15 Small Couches For Your Bedroom That Won't Take Up Space


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Are you looking for the perfect couch for your small bedroom? Or maybe your home office? Well, you've come to the right place.

We've taken the legwork to bring you a curated selection of the best small couches that are designed to be comfortable, but also add a touch of character to your bedroom. Whether you prefer the luxury of leather, the plushness of velvet, or comfort of sherpa, we got it all.

So, let's dive right into the most comfortable couches for small spaces.

15 Small Couches For Bedroom

1. Urban Outfitters Wiley Sofa

Modern and effortless. This also comes in a charcoal color! 

Dimensions: 76"w x 42"d x 28"h

white mini sofa sitting in warehouse
Urban Outfitters

2. Living Spaces Basil Porcelain Armless Loveseat

This is so tiny lol. Sturdy frame, supportive suspension, and soft cushions! Not having the arms also saves you a lot of space.

Dimensions: 54"W x 38"D x 35"H

two seater white couch
Living Spaces

3. Amazon HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch

Great reviews on this couch. A customer said, “This is a great couch!! We really like the flexibility in arrangements you can make with this setup. Great couch for a space where you need flexibility and extra storage space (so much storage).” 

Dimensions: 44.49"D x 87.01"W x 33.86"H

mint green l shape storage couch for bedroom

4. Walmart Magic Home Modern Sectional Sofa Togo Sofa Loveseat

Love this color. 

Dimensions: 53.15 x 39.76 x 28.35 Inches

yellow modern cloud couch small

5. Living spaces Piper Blue 71" Convertible Sofa Bed

This couch is a convertible. So you can leave it up or put the back part down and make it a lounge couch!! Someone said, “My daughter loves it. Comfy bed and not a bad little sofa.” 

Dimensions: 71.3"W x 37.4"D x 36.6"H

navy convertible couch for bedroom
Living Spaces

6. BBB Lamb Fleece Fabric Sofa Modern Loveseat Furniture with Support Pillow

This comes in white and and pink too! You can also get 10% off your first order.

Dimensions: 30.31 in. D X 59.06 in. W X 31.5 in. H

burgundy sherpa couch for bedroom and office with side table
Bed Bath & Beyond

7. Urban Outfitters Matilda Boucle Bean Bag Sofa

Urban Outfitters makes all their couches look so good. I want to lounge on this all day long. Someone in the reviews said, “I'm obsessed with this lil bean bag loveseat! It's comfy yet supportive. it feels like sinking into a cloud." 

Dimensions: 75"l x 33.5"w x 29"h

comfortable white bean bag cloud couch
Urban Outfitters


Love this cutie from CB2. It's modern-looking but also looks comfortable enough to lay down on! 

Dimensions: 68"W x 36"D x 29"H

beige loveseat curved couch

9. Amazon ZINUS Josh Sofa Couch, Easy, Tool-Free Assembly, Beige

One customer said, “I am honestly in awe with this love seat. I moved into a smaller apartment and had to get rid of my larger couch, but I needed something for the living room. This couch was a great price and I’ve been happy with previous products from this brand. I was so surprised with how comfortable this couch is! I highly recommend this if you have a small space but need a couch that fits and is oh so comfy.” 

77.6"Wx 29.3"D x 32.3"H

beige couch in bedroom with painting on the walll

10. Urban Renewal One-Of-A-Kind Kantha Love Seat

If you are a lover of vintage, this couch is for you. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, featuring a cushioned build with simple legs in a compact size perfect for your small space. Each piece is one of one, that will feature varying vintage kantha fabrics patch-worked. Someone said, “10/10 recommend! The couch is so beautiful in person and such a statement and definitely will last a long time. It’s also so comfy.” 

Dimensions: 60”l x 34.5”w x 24.5”h

multi color vintage fabric couch for small spaces
Urban Outfitters

11. Wayfair Latrese 50.39'' Upholstered Loveseat

dimensions of white sherpa mini sofa

This is currently 50% off! You can also customize the color of the couch as well as the legs too! We love a personalized piece. 

29.92'' H X 50.39'' W X 28'' D

orange sherpa couch bedroom unique

12. Loungie Micro-Suede Convertible Flip Chair/Sleeper Dorm Couch Lounger, Purple

I love this color! Super plush and it folds down to make it into a bed! One said, “Such a nice place to sit or sleep, looks great.” 

Dimensions: 46.6"L x 29.13"W x 8.66"H.

magenta velvet couch bed

13. Wayfair 69'' Upholstered Loveseat

dimensions drawing of couch

Modern and chic. Great reviews on this couch too “Loveseat matches photo and description. Looks great in the space. Price was excellent; quality is good, and communication was superb. Delivered on time and delivery /assembly team was excellent.” 

Dimensions: 33'' H X 69'' W X 39'' D

curduroy beige couch

14. Pottery Barn Preston Upholstered Sofa

This looks so soft and has so many color options! 

Dimensions: 67" W X 33" D X 30.5 H

modern lux mini couch brown
Pottery Barn

15. Homary Modern 67" White Boucle Upholstered Curved 2 Seater

GREAT reviews on this couch. So modern and chic. People are saying how high end and lux this feels. (I mean for the price, it better be lux af). Dimensions are also relatively small so it can fit in any small space

Dimensions: 66.9"L x 33.5"W x 30.7"H

white curve modern lux couch


In the world of small couches for small spaces, there is a variety of styles to choose from. 

From the classic loveseat, perfect for cuddling or taking a mid-afternoon nap, to the sleek and elegant settee that adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

 If you're all about lounging on your couch, the chaise lounge beckons, offering an open invitation to kick back and chill. For those with really tight spaces, the armless sofa is a space-saving genius, similar to the living spaces armless chair.

When it comes to fabrics, you've got choices aplenty. If I had to choose, I would go for the sherpa fabric. It's extremely cozy and comfortable, plus it just looks aesthetically nice in your room. If you want a more classic look, opt for leather. It's also easy to clean if you have kids or a dog. 

There is always the option for plush velvet for a dash of luxury, or soft microfiber fabrics. And let's not forget about patterns and colors – from neutral tones that can match with almost any type of bedroom, to more vibrant prints that make the couch the main show like the urban outfitters vintage mini couch for your bedroom

The array of options and styles available is truly diverse. Your choice ultimately hinges on your room's aesthetics and your personal preferences.


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