13 Plush and Comfortable Christmas Slippers - Starting at $8


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Though I'm a Hanukkah celebrator at heart, Christmas has always been my absolute favorite holiday. The lights on the trees,  the desserts, chilly weather, yummy lattes, and the music just make me feel some type of way. Just me?

Christmas isn't as cozy without slippers, which is why we took the liberty to source some of the best Christmas slippers on the internet in 2023. From Christmas carols, to the grinch, to reindeer slippers, there is a lot of options. Let's dive right in!

13 Christmas Slippers in 2023

1. Temu Cute Christmas Reindeer Pattern Slippers

Love these and they're only $8!! I've never personally shopped from Temu, but I always here about people buying things from here. I think it's like another version ofAliexpress? If you are a slipper lover, check out these affordable ugg tasman slipper dupes.

women wearing white reindeer Christmas slipper and jeansea

2. Classic Laines Slippers With Christmas Snowball Cocktail Brooches

The martini embellishments on these are so my vibe. Pair this with an olive martini in your left hand. Looking for cute pajamas to pair with your slippers? Check out these matching pajamas for couples that aren't cringe.

black furry slipper with martini embellishment
Wolf & Badger

3. Forever 21 Plush Santa Indoor Slippers

Omg, these cute Christmas slippers are perfect for lounging around the house with a Christmas onesie. They're also only $14. Going somewhere snowy for Christmas? Check out these cute and trendy apres ski sweaters.

women wearing platform white and red santa slippers
Forever 21

4. Amazon ODYQIG Women Men Grinch Slippers

Lol these are too good. These slippers are also part of Amazon 2-day shipping. These would be cute to match with your siblings or boyfriend. Wear this with one of these ugly Christmas sweaters.

womens fuzzy grinch slippers

5. Pottery Barn Gingerbread Slippers

Did anyone know Pottery Barn sells slippers? Because same. Pair these slippers with the matching gingerbread robe.

womens brown fuzzy ginger bread slippers
Pottery Barn

6. UGG Tazz UGGbraid Slipper

Ofcourse UGG comes out with the cutest Christmas themed slippers. If you're looking for affor dable options, check out these mini ugg dupes that are affordable

womens platform furry slippers

7. Classic Laines Slippers Pink & Red Nutcracker & Snowflake

These scream Christmas if you couldn't tell. Each pair is embellished with a beautiful handmade brooch thats designed in the UK. The brooches can be removed and worn on other items such as clothing.

pink fuzzy lady chrismas slipper
Wolf & Badger

8. Etsy Santa Claus Fuzzy Slippers

Etsy has some of the cutest Christmas slippers. One customer reviewed this shop and said, “Love these! Perfect for fall, so cute. I’ve been living in them at home. I wasn’t expecting the sole of the slippers to be so sturdy. I can tell they’re going to hold up." Based on the other reviews, it says to size up! You can pair these with a cute and cozy matching onesie!

womens platform sole santa clause slipper white

9. Amazon ASHION Women's Christmas Slippers Cute Fuzzy Reindeer

These are rated Amazon's Choice with such great reviews. One customer said, My wife says these are like walking on clouds. She loves the design pattern and always has liked that type theme. I hear her often say I love these house shoes 😉👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾”  

womens brown and red reindeer fuzzy house slipper

10. Amazon Gzcvba Smile Face Slippers

This Amazon seller has so many different Christmas slipper options. Also resonably priced! Def check it out.

happy face with santa hat slipper white

11. Forever 21 Plush Christmas Tree House Slippers

These look so comfortable. You can pair this with a white matching pajama set or a Christmas sweater of your choice.

green Christmas tree slipper  with ornaments
Forever 21

12. Etsy Merry Christmas Fluffy slippers

Love this color green. Looks so rich! Except these are $12 haha. Looking for a sweater for that upcoming ugly sweater Christmas party? Check out these sweater dresses for your next ugly sweater Christmas party.

women wearing dark green merry christmas house slipper

13. Forever 21 Plush Gingerbread Man House Slippers

Okay, Forever21 wins at having the cutest slippers this holiday season. Pair this with an off-white onesie and a reindeer antler headband!!

womens plush gingerbread christmas slipper
Forever 21

What Should I Wear With My Christmas Slippers?

To rock your slippers, cozy pajamas are my top choice. Opt for a matching pajama set of your choice. Check out these affordable cozy pajama sets from Amazon. 

If you're wanting something more chill/loungy, slip into leggings and your favorite oversized Christmas sweater. 

If you're not a fan of pajamas or leggings, opt for jeans and a t-shirt. It's the epitome of coziness and pairs perfectly with your slippers

Lastly, you can pair your slippers with a sweater dress. This one is the most formal look, but still is very comfortable. Consider adding those finishing touches with holiday accessories. Think Santa hats, reindeer antlers, or a cozy scarf – these items will complete your look. The goal here is to have fun, stay comfy, and enjoy the holiday vibe.

Gifting Ideas

Who says Christmas slippers are only for you? Slippers can be a great Christmas gift for your friends, family, or partner. If we had to pick our favorite from this list, we would pick the grinch slippers from Amazon. Not only are they extremely festive, but they arrive in just 2 days. 

An adorable way to make gifting these slippers extra special is through customization. Consider personalizing them with your friend's name or just a custom message. Whether it's an inside joke, or a special date, these personalized slippers become a unique gift that your friend or family member will remember for years to come. 

You can also consider getting matching slippers with your bestie! If we had to choose, we would go for the Forever 21 Plush Christmas Tree House Slippers!


I hope you were able to find a pair of slippers that you can lounge in all Christmas long. If you loved this blog post, make sure to check out these belts for your sweater dresses this season.

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