15 Bachelorette Outfits For The Bride That Give Main Character Energy


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Finding a cute outfit for your bachelorette as the bride can be overwhelming. 

You want to find something that will give off “main character energy” but everything seems either boring or generic. Well, we got you covered. We took the time to find some of the cutest bachelorette outfits for the bride that will turn heads! Lets get into it.

15 Best Bachelorette Outfits For The Bride

1. GWYNETH Off Shoulder Bow Mini Dress - White

Simple, chic, elegant. This is an iconic bridal bachelorette outfit for the bride!! The flower choker completes it.

Check out these 14 bride airport outfits that are cute and casual for your bachelorette trip!

off shoulder bridal dress white


The floral appliques seem to no longer be a trend and are here to stay. This is really giving of bridal energy and I love it! (set sold separately.)

women wearing two piece skirt set white
Hello Molly

3. Lupita Sequin Wide Leg Slit Jumpsuit in Silver

I love the open back on this one! This would be cute to pair with green and pink metallic heels (or something that will pop). Pair it with long dangling earrings and glitter tattoos.

women wearing silver sequin jumpsuit
Lucy in the Sky

4. PERSONALIZED Statement Denim Bridal Jacket, Customized Wedding Jean Jacket, Pearl Detailing, MRS Jacket, Rhinestone Letters Patches

This would be cute for the airport outfit! Pair it with white leggings or sweatpants. A customer left a review and said, “Memorable jacket for my daughter’s bachelorette weekend and the count down to her wedding! Very well made and classy. Thank you!”

white customized jacket for bride

5. Chloe Corset Bachelorette Dress | White

I wore this to a brunch for my bachelorette in Vegas and got so many compliments. Definitely a cute bridal dress to just have handy in your closet. If you're planning a trip to Vegas, check out these dresses for vegas that are cute and comfortable.

white corset dress with jean
With Jean

6. Airina Dress White

Main character energy. And the gloves are 10/10.

women wearing white mini dress with white gloves
Nana Jaqueline

7. Carda Flower Sequin Dress in White

This is a great bachelorette party dress for the bride because it's easy to move around in and dance. The open back is what seals the deal on this one.

women wearing sequin dress in white
Lucy in the Sky


Comes in white too! This is a best-seller on Princess Polly. Super cute to pair with kitten heels and accessorize with sparkly things.

women wearing satin matching pants set champagne
Princess Polly


Wow, love and it's currently on sale.

white bachelorette dress with bow in the back
Yellow The Label


Ideal for a fancy dinner or a “glitz and glam” themed bachelorette party. 

white fringe halter dress for bachelorette
Cult Gaia

11. Elsie Strapless Mini Dress

If you are someone who has big hips, this dress will really define your features nicely. Definitely accessorize with this - colorful heels, a bold necklace or earrings, maybe some sparkly gloves, and a tiara.

women wearing white strapless mini dress with heels

12. Evie Flower Mini Dress

A perfect bridal night outfit for a bachelorette! Pair this with a colorful heel and diamond earrings.

women wearing halter white rose applique dress
Ramy Brook


One customer left an honest review and said, "I wore this for my bachelorette and it was gorgeous! I was actually sparkling at night and it looked amazing in pictures. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was 1. the sequins really scratched my underarms and it was painful by the end of the night and 2. I am 5'10 and it was about 4in too long on me so I had to pay another $150 to get it altered. Overall I think it is an amazing piece as long as you are ok sucking up a little pain to look good!"

women wearing white sequin jumpsuit and heelss
Nadine Merabi


The perfect sequin bachelorette party dress. I also love the bag that the model is wearing with this!

If you want more bachelorette outfit ideas for the bride check out this affordable selection from Amazon.

white sequin feather dress for bridal party

15. Lacey Mini Dress

“The lace and pattern is gorgeous. I bought a size 2 and am a 30D. Perfect fit.” You can also get 15% off your first order!

women wearing lace bridal dress in white
For Love & Lemons


When it comes to bachelorette parties and the the outfits, it's all about sparkle, color, and your own personal touch. Glitz and glam, hot pinks, sequins, and more.

Whether it's a fully sequined dress or just a touch of glitter on accessories, this trend adds a fun touch to your event. A lot of brides have steered away from the traditional black and white, and have started incorporating more vibrant colors like hot pink and neon. It really gives off that fun and energetic vibe that your party needs. 

Customization continues to be a key trend, with personalized t-shirts and sweaters featuring the brides last name or a hashtag. These are perfect for casual settings or daytime activities and add a personal touch to the celebration. 

Thematic dressing is another trend that's gaining traction. Whether it's channeling the glamour of the 1920s or embracing a boho-chic style, themed outfits add an extra layer of fun and allow for creativity.

If you are a bride that seeks comfort, opt for a jumpsuit or romper. Not only are they a “main character” moment but they are actually on-trend and suitable for clubs, brunches, fancy dinners and more. Accessories, as always, play a crucial role in completing the bachelorette look. Oversized sunglasses from Amazon, flashy jewelry, or even a tiara for the bride are some popular options.

Incorporating these trends into a bachelorette outfit will not only have the bride feeling special, but will add a lot of fun and laughter to the event.

Themes for your bachelorette party

Thematic dressing for a bachelorette party is the highlight of the trip in my opinion. It's an opportunity for the bride and the crew to be fun and crazy adding an extra layer of creativity to the event. Here are some popular themes and ideas on how to dress for them:

1. 1920s Gatsby Glam: Think flapper dresses with fringes, sequins, and beads. Accessories play a key role here – feathered headbands, pearl necklaces, and vintage gloves. The makeup is bold with dark, smoky eyes and red lips, encapsulating the glamour of the Jazz Age. This theme is perfect for a fancy/elegant dinner.

2. 1980s Retro Theme: Embracing the vibrant and eclectic style of the 80s, this theme is all about bold colors, big hair, and statement accessories. Outfit ideas include neon spandex, leg warmers, off-the-shoulder tops, and mini skirts. Accessories like chunky jewelry, headbands, and sunglasses with colorful frames are essential. The 80s theme is ideal for a high-energy, dance-filled party, allowing everyone to let loose in playful, retro attire. This is ideal for the clerbbbb.

3. Boho-Chic Vibe: For a more laid-back, earthy bachelorette party, a boho-chic theme is a perfect choice. This style is characterized by flowy dresses, floral prints, and lace materials. Think maxi dresses, wide-brimmed hats, and comfortable sandals or boots. Accessories like feathered jewelry, flower crowns, and layered necklaces are perfect. This would be cute for a brunch in the morning.

4. Hollywood Glamour: If the bride is a fan of old Hollywood, this theme is a great way to channel the classic elegance of movie stars. Long gowns, faux fur wraps, and satin gloves create a look of timeless sophistication. Hairstyles can be in vintage waves, and makeup can be kept classic with a focus on red lips and winged eyeliner. This theme is perfect for a fancy dinner as well.

5. Cowgirls: This one is simple! Find your favorite cowgirl boots, and throw on as much denim as you can find in your closet. Don't forget to throw on a cowboy hat and a bandana for that extra spicy look! 

When planning a thematic bachelorette party, it's important to consider where you guys are going and what vibe everyone wants to go for.


I hope you have the best time on your bachelorette party and were able to find something that you like. If you loved this read, make sure to check out these cute black tops for going out.

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