15 Designer Sunglasses For Small Faces That Are Flattering


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Let's be honest, when it comes to fashion, one size definitely doesn't fit all. Just like we carefully select outfits that flatter our unique body shapes, finding that perfect pair of designer sunglasses to complement your small face is equally crucial.

 If you're among the lucky ones blessed with petite features, well, you've come to the right place. Are you in need of petite clothing? Check out these petite sweater dresses that are 5'3-and-under friendly!

In this blog post, we're diving deep into the world of designer sunglasses for small faces. We'll show you some top-notch brands like Loewe, Oliver Peoples, and the iconic Celine Triomphe sunglasses. 

We're not just going to talk about the looks – we'll also explore picking sunglasses that elongate and balance your face out!

 In a market overflowing with shades designed for what seems to be a "standard" face size, those with small features often find themselves stuck between oversized frames that take away from their delicate features. Luckily, a lot of designer brands have tuned into the nuances of different face shapes, and they're here to make sure you look fab, even with those delicate features of yours.

Now, let's talk about why designer sunglasses are such a good investment. It's not just about the craftsmanship; it's about taking your whole look up another level. Loewe, known for its leather goods and high-end fashion, doesn't disappoint when it comes to eyewear. Oliver Peoples, on the other hand, is all about timeless designs and those little details that scream luxury. And when it comes to classic charm, Celine Triomphe sunglasses are a real showstopper.

So, how do you pick the perfect pair for your unique face shape? 

It's all about understanding how different lens shapes can work their magic to elongate and balance your features. Whether you have a round, oval, heart-shaped, or square face, we've got some pro tips for you. Round faces can benefit from sunglasses with square or rectangular frames for that added structure. 

Oval faces? You've got the versatility to pull off almost any frame shape, but a subtle cat-eye design like Saint Laurent sunglasses can add a touch of glam. If you've got a heart-shaped face, aim to balance that wider forehead and narrower chin with frames like Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses. And for those with square faces, rounded frames are your best friends, softening those sharp angles – consider Celine Triomphe or GUCCI sunglasses with their oversized round lenses.

Okay, now that we've gone over that, lets get into the 15 best designer sunglasses for your small face!  🕶️✨

15 Designer Sunglasses For Small Faces


brown designer sunglasses for small face le specs
Le Specs

Love these and comes in so many different colors on the Le Specs website. Someone left a review and said, “Tremendous quality, I love these.” They're also $65! FREE 30 DAY RETURNS TOO!

2. Quay Oval Eye Designer Sunglasses

oval eye designer sunglasses green

Love the color of these. They also can be dressed up or down. I would pair them with a midi dress and shrug or oversized cardigan.

3. CELINE Triomphe Cat Eye Sunglasses, 55mm

celine designer geometric sunglasses for small face
My Theresa

Geometric sunglasses typically look better on narrow faces because the sharp lines can create an illusion of a more proportionate and balanced face shape.  These Celine Triomphe sunglasses are what everyone is talking about right now. Check out these designer snow boots that would pair perfectly with these sunglasses. 


khaite beige designer sunglasses for small face

Khaite is loved by so many celebrities including our fave Sofia Richie. These beige sunglasses for narrow faces is ideal for a casual chic look. I also love the soft color of the lense. 

Looking for more designer sunglasses but don't want to break the bank? Check out these 10 Prada sunglasses dupes that are good quality.


hailey beiber in lady burbank designer sunglasses.JPG
black rayban designer sunglasses for small face
Ray Ban

As seen on Hailey Beiber! Some girl did a Tiktok review of these designer sunglasses and said they were perfect for small faces! Love designer but hate breaking the bank? Check out these Hermes sandal dupes

6. Quince Jackie Polarized Acetate Sunglasses

luxury sunglasses for small face white

So many great reviews on this! One customer with a smaller face said, "I love the size and shape of these modified cat eyes. They fit well on a smaller face and still provide good coverage. They are sturdy and finely made with the right amount of shading to the lenses. I am excited to wear these polarized shades to the beach and on the sailboat."

Pair this with one of these cute linen dresses for the summer!

7. Ysl SAINT LAURENT Shade Sunglasses

ysl designer sunglasses for small face

These are a best-seller, and currently back in stock. Perfect to pair with a casual outfit on a day you're running errands!

8. CELINE Triomphe Acetate Butterfly Sunglasses

women with small face wearing designer sunglasses
Bergdorf Goodman
pink celine triomphe designer sunglasses
Bergdorf Goodman

I know these sunglasses are big, but they create this  balanced look that frame your face nicely. Definitely gives off a bold statement and perfect for Fall 2023. Also comes in black.

9. Ray Ban Gold Medal Oval Sunglasses

oval eye sunglasses delicate for narrow faces
Ray Ban 

A timeless piece. Ray Ban also has a feature on their site where you can tell them what type of face you have and they will reccommend the best size for you. 

10. OLIVER PEOPLES Riley 49MM Round Sunglasses

unisex designer sunglasses for small face

These are unisex, so you can share them with your significant other. 2 for 1 special hehe

11. Prada Eyewear Prada Eyewear Oval-Frame Sunglasses

white prada designer sunglasses

If you haven't heard of Cettire, they have the best designer sales! Def check them out. For example: these Prada designer sunglasses are 50% off!

12. Loewe Oversized cat-eye acetate sunglasses

loewe cateye sunglasses for small face

As someone who has a small face, I have these and I am obsessed with them. Cat-eye sunglasses are perfect for the small face because it elongates the face in a balanced way.

13. Gucci Oval Sunglasses

gucci oval sunglasses ivory

Really into ivory sunglasses these days. They can be played as casual, but also be dressed up for a white party. 

14. Gucci Gold & White Round Sunglasses

delicate gucci designer sunglasses women

If you're looking for a more delicate pair of designer sunglasses, these Gucci ones are also a great option. Ssense also has great options for designer sunglasses that you don't really see in traditional department stored located in the U.S

15. Loewe x Paula's Ibiza Small 50mm Oval Sunglasses

dark women with small round face wearing loewe sunglasses

Loewe recently did a collab with Paula's Ibiza! This color combo of the blue and black weirdly work so well together.

Other Designer Sunglasses For Petite Faces

FWRD has a lot of fun sunglasses for petite and small faces. Love all the different vibrant colors.

Saks off Fifth has great designer sunglasses that are well over 80% off including Gucci, Missoni, Tom Ford, etc.

I know Urban Outfitters isn't necessarily designer, but some of their sunglasses are so cute and look designer for a very affordable price.

Nordstrom Rack has some great designer sunglasses on sale as low as $40! They don't have a lot of premium designers, like Saks and FWRD, but worth a visit.


We hope this blog post helped you find the perfect designer sunglasses for your small face. Remember, it's all about how you style and wear them. Confidence is key.

In my opinion, cat-eye sunglasses or oval sunglasses are the way to go. They elongate the face in such a natural and subtle way and just gives off an effortless and cool look. 

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