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10 Best Brushes For Cream Blush - Starting at $5


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Having tried out options from both drugstores and Sephora, I've got the lowdown on what works and what doesn't. We're going to talk about drugstore brushes starting at just $7, to higher end brands brushes retailing at $47. 

Whether you just love all things makeup, or looking for a budget-friendly option there is a brush in here for you.

10 Best Brushes For Cream Blush

1. Real Techniques Instapop Cheek Makeup Brush

People say this is a dupe for the Rare beauty blush, but has better coverage since the brush is more dense. I have been using this for my cream products for two years and it has held up very nicely. Definitely worth the price.

real techniques blush brush

2. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Can't Stop Won't Stop Blush Brush

This is marketed as a foundation brush, but so many girls have been saying how good this is for cream blushes or anything liquid. It's on Amazon for $15!

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nyx makeup brush

3. MAKEUP BY MARIO F1 Makeup Brush

I love this brush because you can use one side for your cream blush and the other for concealer or even liquid eyeshadow!

One customer left a review and said, “This is the ONLY makeup brush I’ve ever bought specifically to splurge. I’ve always blended with my hands for foundation because everything else leaves streaks or just looks bad. This brush blends like A DREAM but still leaves so much product still on your face for coverage. This was worth the splurge for me and took my skin to the next level. It blends concealer and general foundation and even cream blush. So so worth the splurge. I’m stingy with buying brushes but this was IT for me."

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makeup by mario dual ended brush

4. ELF Putty Blush Brush

One Tiktoker raved about this brush saying “It's the best brush and changes your whole make up game.” It's also just $5!!!

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elf putty blush brush
Ulta Beauty

5. Mini PRO Foundation Brush #70

This is marketed as a foundation brush but girls LOVE to use it for cream blush. One customer left a review and said, “This is the actual cutest brush to ever exist, it fits literally anywhere and gets the job done! i love how effortless it blends my foundation out and how it’s so mini. the perfect gift for someone who’s always traveling or on the bag, even for an emergency makeup bag. definitely recommend!"

sephora collection brush

6. Hourglass Ambient Soft Glow Cream Blush Brush

Mikayla Nogueira says this is her go-to brush for anything cream or liquid - foundation, blush, contour. She says "the angle of the brush makes it so easy to apply product, has the perfect density,  and the quality is through the roof."

A verified customer also said, "One customer left a review and said, “The best brush for liquids and cream products. I use this brush for all my products, including concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush, and highlight (the brush does not hold onto color, sounds weird but try it for yourself and you will see what I mean).”

hourglass soft glow brush

7. Morphe M449 Detailed Powder & Cream Brush (Drugstore)

For $11 this is so worth it. Reviews are so good too. One buyer said, "I bought this to use to apply my merit cream bronzer and it blends like a dream. So smooth and effortless. I've used it for foundation and liquid blush on some occasions in a pinch and it does a pretty good job of blending out both." 

morphe blush brush

8. Saie The Big Buffing Bronzer Brush

A lot of girls say they use this brush for cream blush and the Saie Sun Melt Natural Cream Bronzer or the Cream Highlighting Blush.

One buyer said, “This brush is amazing! It is soft and gentle but also helps me to get the blended look I am always wanting. I can use it easily to layer on my makeup and help it to look flawless.”

saie buffing bronzer brush

9. Fenty Face Shaping Brush 125

This is a lot of girls go-to brush for either foundation or cream blush. The second most popular brush is their highlight brush which has a special angle to hug your check bones when applying. 

One buyer said, “I have 2 of these brushes for cream bronzers and blushes, my all time favorite brush. I’ve washed them many times and have no experienced any shedding, look as great at when I first purchased them.”

fenty beauty makeup brush for cream blush

10. KINGMAS Cream Product Brush

6,000 people bought this brush in just the past month and it's on the Amazon's choice list. It's double-sided, so you can use it for your cream products as well as powder products on the other side. Someone left an honest review and said, The brush is soft and perfect for powder products. I love how it buffs my blush, bronzer and helps for smooth blending/application. It loses a few bristles sometimes so I can tell it’s not super great quality, but honestly it’s becoming one of my fave brushes.” 

double sided makeup brush amazon

How to Choose the Right Brush For Your Cream Products

Choosing the right brush for your cream blush involves several essential factors to make sure the product spreads nicely on your skin. Here's a detailed breakdown of each key factor:

Bristle Type: Opt for Synthetic Bristles

The bristle type plays a crucial role in how well the brush works with cream products. Synthetic bristles, typically made from nylon or taklon, are highly recommended for cream products. Unlike natural hair brushes, synthetic bristles don't absorb as much product. This means more of your cream products ends up on your face rather than being absorbed by the brush. Also, synthetic bristles are easier to clean!

Brush Shape: Choose Angled or Stippling Brushes

The shape of the brush is another vital consideration. An angled brush has slanted bristles, forming a diagonal shape. It also makes it easier to apply in specific places like your cheekbone and getting that sculpted look. The angled design helps deposit the product exactly where you want it, so you feel more in control and get a more professional look.

Stippling brushes have a duo-fiber design, featuring a mix of long and short bristles. This allows for a lighter application, preventing heavy-handedness with the product. Stippling brushes are good for achieving a more natural finish. They give you control over the intensity of the product while seamlessly blending it into your skin.

Density: Opt for Medium to Dense Bristles

The density of the brush refers to how tightly packed the bristles are. For cream product, a brush with medium to dense bristles is ideal. A brush with medium density provides a balance between precision and blending. Dense brushes, on the other hand, offer more control over the product, ensuring it goes exactly where you intend it to. This results in a more even application, preventing patchiness and streaks.

Material: Look for High-Quality Materials

When choosing a brush for cream blush, look for high-quality materials that won't absorb too much product. Brushes made from synthetic fibers or a blend of synthetic and natural fibers work well for cream products. High-quality materials not only ensure good use of your blush, but also have your brush last longer.

Drugstore vs. Sephora

When it comes to makeup brushes, the choice between drugstore options and those available at higher-end retailers like Sephora often boils down to a combination of budget and personal preferences.

Drugstore brushes are widely accessible, typically more budget-friendly, and offer a variety of options for different makeup applications. They can be an excellent choice for beginners or those looking for cost-effective alternatives. 

On the other hand, brushes from places like Sephora are more expensive and sometimes have better materials and craftsmanship. Some of these brushes have innovative designs, premium materials, and advanced tech, providing a luxurious and seamless application.

As someone who has bought brushes from both drugstores and Sephora, I haven't noticed much of a difference in their performance. My go-to drugstore makeup brushes are definitely the Real Techniques ones. I've been using this set for the last two years, and they hold up nicely. If I were to choose a brush from Sephora, given the higher price tag, I would probably go for the Hourglass brush. It applies very nicely, and the feel is incredibly luxurious.


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