19 Petite Joggers For Women - Starting at $14 (2023)

women wearing navy petite joggers


If you're a petite women, you know how difficult it could be to find the right pair of petite joggers for the right price. Well, look no further because we've scoured the internet for hours to find the best petite joggers for women

In this blog post, we have handpicked a selection highly-rated petite joggers for women. From budget-friendly options starting at just $14 to higher-end choices that offer exceptional quality, there's a pair of joggers for everyone. From brands like Girlfriend and Lululemon, to Amazon finds that offer great value for money.

We even have something for our petite doctors and nurses ;)

No matter your preference or profession, we've got you covered. In addition to the range of brands and prices, we'll also dive into the different types of joggers available. 

And as an added bonus, we'll also showcase the best options for keeping you warm and snug with fleece-lined thermal joggers for the winter. Whether you're looking for versatility, functionality, or seasonal styles, there's a pair of petite joggers that will meet your needs. 

Nor, lets get into it! Here are the best 19 petite joggers for women.

19 Petite Joggers For Women

1. High Waisted Casual Petite Joggers For Women

light blue high waisted joggers
light brown high waisted joggers

I see Halara ads on my Tiktok all the time and now that they have these petite joggers I think I'm sold! These come in 12 other colors and the material looks so lightweight and breathable. Perfect for a workout or a day out running errands!

2. Athleta Venice Petite Joggers For Women

womens cream low waist joggers

I want to lounge around in these and watch an unhealthy amount of Netflix with them.

3. Abercrombie YPB motionTEK Petite Joggers For Women

high waisted dark beige joggers

Abercrombie is having a comeback and we're loving it!

4. 7/8 EASY Petite Joggers For Women

grey joggers for short women
Alo Yoga​​

These are very short on the model, so it would be perfect length for us petite gals! If you're looking for petite pants that are more presentable, check out these petite wide leg jeans that are surprisingly comfortable.

5. BALEAF Petite Joggers For Women

womens black high waisted joggers

We know joggers are only meant to be worn casually, so check out these 21 high waisted petite pants that you can wear formally.

6. Porcini Heather 50/50 Classic Petite Joggers For Women

women pink high waisted joggers

You can get 25% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter!!

7. SHEIN Slant Pocket Drawstring Petite Joggers For Women

women grey high waisted joggers

8. Yogipace 7/8 On The Fly Petite Joggers For Women

black joggers for short women

The material on these joggers are super lightweight and perfect for working out. Good reviews too.


women beige high waisted joggers

10. CASLON® Petite Joggers For Women

women black lightweight waisted joggers
brown high waisted drawstring short

Very lightweight material so it's perfect for the warmer weather! Pair it with a white crop top and white sneakers for a casual day out!

11. Gap Vintage Soft Classic Petite Joggers For Women

women grey high waisted joggers

These GAP joggers have amazing reviews. Someone said "2nd pair I own now. Soft comfy, last forever, and great if you're short too!" SOLD!

12. Amazon LA12ST Women's Soft Petite Jogger Pants

women olive green high waisted joggers

13. Zamora™ Jogger Scrub Petite

women lilac high waisted joggers

These are supposed to be scrubs but honestly I'm not even a doctor and I want these! They comes in so many different colors and lengths. Obsessed with this lilac color and they're only $48!

14. TENCEL™ Petite Joggers For Women

women cream high waisted joggers with zipper
Banana Republic​​

Banana Republic is really good when it comes to being inclusive of all body types! They're quality is also very good with such reasonable prices.

15. Madwell Breeze Skinny Petite Joggers For Women

women black high waisted joggers fitted
black high waisted biker short

These are like a mix between leggings and sweatpants! Super soft and comfortable but also more on the form-fitting side!

16. SHEIN PETITE Solid Drawstring Waist Joggers

women black high waisted joggers

Someone in the reviews said "I can’t believe they actually fit perfectly, I was scared to buy pants on here cuz I’m very petite, 5’1 and 95 pounds, they’re comfy and not too thin or thick :)"

17. Extra High-Waisted StretchTech Performance Petite Joggers For Women

women burgundy high waisted joggers
Old Navy​​

This comes in 4 other colors! They are made with a stretchy, breathable fabric with quick-drying fabric and UV sun protection AND have over 2,000 5-star reviews.

18. Ready to Rulu High-Rise Petite Joggers For Women

women grey high waisted joggers cropped

You can never go wrong with Lululemon joggers. As much as you wash them, they will last you a lifetime. And for that, the pricetag is worth it!


women grey high waisted joggers
Pretty Little Thing​​

The petite section at Pretty Little Thing is where it's at. And the prices are so good too! These look comfy af.


Finding the perfect pair of petite joggers as a petite women no longer needs to be a difficult task. With our curated selection of petite joggers designed specifically for petite women, you can now embrace both comfort and style effortlessly. From affordable options from Amazon and Gap to higher-end choices like Lululemon, there is something for everyone.

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