15 Dresses For Vegas That Are Cute & Comfortable - Starting at $38


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Planning a trip to vegas and struggling to find cute vegas dresses? Well, we got you covered. We curated a list of some of the cutest dresses for Vegas that have the perfect balance of sexy and modest. From midi, mini, a-line, and more there is something that will definitely catch your eye.

15 Best Dresses For Vegas

1. Night Gaze Vegas Dresses Mini

This is perfect for the Winter time when you're walking on the boulevard. Pair it with a fur coat and this look will definitely turn heads. One customer left a review and said, “It's so cute on and has a zipper but its super stretchy and hugs your body in all the right places.” 

black sequin mini dress
Free People


This looks SO comfortable. It can also transition nicely as a summer dress for the beach! It comes in other colors as well, but this is personally my favorite.

women wearing strapless flowy orange dress


This pink vegas dress comes in black too! You can pair it with chunky gold jewelry and strappy sandal heels. 

women wearing metallic pink strapless dress

4. Gisele Tube Mini Dress

I'm loving this stocking vibe with mini dresses for the Winter time. This is a very classy Vegas dress perfect for a fancy dinner. This is exactly how I would style it!

green sequin dress

5. Chloe Corset Dress | White

This is a more casual dress for Vegas but still very cute. I love how the girl paired it with green metallic heels for a little pop! Those heels are from Paris Texas if you were wondering. 

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white corset dress with jean
With Jean

6. Pamela Mini Dress

It's giving main character energy. It's also just $68! A customer left a review and said, “HOT HOT HOT!!!! And comfortable!” 

blonde women wearing pink one shoulder dress

7. Carda Sequin Vegas Mini Dress White

Planning on doing your bachelorette in Vegas? This is a perfect white dress for the bride. Check out these other bachelorette outfits for the bride that give off main character energy.

women wearing sequin dress in white
Lucy in the Sky

8. Santa Brands Mini Dress

I will buy anything and everything shiny. This lilac color is also so pretty.

women wearing lilac shiny dress

9. Polly Crystal-Embellished V-Neck Mini Dress

Pair this with kitten or pointed toe heel and studs as earrings.

rhinestone black slip dress
Neiman Marcus


Just ordered this! This would be perfect to pair with sparkly heels and a slick back bun.

navy satin mini dress
Baby Boo 


I will buy anything this girl wears. IYKYK

influencer wearing black strapless dress with orange heels

12. Evie Flower Mini Dress

Comes in two other colors. This is a more formal dress for Vegas. A lot of good reviews as well. One customer left a review and said, “I mean WHAT A SHOWSTOPPER, I am seriously in love with this dress, I can't wait to wear it for years to come! This is definitely a time piece ladies. Get it!”

pink maxi bodysuit dress

13. Bodhi Black Satin Bow Mini Dress

This is $34!! I am obsessed. Pair with black mini heels, statement jewelry, and a slick back pony. 

black dress with pink bow
Finesse Studios


It's giving that Versace dress Hailey Bieber wore but in burgundy.

burgundy corset dress
Club London

15. Lacey Mini Dress

Can't really go wrong with a simple black mini dress. So versatile, and easy to match with anything.

women wearing black cut out dress


Styling your dress is what makes or breaks it. With every dress, there are so many different options on how to style. 

Heels: The choice of heels can significantly impact your overall look. For a more formal or elegant dress, classic pumps or stilettos can add a touch of a more poised look. This ideal for a dinner at SW steakhouse or a club. On the other hand, knee high boots or flats can bring a more casual or edgy vibe to the outfit. That's more ideal if you're going to a show or walking on the strip in Vegas.

Jewelry: The type of jewelry depends on the neckline and style of the dress. A statement necklace can complement a simple modest dress, while chandelier earrings may enhance an updo and strapless dress. Be mindful not to overdo it; sometimes, less is more. A delicate bracelet or a few rings can complete the look without being too overpowering too.

Accessories: From handbags to scarves, carefully chosen accessories can elevate your dress style. A clutch is good for formal outings while a tote or boho-chic bag is better for casual settings. If it's chilly outside, scarves or wraps can add a layer of warmth without taking away from the outfit.

Layering: Depending on the weather and the dress's style, layering can be a game-changer. A tailored blazer or a cardigan can transform a simple dress, while a leather jacket will tone it down a bit. 

Hair: Believe it or not, hair also transforms your entire look. Updos often work well with dresses that have intricate necklines, showcasing the dress details. Flowing locks, on the other hand, can gave a more casual/bohemian feel. Consider hair accessories like headbands, clips, or pins for an extra touch.

Makeup: Your makeup should harmonize with the dress and the overall look you're going for. A bold lip color can add drama to a simple black dress, while a more neutral palette may be suitable for a dress with vibrant patterns. Make sure your makeup complements your skin tone and enhances your unique features without overshadowing the dress.

Dresses To Wear In Vegas

There is so much to do in Vegas which is important to be aware of the different dress codes for each place (especially at night). 

For the high-energy nightlife on the Strip, many nightclubs and upscale lounges often enforce a dress code that leans towards upscale chic. Think sleek cocktail dresses or chic jumpsuits paired with heels. 

Shows in Vegas might call for a more chic/modest look. Think long sleeve modest dresses and knee high boots or a mini skirt and blouse. During the daytime, a cute/casual sundress paired with sneakers is ideal for a cute brunch or day out shopping.

Understanding the dress codes will make it so much easier to navigate through the Vegas scene making you feel cute and confident.


I hope you were able to find something you likes. And remember, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. If you loved this read, make sure to check out these bras for low back dresses.

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