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11 Designer Lunch Bags For Ladies That Are Practical For Everyday


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Looking to elevate your lunchbox game? We have sourced some of the cutest and most practical designer lunch bags for ladies that will elevate your look. These babies have special features like water-proof fabrics, insulted compartments, and more. Let's get into it!

11 Designer Lunch Bags For Ladies

1. Lululemon Quilted Grid Crossbody Bag 5L

This Lululemon crossbody has real good reviews. One said,It is small but fits so much in it!” You can also use this for travel and kill two birds with one stone lol. 

black nylon quilted bag for lunch

2. Prada Stainless steel lunch box

If you want to be extra, get this Prada stainless steel lunchbox that comes with a matching fork. Honestly, $195 aint that bad for Prada. Love all things Prada? Check out there designer headbands that will elevate any look.

stainless steel lunchbox with fork rectangle


This comes with a 1-year warranty! Also, great reviews on this bag. One women said, “Love this lunch box, didn't even consider how it holds a 16 oz waterbottle until I saw other pics. The lunchbox is sturdy and has a little pocket inside perfect for flat ice packs.”

light blue lunch carrier square

4. Carhartt Navy & White Terrell Lunch Pouch

I didn't know Carhartt makes lunch bags, but this is by far my favorite one!! This is water-repellent and made from waxed cotton hickory cloth.

blue and white folded paper lunch bag

5. Alessi Food à Porter Lunch Box

These are high-tech lunchboxes from Alessi Spacious, compact and extremely versatile, thanks to the division into three containers so you can pack a variety of different foods.

three acrylic women lunch box

6. William Sonoma Hold Everything Insulated Food Carrier

This bag is Insulated so it will keep your dishes either hot or cold! Comes in a round shape too!

grey recycled cotton lunch bag
Williams Sonoma

7. Balenciaga Logo stainless steel lunchbox

If you want to spend $790 on a lunchbox here you go. This lunchbox from Balenciaga is made from stainless steel with a chrome finish. It also comes with a a utensils set!

stainless steel lunch box

8. Stoney Clover Lunch Tote

This website will customize your lunch bag for you! Comes in a ton of different colors too.

customized lunch bag pink
Stoney Clover

9. Calpak Insulated Lunch Bag

Over 800 5+ star reviews!! One customer said, My best friend is a NYC Clinical Psych Student and was in desperate need of a fashionable lunchbox. I got them the Walnut color and they are obsessed. They use the lunch bag for grocery shopping, as a day errand bag, etc. It’s so chic and insulates very well. I highly recommend and I can’t wait to buy one for myself!” Also comes in so many different colors!

beige and white scrunch lunch box

10. Amazon VonNova Aesthetic Lunch Bag

This Amazon prime 1-day and 600+ have been bought just in this past month!! Love this color too! Someone left a review and said. Love it. Sturdy, waterproof, insulated and stylish. The handle is a great length. Size is great, fits lunch thermo and 2 water bottles, bag is not flimsy. Continue to hold its shape.” 

olive green crinkle lunch bag

11. L.L Bean Insulated Tote, Medium

Based on the reviews, people say the medium sized insulated tote lunch bag is much better than the small since it can fit much more in it. One customer said, “I bought this to use as my lunchbox. I had a different LLBean lunch box since 2009 but it was too small to put all of my containers and ice packs in it. This is big and I was not sure how that was going to work out, but it makes my life so much easier. Everything fits quickly and easily. Everything also stays cold with a couple ice packs. It seems to be great quality as well.”

navy and beige lunch hang bag tote
L.L Bean

Exploring Different Types of Lunch Bags

There are a variety of different lunch bags that you can go for. 

Starting of with tote bags! These lunch bags are both spacious and can be used as an actual shoulder bag. They offer plenty of room for lunch containers, water bottles, and snacks. Additionally, some of these bags come equipped with insulated compartments to maintain the freshness of your food.

Next up crossbody bags. These lunch bags are trendy and incredibly convenient, usually featuring longer straps that allow for effortless crossbody carrying. Their design offers hands-free portability, making them an excellent choice for those constantly on the go. I would opt for the Lululemon bag that I mentioned above. 

Insulated bags are popular because they are designed to maintain food temperatures. They typically come with multiple compartments, enabling organized storage for various food items. Ideal for those who require their meals to remain hot or cold for extended periods.

Bento boxes, while not precisely bags, these organized lunch containers are popular for their segmented and structured designs. They easily fit within an insulated lunch bag and provide separate compartments for different food items, ensuring meals remain organized and unblended.

Each type caters to different preferences and lifestyles, really just depends what you personally like and need.


Alright, let's talk about how to properly clean your lunch bag. Some are machine washable, while others might need a little hand cleaning love. Specific care tips vary based on the material.

For spills, quick action is key. Grab a damp cloth and gently dab or use a mild soap for those stubborn stains. Just be sure to follow the care instructions from the manufacturer.

Don't forget  to clear out those crumbs and leftovers, and let your bag breathe every now and then to stop any bad smells. 

Lastly, make sure that bag's bone dry before you put it away. Moisture's not a friend here, and we definitely don't want any funky smells or mold setting up.


I hope you were able to find a bag that suits your needs! Let this be proof that you don't have to spend a fortune on a designer lunch bag to get good quality! If you loved this read, make sure to check out these criss cross applesauce chairs for all day comfort.

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