10 Stanley Cup Dupes That Look and Feel Identical To The Original


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You're probably here because you don't want to spend $50 for a reusable water bottle that says Stanley on it. You're not alone. 

We've done our research to find the best Stanley cup dupes on the internet starting at just $8. Yes, $8. With identical features, generous warranties, and goo customer service you cannot go wrong with these options! Lets get into it!

10 Best Stanley Cup Dupes

1. Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbler with Handle and Straw Lid

This is the dupe that everyone talks about. It has over 21,000 5+ stars and comes in so many different colors. One customer said, I love this. I was not about to spend $40+ on a tumbler, but I found this one and it is perfect. Great price point and amazing quality. It looks amazing and functions perfectly as well. My water/iced coffee easily stayed cold in my hot car for 8+ hours. It’s worth it.” It's also part of Amazon Prime one day shipping!

lilac tumbler with handle and straw

2. Kait 40oz Insulated Cup With Handle "You Are Enough"

Love this color! This brand (Kait) has a variety of different cups that has different slogans on their cups. A lot of customers also say it's almost the exact same thing as the original Stanley cup.

blue stanley cup with straw
Altar'd State

3. Kait 40oz Insulated Cup With Handle "Howdy"

Hodwy. Great reviews on this dupe. One customer said, “Same size and overall design as a Stanley but better! Plus its backed by Altar'd state's phenomenal customer service. And the price was right too. Yes it fits in a cup holder. It holds ice good too. Absolutely LOVE the HOWDY lettering and color scheme.” Okay, sold. If you love dupes, check out these beis weekender bag dupes that are perfect for a short vacation.


beige stanley cup dupe with howdy written on it
Altar'd State

4. Temu 40oz Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle

How can you say no to this when its $8. Lol. A customer reviewed this exact cup and said, “Second cup I’ve gotten, & we really like them. Keeps my ice cold for hours! Awesome for the price.” If you're a lover of dupes, check out these ugg tasman slipper dupes.

five stanley cup dupes on table outside

5. Brumate Era 40oz Sage

This tumbler has AMAZING review. 157,000 5+ star reviews. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. The founder was also on the Forbes 30 under 30 list not so long ago for running and creating such an amazing company.

green hydro flask tumblr leakproof

6. Etsy40 oz Dupe Stainless Steel Cups

This Etsy seller has great reviews on this specific Stanley cup dupe. As you can see, it also comes in a ton of different colors. One customer said, “It’s a really good cup, I literally take it every where once I got it. It keeps my drink cold throughout the whole day. The cup met my expectations and I am over all happy with my purchase.” There are also customer photos so you can see what it looks like in real liife!

40 oz stanley cup dupe in different colors

7. Amazon KISSKIND Tumbler With Handle 40 oz Travel Mug

This comes with a lifetime warranty and is just $21! This also comes in a ton of different colors as well. Can't really go wrong with this option!

beige stainless steel spill proof water bottle

8. Etsy Custom Engraved Tumbler with Handle and Straw

Do you want to get a customizable stanley cup dupe? Well, this Etsy seller has some really cute colors and affordable options. You can write anything you want with preset fonts! 

customize-able colorful stanley cups etsy

9. SHEIN Stanley Cup Dupe Purple

I'll never understand how Shein is so cheap. One customer said, “Love this cup fits in my cup holder perfectly doesn't spill easily and hold 40 oz of water at a one-time period.” It also comes in different colors. 

pink stanley cup stainless steel

10. Amazon Hydrapeak Voyager 40 oz Tumbler with Handle and Straw

Love this color! I have the hydro-flask dupe version of this and it's honestly the same thing for the fraction of the price. This also carries all the same features that the Stanley cup has! 

yellow hydrapeak water cup

Environmental Impact of Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years because of how beneficial it is for our environment. Single-use plastic bottles are a major contributor to plastic pollution, which harms ecosystems and wildlife. By choosing a reusable bottle, you are all helping to minimize the production and disposal of plastic bottles. This not only conserves valuable resources but also reduces the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the oceans and landfills. It's a small change that can make a big difference in preserving the planet for future generations.


You might wonder why a reusable cup that says Stanley on it has gained so much popularity in recent years. 

Stanley cups, aside from their appealing aesthetics, owe their immense popularity to the blend of quality and functionality. With a legacy spanning more than a century in crafting camping essentials, Stanley has finely tuned their products to embody durability and utility.

Custom Stanley tumblers, in particular, showcase an array of remarkable features that set them apart. They excel at maintaining drinks ice-cold for an impressive 11 hours, an enticing incentive for staying hydrated during workouts and outdoor activities like hikes. 

But I think the most thoughtful detail of these cups is that they fit perfectly into your car's cup holder, sparing you the annoyance of having to put the bottle in between your legs while driving. 

In addition to their user-friendly features, Stanley cups have handles, which come in handy when going on hikes or any outdoor adventure. I personally hate having to lodge my water bottle in between my armpits on hikes lol. (If you know, you know).

Lastly, they have straws. Because lets face it, when you have a straw you are way more inclined to drinking more!


I hope you were able to find a cup that suits you and your financial needs. If we had to choose our favorite from this list, it would probably be the Brumate bottle. It has such amazing reviews and I just love the sage green color. If that is a bit too expensive for you, then we'd go for the Simple Modern tumbler from Amazon. A bunch of my friends have it and they have no complaints!

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