How To Make Small Breasts Look Big

how to make small breasts look big

It's a question us small-chested girls have always wondered. How to make your small breasts big (without a $10,000 surgery of-course). It can be really frustrating getting ready for a night-out and seeing your chest look a little to small in your low-cut top or dress. Not only can it be unflattering, but also a confidence killer! You're not going to stuff your bra like you did in high school nor do you want to change the outfit you spent so long putting together! It's a scenario I'm sure many of you have been in and are mentally stuck on what to do. Fortunately, in this day and age, there is always a solution to most things. If you're not happy with the size of your bust, there are many simple and easy ways to create the appearance of big boobs. 

The right bra, outfit, or even makeup product (keep reading and you'll understand) can make miles of a difference in the appearance of your boobs making you feel confident and satisfied. We've compiled 5 ways on how to make your small breasts look big below!

5 ways on how to make small breasts look big


Most bras that you find at the department store are either too big or unflattering on small chests. Even if you pick out AA cup bra, the shape of the cup results in so much gapping. Choosing the right bra is essential to making your small breasts look big. An extra padded bra is a perfect way to push up your breasts naturally. For people who do not find comfort in extra padded bras, go for a bra that caters to small-chested women like the Wear Pepper MVP Bra.


This bra has over 1,000 5-star reviews with women raving about how this does wonders for their small breasts.

beige bra for small bust
black bra for small bust
women wearing beige bra for small chest

This bra has AMAZING reviews especially for small chested girls. Someone in the review section said “I’m so happy with my purchase, I struggle to find nude colored bras that fit the shape of my body. I never fill cups but the scoop design stops the gapping.”

satin black bra for small chest
Fleur Du Mal

This bra is a best-seller for a reason. The cups on this bra are smaller than standard ones and are less likely to gap on a small chest. Even the model on the website has a small chest and it looks great on her!



 Hate wearing bras? Opt-in for a sticky bra like the one below. This will do wonders for your small breasts making them look like 2 cup sizes bigger.

sticky bra
sticky bra


Most corset tops are way too big for us small-chested girlies. No one likes when your boob never fills in the entire corset cup for two reasons: 1) your breasts are left exposed and 2) you feel insecure about your chest. If you have a small bust, opt-in for a corset cup with smaller cups. Extra bonus points if it has extra plush padding inside. Our all-time favorite corset top for small busts is the Venus Mesh Corset $80 from TOPSFORDAYS. Don't want to take our word from it? Take it from 1000's of small chested girls who have rated this corset top 5-stars and expressed things like: "Could not be more in love with this top. It is EVERYTHING! Craftsmanship is on point. Great materials. Durable. Feminine. Perfect." You can read more about our favorite corsets for small busts here



Who says makeup is solely for the face? Contouring your chest can make a miles of a difference for your small breastsWith a few brushes of highlighter and bronzer, you can go up a few cup sizes in just a matter of minutes. Below is a before and after depiction of contouring your chest. You can also find a video on How To Contour Your Boobs below.


Looking for a contour stick? Our favorite is the NUDESTIX Tinted Blur Contour Sculpting Kit. It's a lightweight, cream-to-powder, ultra soft matte contour stick that is very natural-looking and subtle. It has 4.5 stars on Sephora and people rave about it saying things like: "Absolutely love! You definitely need this if you are looking for something that blends so easily and gives you that chiseled/sculpted look. Perfect for the go if you're going out and want a more dramatic look."


Picking the right clothing for your body is crucial on how to make your small breasts look big. Wearing tops or dresses with a sweetheart neckline rather than a straight neckline will give the illusion of a larger chest. You can read more on what necklines best suite small breasts here. Opt-in for more fitted clothing ,especially at the waist, to accentuate your curves making your bust look larger.


We hope this guide on how to make your small breasts look bigger has given you some direction and comfort knowing that you are not alone. Many small-chested women struggle with image issues especially in this day and age with the certain "beauty" standard being pushed on to us. It can be stressful and make a lot of us feel like we don't belong or that we're not good enough. But in reality, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or in other words, beauty is subjective.  


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