15 Designer Headbands For Women That Will Elevate Any Outfit


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Get ready to elevate your accessory game with these iconic designer headbands. Because accessories is really what makes or breaks an outfit.

In this blog post, we're unveiling 15 designer headbands that are bound to turn heads and elevate any outfit you put on. Whether you're going out on a casual coffee run, or dressing up to go to a formal get together, these designer headbands will be a staple in your closet. From iconic brands to unique designs, get ready to explore the world of designer headbands for women


1. Prada Re-Nylon headband

Starting off strong with the Prada nylon headband. This headband can elevate any outfit so well. It's gained its popularity in recent years because of the new Prada logo everyone is raving about. Make sure to check out these silent thermal hair brushes that will give you a salon blowout to pair with your headband!

women wearing black nylon prada headband


This with jeans and a white t-shirt is chefs kiss. This is also made from real calfskin.

off white celine headband triomphe canvas

3. Miu Miu logo-plaque leather designer headband for women

Miu Miu has been coming out with such cute things lately. I'm pretty sure they have some sort of relation to Prada too which makes a lot of sense. This shiny leather is also a vibe. I would pair this with a monochromatic outfit, loafers, and chunky jewelry for that influencer aesthetic look.

women wearing black designer headband

4. BURBERRY Vintage Check bouclé headband

Loving the sweater vibe. If you love thick plush headbands, this Burberry one is for you. This is great for the winter after a long day of ski. Pair it with a black catsuit, designer boots, and a slick back bun. That will definitely turn heads.

knit burberry headband women
My Theresa


Made from 100% silk twill and made in Italy so you know it's quality stuff. Comes in a white/blue color as well. I would do a soft glam rather than a harsh glam shown on the model.

women wearing pink silk designer headband

6. DOLCE&GABBANA Logo headband

On sale and just wow. Everything about this is on point. It's giving princess vibes. I also love how she put her hair behind her ears rather than in front - it makes the head piece really show. 

gold logo d&g designer headband women
My Theresa

7. VERSACE Monogram Headband

This is currently on sale! Pair this with a monochromatiic outfit to make this head piece really pop! 

hot pink and yellow versace headband for women

8. ALAÏA Studded leather headband

Love this leather headband from Alaia. It's made from real leather too! Super cute to pair with an all black outfit. 

black leather designer headband for women
My Theresa

9. Prada Re-Nylon head piece

Same prada headband as above but thinner. Comes in black too! This pink Prada headband would pair perfectly with these Prada pink platform sneakers

women wearing nylon pink prada headband

10. Alexandre De Paris Padded Leather Headband

A good quality simple black designer headband. This is so versatile, elegant, and understated. If you don't like this style, check out their other heabdands - they are super uniqur and well priced. 

black headband for women
Neiman Marcus

11. LV Ski Fur Head Piece

For your upcoming ski season. Speaking of ski season, check out these designer snow boots for your upcoming boujee ski trip.

grey fur louis vuitton headband
Louis Vuitton 

12. Prada Crystal-Embellished Satin Maxi Head Accessory

For all my blinged out girlies. You can pair this with a black mini dress to have the headband really pop. or pair it with this maroon leather jacket! Speaking of dresses, check out these cardigans for your dress this Fall/Winter season.

brunette women wearing silver crystal embellished headband
Moda Operandi

13. GUCCI Danny GG-logo jacquard headband

Love this color. Soft and subtle. You can pair this with an all denim outfit to have it match with these stunning blue color, or an all black outfit to make the head piece POP!

light blue women
Matches Fashion

14. Balmain Hair Riviera Small Cognac Headband

Sexy, sleek, simple. Just the way I like it

brunette women wearing brown leather headband designer
Neiman Marcus

15. MAX MARA Tan Teddy Head Piece

Perfect for the winter! I love how they matched the brown turtleneck and trench coat to the head piece. You can also add dangling earrings to make this look more fun!

asian women wearing sherpa headband brown designer

How to style your designer headband:

There are so many different types of headbands, and with that styling it can be a little difficult. You can keep it easy-breezy with some tousled, carefree hair for that everyday casual look. But if you've got a fancy event on your agenda, pairing your black Miu Miu headband with an elegant updo is the way to go. It's that perfect touch of sophistication that elevates any outfit. And hey, don't be afraid to play around with different hairstyles – braids, ponytails, you name it. 

Different Types of Fabrics for Designer Headbands:

When it comes to designer headbands, the fabric choice matters. Satin headbands bring that luxurious, silky feel, ideal for adding a touch of elegance. Velvet headbands, on the other headband,  embrace a rich, plush texture, perfect for those cooler seasons. And if you're wanting something more casual, cotton or linen headbands are the way to go. 

Different Designer Brands of Head Accessories

The world of designer headbands boasts a variety of renowned brands, each with its own unique appeal. Prada combines style and functionality in their headbands, often featuring their iconic logo. Gucci headbands are known for their bold and distinctive designs, incorporating the brand's signature motifs. Dior brings elegance and sophistication to their headband collections, focusing on timeless beauty. These brands offer a diverse range of options, allowing you to select a designer headband that resonates with your personal style.


Remember, a designer headband isn't just an accessory – it's a statement piece that can elevate your look and showcase your personality. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or simply enhancing your everyday style, a well-chosen designer headband can be the perfect complement to your outfit.


I hope we got you one step closer to finding your designer headband. If you loved this read, make sure to check out these designer sunglasses for small faces

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