or excessively baggy, which just looks sloppy.

The most important tip in finding sweatpants for your short height is finding brands that offer petite lengths. Brands like Gap, Old Navy, Spanx, Abercrombie, and Amazon (if you do a little digging) offer this. These brands have taken the time to design clothing that fits smaller frames, making sure that the length, rise, and overall proportions are just right. Size guides are also a great way to see if the inseam measurements will fit your legs without having to alter them.

Next up, customer reviews! This is a great way to see the feedback customers are providing about sweatpants. Many brands have begun to include customer profiles with these reviews, detailing the height and weight of the reviewers, giving you a better understanding on fit and sizing. The cherry on top is when customers upload images of them wearing the clothes so you can really see what they look like in real life and not get catfished lol. Pay attention to comments about the fabric quality, comfort level, and how well the sweatpants hold up after washing, as these factors are crucial for ensuring you're investing in a pair that will last.

Lastly, don't shy away from exploring options outside of traditional women's sections. Sometimes, the perfect pair of petite sweatpants can be found in kids' or juniors' departments, where sizes might align better with petite measurements. Just be sure to check the size charts and measurements carefully to ensure a good fit. Plus, the kids section is cheaper too!

These tips are designed to guide you in finding the perfect petite sweatpants, both online and in-store, saving you from the endless search and the hassle of having to alter your clothes!


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