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13 Most Comfortable Ballet Flats Under $200


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Ballet flats are back on trend, and honestly, I'm not complaining. These versatile staples are the epitome of effortless style, yet they scream "old money chic." 

Watching my favorite influencers and celebrities rock them just makes me want to grab a pair even more.

In today's post, we’re going to explore some seriously comfortable ballet flats that don't sacrifice an ounce of cool—and they’re all under $200. Because paying more than that for ballet flats? That's a no from me. Whether you're planning on being on your feet all day or just want a comfortable alternative to heels, this blog will guide you to the most comfortable ballet flats in 2024. Let's get into it!

13 most comfortable ballet flats

1. Dolce Vita Reyes Ballet Flats

These ballet flats from Dolce Vita are cute and comfortable. They come in a ton of different shades and can be worn with almost anything. My personal favorite is the cherry red color. One verified buyer said, "These ballet flats are seriously comfortable. I’m a size 11 and that’s what I ordered. No break-in."

comfortable and cute beige ballet flats
Dolce Vita

2. Tony Bianco Martinez Flat With Strap Black

These Tony Bianco flats take inspiration from the iconic Mary Jane aesthetic. Based on the reviews, size down! The insole is made from leather and has a little bit of cushion to keep your feet comfortable. Pair this with a black mini skirt and crop top for a summer night out. One verified buyer said, "Had to exchange for a whole size down but these are so cute on! I feel like Audrey Hepburn"

black ballet flats for women
Revolve | Tony Bianco

3. Allbirds Women's Tree Breezers Comfortable Flats

If you haven't heard of about Allbirds, you can thank me later. They are known for having the most comfortable sneakers on the market. I got a pair of sneakers for my father-in-law who is a cardiologist and is on his feet from 7am-8pm. He used to be a die hard On cloud sneaker lover, but has now permanently switched to Allbirds. These flats are machine washable and flexible to conform to your movements.

Amazing reviews too. One buyer said, "I wore them to a conference where I needed to look professional but would be walking and on ny feet a lot. They shoes were perfect! I tripled my normal step count in a day and my feet were never tired. I felt completely supported and received compliments on the color! Thank you."

arch support flats for women grey

4. Everlane The Ballet Flat

So many customers are raving about these flats!! They are currently on sale too, so if you see your size get them! Comes in other shades too.

One buyer said, "These are the first pair of shoes that I have ever been 100% obsessed with. I’ve worn them every single day since they arrived, I wish I had more colors! They are so comfy and I love that they actually fit so the back of my heel stays out AND doesn’t scratch up the back of my ankle. Perfection, and I will cry if they don’t come back in stock."

comfortable ballet flats for walking

5. French Sole PassportR Flat: Best chanel ballet flats dupe

These are giving Chanel ballet flats but for $200! They have a breathable fabric lining with a suede leather heel, lightly padded insole, and are meticulously crafted in Spain.

One verified buyer on Zappos said, "Okay, shoes are never comfortable on my feet, but these shoes were comfortable out of the box. The leather is soft as butter. I wear Chanel, Marni, Louboutin, and other high quality shoes. No other shoe is this soft and comfortable."

chanel ballet flats dupe

6. Margaux NYC The DEMI Flats Navy

These ballet flats are a little more expensive, but the reviews will justify the price. These are their bestselling ballet flats and are handmade in their factory in Spain.

One said, These are the softest leather flats I have ever owned. Worth every penny."

Also comes in so many different colors.

leather flats with bow tie

7. Vivaia Tamia Mary-Jane Flats AdaptAll™

Customers are raving about how comfortable these flats are. They're super versatile and the straps can be adjusted to your liking. They have great arch support, can be washed in the machine, and have an almond-toe shape for a more formal look.

cute and comfortable walking flats

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8. Vibi Velvet Mary Jane Ballerina Flats

These are from Bergdorf and they are only $150! They are made in Italy and has an adjustable Mary Jane buckle. Also comes in a beautiful green color.

affordable designer ballet flats for women
Bergdorf Goodman

9. Sam Edelman Womens Felicia Ballet Flat

After doing a lot of research on Amazon, these ballet flats from Sam Edelman were the winner. They have the highest ratings, part of amazon prime two-day shipping, and they are affordable. 

One buyer said, "I have 3 pair of these in different colors. Very classy, comfortable easy to walk and dance in."

silver metallic ballet flats with bow

10. Birdies The Goldfinch Point Toe Flats

This will elevate any outfit. These are on sale and kinda give Bottega vibes. Crafted from high quality woven leather and has "7 layers of cloud-like comfort in every footbed." 

"I’m on my feet all day running around at work and these shoes are so comfortable! Well made and beautiful, I’m always wearing my Birdies." - Verified Customer

bottega veneta ballet flats dupe

11. Raye Natalia Ballet Flat: Best Chanel Flat Dupe

It's giving Chanel dupe and I'm here for it. Comes in three other colors including metallic, beige, and black. It has a 4.2/5 star rating on Revolve with customers saying they're comfortable and chic. One customer did complain that the flats were a bit too wide for her, so something to consider before purchasing.

chanel ballet flats dupe pink

12. Cole Haan York Soft Leather Ballet Flats

Cole Haan has been around for a while and is known for its classic designs and comfortable shoes. They are very committed to making quality shoes with advanced technologies like Grand.OS (which is to mimic the foots natural flexibility) making them a good choice for comfortable ballet flats. These ones from Zappos have amazing reviews. One buyer said, "I love these ballet flats. I have 5 pairs: 2 black, beige, gold, and wine. They are the most comfortable flats and I have mild bunion and wide feet. They are soft and conforms to my feet. I will pickup every color CH offers."

scrunch ballet flats black leather

13. Steve Madden Ellison Ballerina Natural

These are currently on sale for $70! Comes in black and blue velvet.

One verified customer said, "I was very impressed by these shoes, the look, the feel, and the quality are too good to be true! I am a wedding planner and I’m on my feet pretty much all day every weekend and these don’t miss. I’ve been needing a comfortable all day shoe to wear that are also classy and add a pop of statement to my wardrobe!"

beige and black flats women
Steve Madden

The Best Comfortable Ballet Flats in 2024

For me, finding comfortable flats requires them to have a slight platform or heel just so it does not feel like I'm walking barefoot.

I like to look for flats that are made from good high quality leather so my feet don't sweat. Try to stear away from polyester or any material that are not moisture-wicking.

If you're someone with bunions or just have wider feet in general, try to find flats with a good amount of width so your feet don't feel constrained. Plush insoles that provide arch support is also something to look for if I am walking long distances for travel or throughout a city.

With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to finding ballet flats that provide both comfort and style, making the investment worth your while

The Iconic Mary Jane Ballet Flats

Mary Jane flats have a cute history behind them. They started off as simple children's shoes way back in the early 20th century, and they got their name from a character named "Mary Jane" in a popular comic strip who wore them. They were cute, straightforward, and quickly became a hit. Over time, they've grown up just like the rest of us, morphing from playground staples into high-fashion staples. Nowadays, Mary Janes come in all sorts of styles, from laid-back flats to heels, but they all keep that iconic strap across the top. I love a show with a little history behind it - makes it more special to wear. 


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