9 Criss Cross Chairs That Will Keep You Comfortable All Day


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You're probably hear because you are easily influenced from Tiktok. So many influencers have showcased how the viral cross legged chair works, and it is honestly a game changer.

The criss-cross chair is supposed to be the most comfortable chair for doing work for us girlies. So, I took the liberty to scroll through Tiktok and Google to find the best criss cross chairs that are aesthetically pleasing and affordable!

9 Comfortable Criss Cross Chairs

1. Walmart Office Chair Armless Desk Chair Cross Legged Office Chair Wide

Starting off strong with this chair from Walmart. Pretty affordable and the reviews are good! One customer said, This chair is amazing. Super comfortable and the perfect height. I love that I can sit in it cross legged or with one foot up if I want. This is my favorite office chair of all time.” 

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white criss cross chair in bedroom

2. LEAGOO Plush Furry Cross Legged Desk Chair With Wheels

FAST DELIVERY. This is a faux sherpa cross legged chair from Amazon. Great reviews on this too with 400+ bought in the past month. The office chair is designed with an imitation shell curved back and seat to fit the curve of your back. The seat and back are filled with high-rebound foam to make sitting cross-legged more comfortable and provide strong support too.

women sitting on criss cross chair in bedroom

3. Amazon EMIAH Armless Criss Cross Chair with Wheels

Great reviews on this chair. You also have the option to buy the chair with wheels or without. One customer said, “Wanted to replace my old desk chair with something comfortable to work from home in all day but still kind of cute to match my room, and this chair did not disappoint. It's so comfortable and I can sit criss cross while working which I love!” 

tiktok criss cross chair beige

4. BBB Kata Armless Office Desk Chair - Pink

This is by the far the most aesthetically pleasing criss cross chair so far. The woven design is subtle and nice. Comes in neutral colors as well. Side note: are a designer junkie? Check out these stunning designer headbands that will elevate a simple look.

pink sherpa cross leg wide office chair
Bed Bath & Beyond

5. Amazon PUKAMI Armless Office Desk Chair

This is THE criss cross chair that went viral on Tiktok. It's also the most affordable one at just $69. Has over 1,300 reviews and is Amazon's choice. One customer said, I first saw the chair on TikTok dubbed the infamous ‘cross legged’ chair and let me tell ya — you can do just that! It was super easy to assemble and it feels really sturdy! There are NO wheels, but I honestly don’t mind because you can actually turn in the seat to wherever you want to face. Back support is awesome too. If you’re thinking about buying — go ahead & do it!”

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beige cross leg chair no wheel amazon

6. Wayfair Jaythan Upholstered Criss Cross Office Chair With Wheels

This is currently 40% off!! This chair is not advertised as a criss-cross applesauce chair, but the depth length is the same as any cross-legged chair! This office desk chair also has wheels! The reviews are great. One said, “Absolutely the most comfortable chair I have ever had. Everything about this chair is perfect, and I am about to order an additional one just to have on hand. Because I never wanna be without it."


light grey sherpa cross leg chair with arm rest

7. Amazon OLIXIS Cross Legged Office Chair

Another popular pick from Amazon. It's also on Amazon's choice list! Comes in a couple of different colors. One said, “It's unbelievably comfortable. Sitting cross-legged was my dream and I didn't even realize it was my dream until I could sit cross-legged in this chair.” LOL, sold.

beige desk chair with adjustable height

8. Amazon SEATZONE Criss Cross Desk Chair With Arms

Comes in several different colors. Love how this has arm rests too. For $109 that's good.

navy sherpa cross leg chair

9. Wayfair Arnis Cotton Criss Cross Applesauce Chair

This chair is definitely wide enough to sit criss cross applesauce hehe. This also has really good reviews. One verified customer said, "I bought this chair for my vanity area in my bathroom and it’s exactly what I wanted. It doesn’t have wheels which works for me. It’s lightweight so I can slide it back and forth. It’s very comfortable and easy to clean. I thought it would be a little more oversized but it’s actually perfect and very supportive. I’m happy with it."

beige swivel cross legged desk chair polyester

Why are criss cross desk chairs so popular?

In the past year, these chairs have surged in popularity, primarily due to how comfortable they are. 

A lot of people start getting uncomfortable half way through the day and lack the proper lumbar support. Most of these cross legged chairs come equipped with ergonomic features, including adjustable heights tailored to your specific needs. Plus, we girlies love sitting criss cross apple sauce. It's easy on our legs, butts, and lower back, making it feel like your sitting on a comfortable couch all day.

Whether you're working from home, studying, doing your makeup, or at the office, the cross legged desk chair is a great addition to your daily routine.

Is sitting cross-legged healthy?

Sitting cross-legged has both advantages and potential drawbacks. 

Advantages of sitting cross-legged


  • It can improve your posture to sit more upright.Improved
  • Improve hip and leg flexibility. This can be especially good for women especially when giving birth
  • It can reduce pressure on your lower back which can prevent back pain.

Drawbacks of sitting cross-legged

  • Not everyone finds sitting criss-cross comfortable as it can cause even more discomfort if you're not used to sitting in this position.
  • It can cause numbness or tingling in your legs due to less circulation.
  • It can cause knee and hip pain overtime as it can strain the joints.

Sitting criss-cross has its own little quirks. It really boils down to personal preference, and it can affect everyone differently. Some folks absolutely love it and find it cozy, while others might squirm and feel a bit awkward. You know, reading customer reviews, it seems like the ladies tend to dig criss-cross chairs more, maybe because they're often more flexible and have those wider hips. Anyway, if you're thinking about giving it a shot, just remember to tune in to your body – if it's all good, great, but if you feel any discomfort, feel free to make yourself comfy in your own way!

Choosing the Perfect Criss-Cross Chair: A Personal Touch

Selecting the ideal criss cross chair isn't just about the good reviews and looks of the chair. You also should consider your personal preferences, such as color, material, and unique features like wheels or armrests. You also want to analyze your work space and the layout before purchasing your criss cross chair to make sure it fits nicely in your space. For example, most desks only have space for a traditional desk chair - make sure to measure the space underneath your desk to see if it fits nicely.

How Criss-Cross Chairs Went Viral On Tiktok

The surge in popularity of criss-cross chairs started because of all the content created on Tiktok of these chairs. Influencers and users took to TikTok to shoe how comfortable and aesthetic these chairs are making them sell out instantley.

What makes TikTok the perfect platform for trends like criss-cross chairs is its engaging format. Users are creating these short, captivating videos that efficiently highlight the features and benefits of these chairs. The nature of TikTok videos allows potential buyers to see the chairs in action and in real-life settings making it personal and relatable. Something that photos cannot do.

Let's also not forget that the Tiktok algorithm curates content based on user preferences, making sure that criss-cross chairs are shown to the people who are most likely to buy these things

Renowned makeup influencer Mikaya Nigoueira recently shared a video featuring her experience with a cross-legged chair purchased from Amazon, illustrating its insane comfort. Given her profession, she spends a most of her day sitting at her vanity and reviewing new products. In the video, she talked about how uncomfortable she was in her traditional desk chair. After getting the criss cross applesauce chair she saw a noticeable decrease in discomfort! 


Hopefully, you were able to find a criss cross chair that you will absolutely love and enjoy sitting in all day long. If you loved this blog post, make sure to check out these comfortable holiday slippers!

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