5 Best Necklines For Small Busts That Will Flatter Your Figure

best neckline for small bust

Choosing the right neckline for your bust is crucial for us small-chested ladies. Not only can it be a big advantage to flattering your small bust, but makes you feel more confident in your own skin. There are several different necklines that can make or break your look as a small-chested women. It's a daily struggle to figure out what will make us look less boyish and more feminine with the body we were born with. When you want to wear a plunging neckline dress, you worry that it will draw too much attention to your chest, or if you opt-in for a corset top, you're afraid the boob cup will have gapping. And let's not forget the fortune we spend on alterations just to get something to fit us somewhat good. 

Trust us, we have been there and we are here to help! We have compiled 5 best necklines for small busts that are surprisingly helpful. Note, that these are just our opinions, and you should always wear what makes you feel good and confident in your own skin!

5 best necklines for small busts


A sweetheart neckline gets its name from depicting the curves at the top of a heart. Not only is this neckline super flattering, but it's extremely romantic. Sweetheart necklines are very open and show lots of skin, specifically your collar bones and shoulders. A sweetheart neckline can be one of the best necklines for small bust because it can accentuate the bust making it look fuller and whole.

This top from Jonathan Simkhai is a great option.

black sweetheart neckline crop top

This bodysuit from Amazon is a great example of a sweetheart neckline. Not only is the neckline flattering for small busts, but has amazing reviews!

sweetheart neckline top

Love this color.

sweetheart neckline top burgundy



Tube tops can be a great way to dress a small bust, specifically ones made from spandex material. This way your boobs can get that extra lifted look while accentuating your collar bones and shoulders.

Bows are a trend this 2024 and we're here for it.

pink tube top
Urban Outfitters

If you are to buy a top from everywhere, let it be Skims. Their fit and quality is unmatched.

On a budget? Check out these affordable Amazon tube tops!

skims black tube top

Anything espresso color I love.

espresso strapless top
Free People

Obsessed and it comes in different colors!

white tube top dress neckline
House of CB

Comes in black too!

white tube top neckline
Alo Yoga


Narrow v-necklines are great necklines for small busts because it gives off the illusion of having bigger boobs. On the right you can see a dress with a wider and more broad v-neckline showing too much chest and making her boobs look separated and smaller. On the left, you can see a more narrow v-neckline showing less chest and an illusion of bigger boobs.

narrow v-neckline

This comes in a midi dress version too!

v neck polkadot dress
Princess Polly

One verified buyer said, "Definitely meant for someone with smaller boobs. I'm a 38D & I'm falling out of this shirt. It's cute but I'll probably never wear it." LOL.

v neck black top

Love the way they styles this.

v neck top with collar black

This is a great example of a narrow v-neckline dress. It looks much more flattering like this than if it were to be a wide v-neck.

narrow v neckline dress black


Halter necklines can be one of the best necklines for small busts because it showcases your shoulders, drawing the eyes upward. If you're someone who is petite with broad shoulders, halter necklines can be a great way to balance your top half of the body as a whole. Halter tops are also a great way to showcase your arm muscles, again drawing the eyes away from the chest and to other parts of your body in a very tasteful way.

Amazon has a ton of affordable halter tops that are super cute. Check out more of them here.

white halter top amazon

Love everything about this.

plunge halter midi dress
Jaded London

Just bought a skims bodysuit dupe from Quince and it did not dissappoint.

ribbed knit halter top black


A boat-neckline is a horizontal line across the collar bones. The horizontal line adds more emphasis around the neck and shoulders, which works so well with a smaller bust. Most women with larger chests actually avoid this neckline because it makes them look bigger than normal. If your looking to not show a lot of skin but still give your body shape and spice, a boat neckline is for you.

I have this and it was very flattering on my small bust. Comes in other shades too.

Boat neckline printed dress
Realisation Par

If it's olive green, I need it.

olive green crop top

H&M never disappoints with their prices

Boat neckline top white

600+ bought just this past month on Amazon. The open back is what seals the deal for me.

Check out these other affordable boat neck tops from Amazon

boat neckline open back top

This looks so lux and soft. For being cashmere, $59 is a deal.

Boat neckline top


Learning to feel comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate win. No matter how you look or what you wear, confidence always triumphs. Try out these different necklines, and maybe one can change the way you feel! If you loved this read, check out these dresses for small chests!

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