Why Are Crop Tops So Popular? (2023)

crop tops and skin

Crop tops have been an everlasting trend ever since it emerged in the 1930's-1940's. due to fabric rationing throughout World War II (largely confined to swimwear at the time). In the early 1960's and late 1970's is when it achieved widespread acceptance when celebrities such as Barbara Eden and Jane Birkin wore them out in public. The most sought at style at the time was a tied-up top or knotted shirt. 

Beginning in the 1980's, cut-off crop tops became more common due to the aerobics craze and singer Madonna wearing a mesh crop top in her popular music video "Lucky Star".

So why are crop tops so popular? Why have they been around since the 40's and have not lost its craze or popularity? We have compiled 5 reasons why crop tops are so popular based on a given survey. 

Madonna mesh crop top
Madonna in "Lucky Star" music video from ​​IMDb
Jane Birkin in tie crop top
Jane Birkin in ​​British Vogue

1. comfortable

Why are crop tops are so popular? First and foremost, crop tops are comfortable! They are designed to be worn without a bra, which is without a doubt the best feeling ever. This allows your skin to breathe and not feel trapped. Depending on the fit, they are also designed to make it easy to move around which offers more comfort. Our favorite is the SKIMS Fits Everybody Super Cropped T-shirt. It offers a form-fitting crew neck with buttery soft feel. And the most important part, you don't need to wear a bra with it.

SKIMS buttery soft crop top
SKIMS buttery soft crop top

2. highlight your best body features

Whether you're curvy or skinny, short or tall, big chested or small chested, crop tops are a great way to highlight your best body features! They help show off your beautiful curves or abs, making you feel more confident in yourself. The fact that all shapes and sizes can pull of a crop top is why crop tops are so popular.

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a white crop top
Page Six​​
curvy women wearing a crop top

3. easily accessible and cheAP

Why are crop tops so popular? One of the best things about crop tops is that they can be so cheap and accessible. Crop tops can be found at almost any shopping mall or online store you visit. Check out this $4 crop top that has over 1000+ 5-star reviews.

girl in white crop top
girl in white crop top

4. showing off your hard work at the gym

We don't go to the gym so that we can hide all of our gains we've worked so hard for. Wearing crop tops is a great way to show off your rock hard abs or toned arms. Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski love showing off their abs in their crop tops and low rise jeans which is a large reason why crop tops are so popular. 

women working out in crop top
Us Weekly​​
women showing off her abs in crop top
Us Weekly​​

5. crop tops are versatile

Versatility is key when purchasing anything new because you're getting more for your buck. Crop tops can be worn throughout the day casually, or at a formal event. More so, they can be worn during the Summer and Winter opting in for a long sleeve or turtleneck crop top. Pair your crop top with silk trousers and heels for a formal event or biker shorts and sneakers for a casual day out with your friends or family. Versatility is why crop tops are so popular because it's easily to pair with anything in your closet.  

women wearing a formal crop top
women wearing a casual crop top


Why are crop tops so popular? Crop tops have been around decades and for good reasons. Women love to feel good while looking good to others and themselves and crop tops are a great way to fulfill this. Crop tops are not only flattering on all body types, but they are so affordable and accessible to people all over the world. Debating if crop tops are for you? Email us at sales@topsfordays.com and we can help you pick out a perfect top tailored to you! xx

Why are crop tops so popular? Why are crop tops so popular? 

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