5 Ways on How to Layer Crop Tops

women wearing a white t-shirt under a crop top

There are many theories on where crop tops originated from. If you ask us we'd say crop tops have been an everlasting trend since the 80's when singer Madonna first wore one in her iconic music video "Lucky Star". Since then, she has created a ripple effect and girls all over the world have been wearing them. 

Crop tops have always looked the same, however the way it's been styled over the years have continuously evolved. During the 80's a cropped sweater paired with a leotard was the classic "toned body" look. Throughout the 90's and 2000's, the crop top transitioned into being styled with low rise denim jeans. Icons such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton strictly followed this trend. This trend has made a serious comeback to todays day termed as "Y2K fashion." 

Crop tops have not fallen out of style because women love the way it makes them feel, it can be paired with almost everything, and most importantly, they're comfortable! With crop tops being a garment that can mainly be worn during the Summer time, many people wonder how they can layer crop tops during the colder months. Below we will share 5 unique and innovative ways you can layer your crop tops in the colder months.

1. wear a blouse underneath

The key to the perfect cool and casual look is adding a statement piece to a simple outfit. Pairing your crop top with a blouse is a great way to look comfortable and chic at the same time. We recommend a neutral color blouse paired with a contrasted colored crop top. Don't forget to throw on some high waisted jeans. Shop the look: TOPSFORDAYS Cecilia Bralette, $52

white blouse with a grey bralette worn on top
Blue blouse underneath a white crop top


The perfect off-duty model look. Pair any crop top with a white cropped t-shirt and you'll have people thinking your a celebrity undercover. 😎  Models like Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, and Hailey Bieber do this all the time. Shop a similar white cropped T-shirt: TOPSFORDAYS 100% Cotton Cropped T-shirt for $28.


3. overalls

If you're someone who doesn't like to show so much skin, pairing your overalls with a crop top is the perfect Summer look. We recommend denim overalls and any colored crop top underneath. Pictured on the left is one of our favorite influencers Daniella Bernstein also known as WeWoreWhat. If you're going to take fashion advice from anyone, we definitely think she's our #1 pick!. Shop a similar look: Good American 90's Denim Overalls, $95

white crop top under denim overalls
blue crop top under denim overalls

4. wear it over a dress

Don't be afraid to mix it up a little bit. Go all out and pair your crop top with that fancy dress you've been wanting to wear. This is a perfect look for a night out when you want to dress down your outfit. Pictured on the left is Camila Coelho, a famous Brazilian blogger with over 6 million followers on Instagram. She is definitely someone to look up to for anything fashion related! If you're looking for something more fitting, Princess Polly's best-selling under-bust corset $38 is our go-to. Interested in more corset tops? Check out our blog post on Corsets For Small Busts!

Women wearing a crop top over a dress
white corset crop top over a dress
Princess Polly​​

5. Blazer or cardigan

Our favorite way to layer a crop top is with a blazer or cardigan. ! It is an overstated / understated look that will make everyone turn heads. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid love to recreate this look for an off-duty look or a night out with their friends. Keep it simple -- high waisted jeans, a neutral colored crop top and throw on an expensive looking blazer on top. Trust us when we say you can never go wrong with this look!

Gigi Hadid wearing a black crop top with white blazer
Women wearing a beige crop top and black coat


Crop tops have evolved into a major fashion staple all over the world. Styling them with high waisted pants and sneakers is easy, but we hope this read has opened up your mind to all the unique and cool ways you can layer one. 

With all the cool layering techniques you can create with crop tops, we hope that you will be wearing crop tops all year long whether that be with a blazer, overalls, a blouse, a dress, or a basic t-shirt.

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