22 Shorts For Thick Thighs That Actually Don't Ride Up - Starting at $17


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Let's be real, finding the perfect pair of shorts is already a daunting task. But for those of us blessed with thick thighs, it's an even bigger challenge. We've all been there - struggling to find shorts that fit our curves just right without either squeezing our legs too tightly or riding up every time we take two steps. But fear not, because I'm here to share some tips and tricks for finding the best shorts for thick thighs that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and stylish all summer long!


1. Denim shorts for thick thighs

We love the curve love collection from Abercrombie. Versatile shade and great customer reviews! Someone said, "Great quality! They’re very appropriate length, I always struggle to find shorts that don’t ride up."

high waisted denim shorts for thick thighs

AMAZING REVIEWS ON THIS. Plus has customer picture reviews to see what it looks like IRL. One customer said, "Obsessed. I have relatively thick thighs and it’s still baggy and fits like the model (which is rare I feel) perfect length."

high waisted denim shorts for thick thighs

These Curve Love Dad Shorts from Abercrombie are a best-seller. Comes in so many different colors and styles. One verified buyer said, "I have a 25.5" - 26" waist with 39" hips and I am 5ft tall. I ordered size 26 and these fit so perfectly. It also a little bit of room in the waist which helps me cater for bloating throughout the day."

high waisted  white denim shorts for thick thighs

I know the model is skinny, but these shorts are so roomy for larger thighs. One buyer said, "I have struggled to find jeans and shorts that fit my body type for years, but these are incredible. I love the A-Line cut, they don't dig into my waist, and they have enough length to minimize chafing. I carry a bit more weight in my stomach than the average girlie, but I also have full hips, butt, and thighs, and these shorts are PERFECT. Highly recommend for body types like mine!"

high waisted black denim shorts for thick thighs

These shorts from Amazon went viral on Tiktok specifically because they fit so well on girls with thick thighs! Loose on the thighs, and tight on the waist! They're also prime one-day shipping. Watch the viral Tiktok video review of these exact shorts below.

amazon denim shorts for thick thighs

Don't sleep on the Mom short from Levi's. This style comes in other colors as well!

white denim high waisted shorts for thick thighs

"Best shorts for smaller waist and larger thighs. Bought a size 26 and they fit great! I’m 5’8 and about 130 pounds. Love em!"

This would pair nicely with thigh high boots for thick thighs.

high waisted denim shorts with grey cropped t shirt
Los Angeles Apparel

If you're looking for longer shorts with, this a good option.These have a lot of room in the thigh area plus it comes in different colors!

This would pair nicely with one of these plus size bodysuits.

denim high waisted cargo shorts in dark blue

This comes in a tall and regular version.

blue high waisted denim shorts
Princess Polly

I have no words. These shorts are amazing!! Watch this try-on haul of the Curve Love Dad Short if you really want to be influenced.

2. Lounge shorts for thick thighs

This comes in other colors and has over 2,000 4.5 star reviews!

light blue ribbed lounge shorts for thick thighs

"This is my fifth or sixth pair of these shorts - they are the only ones I ever wear; so, so comfortable and the fit is spot on."

white loose fitted womens short

These look soo comfortable. They come in different colors and sizes range from 0-20.

black high waisted lounge short for thick thighs that do not ride up

"I first purchased these for my Honeymoon last year and since then I have gone back and ordered each color. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. Perfect for lounging or running errands! Also super lightweight and cute!!"

womens brown lounge short

3. biker shorts for thick thighs

Every review is better than the last. Someone said, "Favourite shorts of my whole life. These were the only black 8inch I could find in my size. I’ve never worn something so comfortable, definitely don’t ride up my thighs like the 6 inch ones do occasionally so gives a bit more coverage. What else can I say about aligns we all know they feel like butter."

Don't forget to check out these other running shorts for thick thighs. 

black high waisted running and cycling short for thick thighs

Love this color. These Lululemon shorts come in sizes 0-14. Someone in the reviews said, "Comfy, perfect fit, not too short, doesn't ride up... LOVE!" Make sure to check out some of these plus size leggings too!

dark beige high waisted biker short

Someone in the reviews said, "Great, thick biker shorts that don’t ride up! I have so many issues with biker shorts riding up I usually just wear pants while running but these break that streak! Just ran 5 miles today and didn’t have to tug on them at all."

black high waisted stretch biker short

Comes in black and other seasonal colors! People are raving about how good the fit of these shorts are. Get 15% off your first order too!

white high waisted biker short for thick thighs

4. Cargo shorts for thick thighs

These cargo shorts from Amazon are only $26! Comes in other neutral colors too. Part of prime 2-day shipping.

black high waisted cargo short amazon

These Free People cargo shorts come in a ton of different colors. Based on the reviews, size down! These would be cute to pair with a basic tank top and sneakers. 

"These are the perfect shorts for summer! They are comfortable and fit so cute!" - Emily 

light blue chino shorts high waisted
Free People

"These shorts have easily been one of my best purchases from princess polly. I always have issues with shorts where they sit awkwardly around my hips and have gapping at the waist. These are literally the perfect fit, they genuinely sit so nicely. I also really like the length because jorts are too long on me and regular shorts are just not my style." - Sophie C.

cargo denim short high waist for thick thigh
Princess Polly

Finding the perfect pair of shorts for thick thighs can be a frustrating and overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be. By keeping in mind the certain styles and brands covered today, such as looking for high-waisted options, longer lengths, and stretchy fabrics, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect pair of shorts that fit like a glove and flatter your figure.

There are so many brands that are up-and-coming that cater specifically to women with thicker thighs - you just have to search for them. Take Universal Standard and Eloqui for example. Their brands that most of us have never heard of, but have such unique styles catering to curvy women. Lucky enough, we took the liberty to find these brands to make your life just a little bit easier.

Remember, confidence is key when it comes to fashion, and with the right pair of shorts, you'll be able to step out feeling comfortable, stylish, and proud of your beautiful curves. So, go ahead and embrace those thick thighs, and with these tips, you'll be ready to rock any shorts style with confidence and ease!

As so many women struggle with the same issue, we understand the frustration of not being able to find shorts that fit properly. It's disheartening to try on countless pairs only to find that they either hug too tightly on your thighs or bunch up in all the wrong places. But don't give up just yet, because there are plenty of options out there for us thick-thighed gals. We've compiled 20 of our favorite shorts for thick thighs!

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90% of those shown don’t have thick thighs. Thanks.

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