11 Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Starting at Just $11


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Ah, my favorite time of year. Despite being Jewish, there's something about Christmas that gives me all the feels. The twinkling lights, the hot lattes, the gifts, the chunky knits, and holiday parties. 

Recently, I've had numerous girls reaching out to me, eager to find the cutest ugly Christmas sweaters. Well, you know I had to hunt down the cutest ones out there. From budget-friendly options at $10 to more luxurious picks reaching $160, there's a range to suit every taste. I'm confident you'll find something you like, but if not, be sure to check the websites for more options. Let's dive into it!

11 cute ugly Christmas sweater

1. The Laundry Room Ain't Loyal Jumper

Based on the reviews, this runs big! One verified customer said, “Runs HUGE. Super soft, comfy. Would 100% recommend. Hilarious hilarious sweatshirt :)” Wear this with leggings or biker shorts! These would also pair perfectly with a pair of ugg mini dupes.

women wearing grey oversized ugly cute sweater

2. Show Me Your Mumu Classic Crewneck Sweater

This can pass as a sweater dress if you're short/petite. If you're looking for more sweater dresses, check out these ugly Christmas sweater dresses!

women wearing tis the season sweater

3. Tipsy Elves Classic Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Great reviews on this sweater plus it comes in different colors! Based on the reviews, the only con on this sweater is that a few of the bulbs fell off. One customer said, “The sweater looks beautiful in person. I received so many compliments! People on the street kept stopping me to ask about the sweater. It’s an attention getter! I was looking for an ugly Christmas sweater but this one was quite beautiful. The picture doesn’t do it justice.”

women wearing green sweater with jingle bells

4. Forever21 Fabulous Graphic Christmas Sweater

Forever 21 has so many cute ugly Christmas sweaters and they're all under $30!! Pair it with either black jeans or green pants for a cute and festive look!

women wearing black sparkle christmas sweater
Forever 21


Adidas now sells Christmas sweater? Weird flex, but okay.

women wearing holiday sweater

6. Shein Christmas Pattern Drop Shoulder Ugly Sweater

If you're looking for an affordable ugly cute christmas sweater, then this is the one. It's $10, and SHEIN has so many different styles to choose from. This could also pass as a sweater to wear throughout Christmas at home. Pair it with one of these 13 cozy and plush Christmas slippers.

red ugly christmas sweater cute

7. Fashion Nova Ugly Christmas Sweater

This kinda reminds me of the viral Loewe sweater. This is only $24! Fashion Nova also has a lot of other sweaters - def check them out. Pair this with your favorite denim jeans and boots.

women wearing embroidered christmas sweater cute
Fashion Nova

8. Buckle Budweiser Holiday Oversized Pullover

For all my alcoholics, this one is for you. This could also be a good sweater for your boyfriend or husband, you just have to size up on it. Get 15% off your first order when you subscribe.

ugly christmas sweater crewneck

9. Amazon Amegoya Women's Funny Ugly Christmas Knitted Sweaters

This seller has a lot of different style sweaters. One customer said, Got this for an ugly sweater bar crawl. It was surprisingly warm and soft. The fit is kind of cropped and loose but flattering. Don't buy if you want a longer/fitted look.”

white holiday sweater cute

10. The Great Merry Christmas Sweatshirt

This is a new item on Revolve. Pair this with Lululemon leggings and a pair of Ugg tasman slipper dupes!

women wearing ugly graphic holiday sweater cute

11. KJP Santa's New Sleigh Sweater

 Kiel James Patrick is like the old money aesthetic of ugly Christmas sweaters. Customers rave about their quality and say it's worth the price. One customer said, “It was everything I expect from KJP. The sweater is beautiful soft and so well made.” 

women in the snow wearing cute christmas sweater
Kiel James Patrick

The Rise Of Ugly christmas Sweater Parties

What started as a funny fashion trend has turned into a fun and social gathering.These parties, dedicated to the celebration of unique and hilarious holiday sweaters, have brought people together in a way to show everyones creativity. 

These parties are not just about the sweaters, but to share the festive vibes of the holidays. Catch up with old friends, drink and laugh, listen to Michael Bublé music, and enjoy friends company. 

I feel like what sets these parties apart is the breaking down of social barriers and being yourself. Whether doing a sweater-themed contest or playing games these parties just add an extra layer of joy to this special time of the year.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

DIY holiday sweaters have become a fun tradition, offering people the chance to show off their creativity with their unique self-created sweaters

Better yet, you can host a party completely dedicated to decorated your plain sweaters! 

Most people start with a plain sweater that you can by from Amazon or find in your closet. Then, you can experiment with various materials from velvet, to fabrics, to jingle bells, pom poms, etc. And the beauty of all of this, is that it's unique to you and your imagination. The DIY process does not only allow for self-expression but also gives you a sense of accomplishment of creating wearable art. 


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