13 Best Snow Pants For Women That Are Fitted & Flattering


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If you're a girl, you know how ugly snow pants can be. You either have to sacrifice warmth for cuteness, or vise versa. You're in luck, because we have scoured the internet to find the best snow pants for women that are not only warm, but also stylish.

13 Best Snow Pants For Women

1. Emma Soft Shell Pant

Based on the reviews, these snow pants are super sleek and warm. Comes in so many different colors  my favorite is the lilac. One customer said, “I love these so much. I got these for my first ski trip ever and hesitated purchasing because they are expensive but no other company has this type of style- they're so feminine and don't make me look like a snowman. I'm obsessed. I wore these multiple times from the slopes to après and got so many compliments. They're also SO stretchy and i could move in them SOO well!! I never even thought about having to pull these up or adjust them- they just stay. They're also SO warm! I was skiing in 5-15 degree weather and never thought about feeling cold either. I was super warm but not overheating uncomfortably. These pants are perfect - can't wait to buy more items from Halfdays.”

women wearing high waisted fitted ski pants black
Half Days

2. Women’s Apex STH Pants

“Love, love, love those pants! First of all, they're cut beautifully and they're very flattering, even sexy! which is rare for ski pants. Also, the reverse of the fabric is flannel or some kind of thermal fabric, and it keeps me warm without to having to wear multiple thermal bottoms underneath, which I'm so grateful for. I have them in black and in white, and I always get comments on the whites. I guess they attract more attention! Anyway, a winner from my favorite brand.”

green flare ski pant women
The North Face

3. Con W Snow Pants

This comes in a ton of different colors, but there is something about the purple that I love. Pair it with a black or white puffer jacket. One customer said, ”Great fit and easy to move in." Are you petite and looking for sweater dresses? Check out these petite sweater dresses that are 5'2 and under friendly.

light purple snow pant thick
Dope Snow

4. Women's Modern Mountain™ 2.0 Insulated Ski Pants

Pair it with a white snow jacket for a sleek and modern look. One verified customer said, “Very good quality, these will be perfect on those below zero days, they run big in the waist but smaller in the hips I usually wear a large, glad I ordered X-Large.”

white flare snow pants


This is great pair of pants for a shopping day in the snow. One customer left a review and said, "I was surprised at how much I like these! They’re a perfect fit and the length is just long enough not to drag on the ground when I’m wearing shoes. (I’m 5’7”) They’re much warmer than their weight would imply. I think I’m going to have to wear something under them when it gets really cold but they’re definitely warmer than jeans!"

Pair it with one of these apres ski sweater, for a cool girl look.

black snow pant high waisted women

6. Women’s Freedom Insulated Pants

Comes in a ton of different colors! Def check it out - reviews are also good. “Absolutely perfect for extreme weather conditions in Iceland. Kept me dry & warm. Perfect fit.”

off white ski pant high waisted
The North Face

7. Helly Hansen Legendary Insulated Pant - Women's

These are insulated so you can just wear a thermal layer underneath if you want extra warmth! 

green insulated pants with black turtleneck

8. Freedom Insulated Pants

It's giving "cool girl" snowboarder" vibes.

women wearing insulated snow pant black


Alo coming in hot with the snow attire. I love these and they look so comfortable. This would pair perfectly with a pair of these designer snow boots.

white puffer pant for snow

10. Holiday Fair Isle Dress

These are the same as the first pants on this list, I just love this color! It comes with a matching jacket and thermal layers too!!

sage fitted snow pant women
Half Days

11. Last Chair Stretch Insulated Pant - Women's

black mid rise ski pant

12. REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Snow Pants - Women's

real customer image review

These pants feature Co-op Powderbound insulated snow pants giving you 2-layer Peak waterproof, windproof, breathable protection and insulated warmth.

insulated snow pants for women black

13. Women's Alpenglow Stretch Ski Pants

"These pants are so flattering and they fit like a glove!! I've used them in all kinds of snow conditions and they keep me warm and dry through it all. It's rare to find ski pants for women that are actually flattering and also flexible. I'll never buy another pair of ski pants!! I'm 5'3" and wear a size 2 and the XS fit perfectly." Okay, sold!

blue flare ski pants form fitting
Eddie Bauer

layering your snow pants

Layering is a crucial aspect of staying warm and comfortable in snowy conditions.

First move: you're going to want a tight and  moisture-wicking base layer. I would opt for leggings from Lululemon or Alo. Then, cue the insulating layer – this will do a real good job at trapping body heat to stop the outside temperatures to reach your skin. Then comes the actual snow pants. My personal favorite are the pants from Half Days. Make sure to look for those adjustable waistbands and thoughtful designs that let you move freely.

Quick tip: consider your outdoor plans. Different activities, different layering needs. Whether you're hitting the slopes or opting for a serene winter hike, you may need more or less layers. Depending on how sensitive you are to the cold, make an educated guess on the amount of layering your body needs!  Stay warm, stay flexible, and conquer the snowy terrain with style! ❄️👖🏔️

What to look for in snow pants

Ventilation and breathability are super important when it comes to selecting the right snow pants for women. Engaging in winter sports or other high-energy activities can lead to increased body heat, and without proper ventilation, this warmth can become uncomfortable. 

Many snow pants are equipped with strategically placed vents, often featuring zippered openings along the thighs or inner leg areas. These vents allow wearers to regulate their body temperature by releasing excess heat and moisture. Breathable fabrics, such as those treated with advanced technologies like Gore-Tex, further enhance comfort by preventing the accumulation of sweat. The ability to manage heat and moisture not only keeps women dry during physical activities but also ensures a more enjoyable experience in the snow, making well-ventilated snow pants a crucial component of any winter wardrobe.

Waterproofing and seam construction are also essential features for snow pants. Waterproof snow pants create a barrier against moisture, preventing snow, slush, and rain from penetrating the fabric. Sealed seams play a vital role in this defense by ensuring that there are no vulnerable points where water can seep in. 

Commonly, snow pants employ seam-sealing techniques that involve covering seams with waterproof tape. This meticulous attention to detail is particularly important in areas prone to heavy snowfall or wet conditions. Choosing snow pants with reliable waterproofing and seam construction not only guarantees protection from the elements but also extends the lifespan of the garment, allowing women to confidently embrace winter activities without worrying about getting wet or uncomfortable.


I hope you were able to find pair of snow pants that you love! And if you loved this read, make sure to check out these matching pajamas with your significant other!

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