11 Best Travel Hairdryers - Starting at Just $15


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Lets be real. The hairdryers at hotels sucks, unless you're at a 5 star where they occasionally have a Dyson hairdryer. 99% of the time, there is a shitty Conair hairdryer that will fry your hair off and make your hair look worst than when you started. That's why I took the liberty to find the best travel hairdryers that are compact but will give you a great blowout. Some are also dual voltage, so you can take them with you to Europe or anywhere outside the country!

11 Best Travel Hairdryer: Lightweight & Compact

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer, Blue

3,000 people bought this just last month on Amazon! If you haven’t heard of BaByliss, they are a high-end brand known for their hair products. Many expert hairstylists choose this brand for its excellent quality and durability. I own the BaByliss hair straightener and I absolutely LOVE it—it even features dual voltage, so you can use it in Europe too. 

One verified buyer on Amazon said, "I have searched far and wide for a good, reliable, and light weight blow dryer. This is the BEST blow dryer I have ever used. It is as light as a feather. Perfect for anyone with lifting issues or hand pain. I have long waist length hair, and this worked perfectly. Awesome product. I want to buy another one just to have on hand for the future. Can't rave enough about this product. Very satisfied."

baby bliss pro travel hair dryer for europe with diffuser

2. Ionic Hair Dryer - LARMHOI 1800W Professional Negative Ions Hairdryer

People say this is a Dyson dupe for only $35!! It's foldable (perfect for travel), has two heat settings, and has a cold air feature. 

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dyson dupe hairdryer amazon

3. Shark® SpeedStyle™ RapidGloss™ Finisher and High-Velocity Hairdryer for Straight and Wavy Hair

This doubles down has a hairdryer and a blowdryer brush! Comes with three different attachments giving you the perfect blowout. Pricey, but worth it based on the reviews. 

One verified customer said, "Hands down the best blow dryer I have used!! I typically use a round brush but I love how this one has multiple different attachments. It’s compact and lightweight so if you need to travel with it, doesn’t take up too much space. There are 3 different speeds and you can put the different heat levels. I have noticed my hair is softer and smoother after every use. Highly recommend for a high end blow dryer!!"

travel hairdryer for curly frizzy hair

4. ghd Flight Travel Hairdryer

Ghd is a high end luxury hair tool company that a lot of professional stylists use. This one fold in half, has dual voltage (for Europe), and a 2-year warranty. I also love how it comes with a protective travel case!

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foldable lightweight hair dryer for carry on

5. Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blowdryer

Love how this folds - I have the original drybar hairdryer and it's pretty solid. I wouldn't say it's my favorite on this list, but definitely a good option to look at. It's very lightweight and it comes with a travel bag

drybar travel hairdryer

6. REVLON 1875W Compact Folding Handle Hairdryer | Great for Travel

Dual voltage and lightweight hairdryer for just $15!!

One verified buyer said, "Small and appropriate for Travel as it folds up. It really packs a punch! Hot and powerful, and dries hair quickly."

dual voltage folding hairdryer lightweight

7. Hot Tools Pro Signature 1875W Folding Handle Hairdryer | Compact, Perfect for Travel

200+ bought just this past month! This hairdryer has 2 speed/heat options, dual voltage, folding handle/compact design, and a 2-year warranty when you register on their website.

best hairdryer for travel in carry on

8. TYMO Airhype Compact High Speed Travel Hairdryer with Diffusert

The majority of reviews on this hairdryer are positive. Here are just some of the features that stood out to me:

Ionic technology with over 100 million negative ions for shiny, smooth, and healthy hair

Four precise temperature settings for different hair types and styling options, plus T-sensor smart temperature control to protect hair from damage

Two air flow speeds to manage styling and drying time, plus a one button cooling feature.

A powerful 110,000-rpm brushless digital motor with 23m/s air speed resulting in reduced drying time

Compact and robust design featuring an uItra light weight, 1500W capacity, and low noise level (69dB).

womens compact hair dryer for frizzy hair

9. LURA Mini Portable Travel Hairdryer: Dual Voltage for Europe

This is on the Amazons choice list and all of this for just $32! 1,000 people bought this past month. 

One happy customer said, "Took this on a trip to the UK just changed the setting and it was ready to go with England’s electrical system. Lots of power! Good attachments. Even a diffuser, which isn’t bad at all for being so small. It all fits in this cute bag for traveling… you’ve got to get this blow drier! I would buy it again!"

portable travel hairdryer for vacation

10. L'ANGE HAIR Le Styliste Luxury Pink Travel Blowdryer

Based on all the travel hairdryers i have researched, this one has the most and best reviews. Has so many great features including 3 heat and 3 speed settings, lightweight/ergonomic design, reduces drying time, slim/modern frame, and has an advanced ionic technology.

One verified buyer said, "This hair dryer has far exceeded my expectations. Cut my hair drying time in half and the included accessories meet any possible need I have. It is also much more compact than my previous dryer, so should travel well (not to mention, seems to be more solidly built). Looking forward to trying out the cleaning function where the dryer blows in reverse to remove debris from the filter."

lightweight blowdryer for travel

11. Amazon High-Speed Brushless Hairdryer with Diffuser and Ions

This is giving dyson dupe! 3k+ bought just this past month on Amazon. It's on the pricier side, but based on the reviews it is well worth it.

One customer said, "I can't tell you how many different blow dryers I have gone through in the past. I have very thick hair and usually it takes forever to dry. But with this hair dryer it takes half the time it usually would and also allows me to blow dry it straight without it getting frizzy. I absolutely love this. I also tried the diffuser that comes with it to do my hair it's natural curly and it makes my curls looks so amazing and not frizzy at all. I wish I would've taken pictures to show. I highly recommend this hair dryer. It's so light weight and powerful, with barely any sound too. I'm actually buying one for my mom for Mother's Day too."

compact blowdryer for travel with diffusert

What is the Best Travel Hairdryer For Europe?

If you're planning a trip to Europe, be mindful about the hairdryer you pack. I learned the hard way when I took my Dyson Airwrap to Lake Como only to discover it wasn’t dual voltage.

In my opinion, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer is the best option for a couple of reasons. 

Dual Voltage: This travel hairdryer has got dual voltage capability, so you can flip between 120V and 220V.

Lightweight and Compact: It’s super lightweight and compact, which means more room in your suitcase for those extra pairs of shoes you really want to bring.- 

Small But Powerful: And don't be fooled by its size; this dryer has a 1000-watt motor that can dry you hair in half the time compared to other blowdryers. And thanks to its nano titanium tech, it is known for taming frizzy hair. It even comes with a concentrator nozzle to help you gt closer to that salon blowout" look.

Side note: even though this dryer will handle the voltage switch in Europe, you might still need a plug adapter to fit those European plugs.

Can you bring a Travel Hairdryer in your carry-on?

Yes! Based on the TSA guidelines, you are allowed to have a hair dryer in your carry-on luggage. It is recommended to have it in a travel case incase you have any leakage from liquids in your luggage.

Should I invest in a Travel Hairdryer?

If you're someone who regularly blow-dries your hair at home, it's definitely worth the investment. When you're traveling, it's important to feel at home, so having the items from your regular routine with you is crucial. Not only will this make your travel experience better, but you'll also feel and look good! Plus, it frees up space to pack those extra outfits you really want to bring on the trip.


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