15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs - Starting at $23 (2023)


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Struggling to find leggings that fit your thick thighs? Well, you came to the right place. We did the dirty work for you and found some of the best leggings for thick thighs that will not only hold you in all the right places, but flatter your figure. 

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Leggings are honestly the second best thing to ever exist - after sweatpants of course. They not only make you look more put together, but they are comfortable and versatile for almost any casual outing.

15 Leggings For Thick Thighs

After hours of studying model measurements, reading verified customer reviews, and making sure the fabrics are up-to-par with my standards, I have found some of the best leggings on the internet.

From staples like Lululemon to emerging gems like Harper Wilde, there's a perfect pair of leggings for every individual and budget. 

Now, lets get into some of the best leggings for thick thighs!

1. Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise 25" Leggings

plus size women wearing grey leggings for thick thighs with white sports bra

These leggings go up to size 20 so they are perfect for your thick thighs. They are so stretchy and most importantly COMFORTABLE . They also come in a bunch of different colors and are rated the best leggings at Lululemon

2. Prozis Peach Perfect Waist Leggings

women wearing beige leggings for thick thighs with white sneakers

These leggings from Prozis are made from thick cotton material to ensure that everything stays tight and right if you know what I mean.

3. Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Leggings For Large Thighs

plus size model wearing black leggings for thick thighs

I love Athleta. These buttery soft leggings also come in navy and red. And goes up to size 3X! Also has 4,000 + amazing reviews. "These just became my go to leggings for everything. The fit is perfect and is extremely comfortable. The fabric is not very thin, yet it feels so soft and it makes me feel very athletic just by being in it. There is plenty of hold at the waistband which has the small elastic set at top to guarantee to hold up. Highly recommend these leggings!"

4. Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Leggings

plus size women wearing leggings for thick thighs
Beyond Yoga

These leggings have such amazing reviews. One customer said, "So soft!!! Love!! Beautiful color! Did not roll down on my waist. I am an XL and wear 12 in pants. I will be ordering more!

5. Queen B Plus Size Leggings

plus size women wearing brown leggings for thick thighs
Queen B

Someone in the reviews said, "Effortlessly blends sexiness, comfort, and incredible support into one perfect package. Plus size friendly, not see through at all! I am so happy!!"

6. Spanx Booty Boost® Active Leggings

plus size model wearing navy leggings for thick thighs with white sneakers

Breathable and eliminates that muffin top! These come in three other colors and up to size 3X! In need of more workout clothes for your thick thighs? Check out these running shorts for thick thighs that won't chafe!

7. Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Midi Leggings

women wearing green leggings for thick thighs with black sneakers
Beyond Yoga

These leggings are great for yoga as they have great stretch. A customer said, "Speaking as a Yoga Instructor, it's the only leggings I buy!" They also have a flared version of these leggings!!

8. Harper Wilde Flex High Rise Leggings Plus Size

women wearing navy compressive leggings for thick thighs with navy sports bra
Harper Wilde

I know the model does not have thick thighs but these leggings come in sizes up to 3XL!! They’re compressive, they’re comfortable, they stay put, and they have pockets!! If you need more leggings with pockets, check out these leggings with pockets starting at $22!

9. lululemon Align™ High-Rise 25" Leggings

women wearing shiny black leggings for thick thighs

For all my girlies who like all-things shiny. These look like they can be dressed up or down too! These could also be worn for work. Make sure to check out these other leggings for work that are super comfortable.

10. Amazon Women's 2 Pack Leggings

2-pack leggings for thick thighs from amazon

These Amazon leggings have such amazing reviews and go up to size 4X!! A customer who ordered a 4X said, "These leggings are soo comfortable, I just love them. They fit me so well and are so flattering. I wish there were more designs, I would get them all."

11. Lululemon Groove High-Rise Split-Hem Flared Leggings

women wearing grey flared leggings for thick thighs

Flared leggings are my fave. They're the best type of leggings for thick thighs because they visually streamline the overall appearance of the legs. They're honestly so flattering on any body type and even more comfortable than regular leggings. These lululemon leggings are on sale too!

12. HeyNuts Essential/Workout Pro Full Length Yoga Leggings

women wearing black leggings for thick thighs with beige sneakers

3K BOUGHT JUST THIS PAST MONTH. A lot of people say this is a Lululemon dupe. One customer left a review and said, "I was told by a friend how good these leggings are ,so I decided to try them! Let me tell you something, these are the best leggings I have ever worn!! I love the material which is very smooth! I love the compression! The pants fit so snug on your legs which feels wonderful, no saggy knees! I will definitely be ordering more of these leggings! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" .

13. Amazon Sunzel Womens Workout Leggings

women wearing grey leggings for thick thighs

4k bought just this past month! Comes in so many different colors and has amazing reviews AND it's Amazon prime!


women with large thighs wearing navy flare legging

These flare leggings went viral on TikTok because of how fitted and contouring the fabric is. Their sizes go up to XXL and have great reviews.

15. Lululemon Swift Speed High-Rise Tight 28" Luxtreme

women with large thighs wearing black legging

New leggings from Lululemon and we're here for it. I also saw a girl on Tiktok say that the Luxtreme leggings are PERFECT for thick thighs and they won't pill!!


And there you have it - 15 leggings for thick thighs that not flatter your figure, but are comfortable for everyday errands and workouts. If I had to choose between my favorites upon this list, it would probably be the Lululemon Flared Groove Leggings and the Beyond Yoga Grey Spacedye Leggings! Which is your fave?

If you are in need of more bottoms for your thick thighs, check out these shorts for thick thighs that won't ride up!

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