At What Age Should You Wear Crop Tops? (2023)

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Are you a parent wondering when it's appropriate for your daughter to start wearing crop tops? This is a question that can cause confusion and insecurity, but it's an important one to address. Saying "no" outright could lead to your daughter closing off and engaging in risky behavior, while also risking body shaming and deep-seated insecurities. In this comprehensive article, we'll explore the various factors that can influence when it's appropriate to start wearing crop tops, and how to approach the subject with empathy, patience, and care. Don't miss out on this must-read guide for any parent navigating the tricky terrain of puberty and fashion choices.


The right way to handle the situation is to sit them down and have an educational conversation about it. Start off by asking them why they want to wear a crop top. They are likely to tell you that it's because its "cool" to wear or all their friends at school are wearing it. It's understandable that you want to protect your children from adult activities but in reality, they will encounter it one way or another. And chances are, that this act is innocent and does not need to bashed or punished.  

what kind of crop tops should my kid wear?

There are some crop tops that can be more revealing than others. For example, some crop tops are extremely short and show off your entire stomach. Below you can find some crop tops that show more skin. If you love the styles of these less subtle crop tops but don't want to show so much skin here are 5 ways on how you can layer crop tops

less subtle crop tops

more subtle crop tops

If you feel that these crop tops can be too revealing for your child, you can opt in and choose a more modest crop top. A more modest crop top is still cropped but shows less skin. Here are some examples below to chose from: 

other brands that have a great selection of crop tops:

Looking for other cool brands that sell an array of crop tops? We've compiled some of our favorite brands that sell crop tops ranging from long sleeves, short sleeves, subtle/less subtle crop tops, etc. More importantly, these brands hold crop tops ranging from $10 to $200. 


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women wearing a brown crop top
Urban Outfitters​​
women wearing a light purple crop top
Urban Outfitters​​


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girl wearing a pink crop top
Forever 21​​
girl wearing off the shoulder crop top
Forever 21​​


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girl wearing long sleeve crop top in green
girl in pink off the shoulder crop top


To summarize, as much as you try to protect your kids they will eventually be exposed to their environment outside of home. It is important to talk and communicate with your kid and make sure to hear them out before making any impulsive decisions.

If you are not comfortable with your daughter wearing a crop top at such an early age, let her know that you aren’t against her wearing crop tops forever, you’re just not ok with it right now. Building trust and open communication is the most important factor at this age because it builds a solid foundation for a close relationship with your daughter.

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