13 Cute & Warm Earmuffs For Winter - Starting at $11


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Ever found yourself walking outdoors in Winter, ears freezing, and that annoying headache creeping in? Been there. I've curated some of the best earmuffs that not only guarantee warmth but have great reviews from satisfied customers.

Whether you're leaning towards budget-friendly picks on Amazon and Urban Outfitters or eyeing more luxurious options at Neiman Marcus and Revolve, there's a perfect match waiting for you. Bonus: a couple of foldable gems make this list, perfect for travel.

Okay, let's dive into these 13 earmuffs for winter starting at just $11!

13 warm earmuffs for winter

1. Anthropologie Faux Fur Sporty Ear muffs

These come in several different colors. I love how it looks so lightweight but also big enough to keep your ears warm. A lot of great reviews on these too. One said, “Super cute and so warm!! They are perfect to wear in the cold without messing up your hair.” 

best ear muffs for winter womens

2. UO Jumbo Faux Fur Earmuff

Love the texture on these. They look like they are designer and could be priced at $200. If you're not a fan of these specific ones, check out these other ones from Urban Outfitters.

faux fur ear muff womens
Urban Outfitters

3. Amazon Winter Wool Ear Muffs Cozy

These remind me of the Ugg ones! 1k+ have been bought in the past month and it's part of Amazon Prime!

women wearing green sweater with jingle bells

4. Altar'd State Sherpa Earmuffs

“These adorable ear muffs are too cute for words.They are more adorable in person - I literally squealed with excitement when I received them in the mail! They are so soft and cozy." These would pair nicely with a pair of these ugg tasman slipper dupes!


white sherpa ear warmers for winter
Altar'd State

5. GORSKI Lamb Shearling Earmuffs

Made from real lamb fur which is why it's a bit more pricey! Comes in other color-ways, but I personally love the pink!

lamb fur ear muff skin pink
Neiman Marcus


Guys these look so cozy!! Comes in black too and has the Alo logo on them. They also offer free shipping & free returns!

women in the snow wearing white earmuff

7. Free People Smitten Faux Fur Headpiece

These are foldable so you can store them in your bag or suitcase if you're going on a trip. Comes in other colors too. Great reviews as well. One verified customer said, “I love these in the taupe colour. Well worth the purchase!” 

womens foldable ear muffs for winter
Free People

8. Goldbergh Fluffy Ear Warmers

Goldbergh is known to have the best luxury winter clothes and accessories. (Hence the hefty price tags.) They are headquartered in Amsterdam where the brand was founded in 2009 by renowned sportswear designer Lieke van den Berg and entrepreneurial retailer Sandra Peet. Check out these 19 other muffs from Revolve!

women with slick back hair wearing white earmuff

9. Los Angeles Apparel DEADSTOCK EAR WARMERS

These are screaming Christmas and I am obsessed. So many different colors available and they are only $14!! Los Angeles apparel is also known to have really great sweatsuits.

red earmuffs womens
Los Angeles Apparel

10. Stoney Clover Earmuffs

Stoney Clover is known to have great quality pieces at a good price point. Make sure to check out their beis weekender bag dupe! 

women wearing brown earmuff for winter
Stoney Clover

11. JCPenney Womens Ear Warmers

Good reviews on these and they're just $11. One left an honest review and said, “Cozy and attractive. Just picked up the white and tan. Nice and furry and warm. Technically they aren’t adjustable, but the muffs are movable about 1/2 inch up and down on the band. So a little leeway there. Very happy with them.” 

cognac ear warmer womens sale



wine red earmuff for women

12. UGG Shearling Earmuffs

THESE UGG ONES ARE 50% OFF ON SAKS OFF FIFTH! Snag them before they're gone.

chestnut shearling ear warmers ugg
Saks Off Fifth

Earmuff Gifting Ideas

When you're on the lookout for gifts, ear warmers can be super practical and affordable. Not only do they save your ears from the cold—they're a gift that will be heavily used for years to come.

The beauty of gifting these babies is that you can go the affordable route, trendy route, or premium luxury route. If someone is the trendsetter type, go for ones with sleek designs, pops of vibrant colors, or maybe even some faux fur vibes. The Emijay Sugarmuffs are a good option.

If you're trying to find a more affordable option, opt for the Ugg dupe earmuffs from Amazon. The reviews are also very promising and have real life pictures as well. If you're looking for more dupes, make sure to check out these mini ugg dupes!

Now, if you're friend or family is the boujee type, opt for something a bit more fancy like the Gorski ones from Revolve. There's a whole world of premium ear warmers out there from the big names like Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, etc. too. . 

If you're thinking of adding a more personal touch to your gift, you can also get ones customized with your friends name or initials! Monograms, specific colors, or funky patterns—make them personal!

How to Style Your Earmuffs

When it comes to styling these headpieices, less is more. Keep it simple but chic. Go for a monochromatic look - I prefer black, white, or grey. This gives off a very “cool girl aesthetic” vibe.

Then, let the muffs steal the show. Picture this: a catsuit from SKIMS, a pair of sleek designer snow boots, paired with your favorite pair from this list. Don't forget to layer with a cute puffer jacket, scarf, or gloves and a sleek pair of designer sunglasses. 

Another cute look is a pair of Lululemon Align leggings and a long sleeve top from SKIMS paired with platform Moon Boots. This will give off a very chic and “celebrity style” look 

Earmuffs and Different Hair Styles

Nothing can be more annoying than taking the time to style your hair and have it ruined with your earmuffs!

For those with long hair, consider wearing your hair down, allowing the headpiece to frame your face. This creates a laid-back, casual look that's perfect for everyday winter outings.

If you have a chic bob or short hair, they can add an extra element of charm. Consider putting your hair behind your ears and place the headpiece over your ears. This will stop your hair from flying up, while keeping your ears warm.

For those who love to put their hair up, opt for a slick back bun! This will give you that “influencer style” look and keep your ears extra warm (you'll need it).

If you have thicker more coarse hair, consider putting your hair in a very low loose bun! It will give off a very chill, but cute look. 

So, whether your hair is long or short, up or down, this head accessory can up your winter look without compromising your natural look!


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