I'm 5'2, here's 11 Best Office Chairs for Petite People


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As a petite girl standing at 5'2", finding an office chair that fits just right can be difficult. It's not just about comfort; it's about ergonomics, support, and, let's be honest, feeling like you're actually sitting in the chair rather than on it. That's why I've taken it upon myself to dive deep into the world of office chairs to bring my fellow petites the top 10 best office chairs that cater specifically to our needs. From adjustable armrests to seat heights that don't leave our feet dangling, I've got you covered. Lets dive in while I share my personal picks for the best office chairs for petite people!

11 best office chairs for petite person

1. Amazon Ergonomic Petite Office Chair with Adjustable Height

This is a great price, and you can get an extra $40 off with their Amazon coupon!

One buyer said, "I've had the chair for about a month now and it has been great. It looks nice in my office and it fits my body frame. I'm 5ft and it's difficult for me to find chairs that aren't too tall or cause my neck to tilt at an odd angle. Love this"

petite office chair grey

2. Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size A

Someone who was 5'2 on Reddit said this was a lifesaver for them. They got the Size A chair on the website. If you can afford it, this one is very highly rated and loved by petite people.

If you're looking for more office chairs, check out these chairs that are wide enough to cross your legs on them.

herman miller office chair petite
Herman Miller

3. Amazon Petite Ergonomic Office Chair

Someone left an extensive review saying, "This chair is aesthetically nice to look at and the lighter color definitely helps keep the space looking clean and bright. My 10 year old fits perfectly in this chair. The height is adjustable and rises to a height that prevents my feet from touching the ground. The one area I can tell this is for a shorter individual is the arm rest. You can see in the picture that they should naturally be a bit longer for my length of arms. I’d say this would fit an older child to any adult about 5’4” or shorter. Great quality!"

petite ergonomic office chair amazon

4. Steelcase Leap Office Chair For Petite People

After reading a ton of Reddit threads, petite people raved about this office chair. One person said, "I’m 5’1” and have the Steelcase Leap v3, and it’s one of my favorite purchases ever. You can adjust a lot on it so the fit is a dream. I also have a footstool for under my desk because I have a tall desk. But the chair itself can get low enough for my feet to be on the ground."

You can also buy one refurbished for $700 on Amazon!

black office chair low

5. Winrise Office Chair, Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chairs With Lower Back Support

The backing of this office chair is mesh, so it is very breathable when sitting down. It has so many features including 2D armrests, adjustable height, sturdy base, easy assembly (10-20 minutes), and a recliner for your back!  

One verified buyer said, "I got this office chair to use as a sewing chair. My sewing machine sits on top of an old sewing machine cabinet, so it's a little high, and I'm short and like to have my feet on the floor. This one is good"

Currently 20% off limited time!

ergonomic office chair for petite user

6. Branch Furnitur Ergonomic Office Chair For Short People

If you filter the customer reviews with the term "petite" there are SO many reviewers saying this was perfect for their height! 

This review really stood out to me: "I'm loving my new chair! I have chronic low back pain and I'm petite, so I really appreciate how many adjustments I can make with this chair. It fits me so much better than my previous tank of an office chair. It also helps me sit up well, which is great for a long stint at my desk."

Buy from Amazon, for faster shipping!

affordable office chair for short person
Branch Furniture

7. Burgundy Paramount Petite Chair For Back Pain

This chair is catered for petite people! Comes in other colors too!

office chair for petites for back pain

8. Wayfair Ashendon Office Chair for People 5'3" to 6'3"

The listing on this says it's perfect for anyone who is 5'3 to 6'3! It's also great for people with neck pain as it supports you all the way from head to lower back. Love the style of this chair, plus it has lumbar support and arm rests! Currently 40% off and easy 2-day shipping!

black office chair with arm rst and lumbar support

9. Leather Task Chair with Foam Padded Arms

This is the most aesthetic office chair on this list. Very chic looking and would look great in your home office as well. A lot of non-petite people are complaining that this chair was too short! 😂 One customer said, "Did not work for me, was too short, needed something taller." Lol 

leather office chair with padded arm rest

10. Ergonomic Black Mesh Office Chair With Footrest

Review highlights: "I am loving this chair! Thick padded seat, great lumbar support, padded adjustable armrests & adjustable back tilt! It’s great! Also, found the instructions easy to follow. I assembled it myself! (Petite 65 yr.old female!)"

black office chair with foot rest and arm rest

11. Mesh Ergonomic Petite Office Chair

This is suitable for shorter people, plus you can sit cross-legged in this! For all my girls - this is a game changer tbh. And it's on sale for $87

cross legged office chair for short people

Adjustability Features To Look For in Petite Office Chairs

When trying to find the best office chair for a petite person, you want features that can be adjusted. The most crucial adjustability feature you want in your chair is going to be the height. This will allow you to have your feet sit flat on the floor, because we don't want dangling feet no more! Your armrest is also important because we have shorter length arms than others. Your armrests should support your arms in a way where your shoulders feel relaxed, not fatigued or heavy. 

Most importantly, you want an office chair that is going to give you good back support. Look for a chair that mimics your natural curve of your spine. This will help reduce lower back pain especially if you sit for long periods of time. Some desk chairs also offer seat depth adjustments which is perfect for us petites. This will stop you from having to press against the back of the knees, promoting better circulation in your legs. Investing in a chair with these adjustability features can significantly enhance your comfort, productivity, and overall well-being at work.

Budget-Friendly vs. High-End Office Chairs

We all have different budgets when it comes to searching for the perfect office chair. Budget-friendly chairs can be appealing for their low upfront cost, offering basic ergonomic features suitable for short to moderate periods of sitting. However, they may lack the advanced adjustability, durability, and material quality found in higher-end chairs. 

On the other hand, high-end office chairs are much more expensive but can improve your health and productivity, with premium materials, complex ergonomics, and adjustability options that can cater to your petite body. They also tend to have longer warranties and last longer, offering greater value over time. While the initial expense is higher, the long-term benefits of reduced discomfort, fewer health issues, and better productivity at work can make high-end chairs a worthwhile investment for those who spend long hours sitting. 


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