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31 Mob Wife Outfits That Are Affordable and Glamorous


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If you haven't heard, clean girl is out and mob wife is in. Think luxurious fabrics, bold jewelry, big fur coats and leather trenches, high heels, dramatic makeup, and undercover colors. We took the liberty to scour the internet and find the best mob wife outfits ideas that are affordable - carrying the perfect balance of classy and sexy.

31 Mob Wife Outfits (2024)

Mob Wife Fur Coats and Jackets

1. Banana Republic Upsala Faux Fur Coat

The fur coats are essential to get that sexy mob wife aesthetic. This faux fur coat from Banana Republic is currently on sale and you can get an extra 20% off at checkout. Comes in a petite version too!!

women wearing black faux fur coat
Banana Republic

2. Alo Faux Fur Cropped Jacket White

Comes in black too!

mob wife wearing white faux fur cropped jacket

3. Lamarque Linnea Fur Coat Mob Wife Outfit Ideas

Such great reviews on this coat. One verified buyer said, "I used this for my Chicago trip in the winter, IT'S AN AWESOME COAT! Omg I'm so in love."

women wearing brown faux fur coat

4. Alo Oversized Faux Mob Wife Fur Coat

Comes in a cropped version too which is less expensive. Pair this with a leopard print dress and pointed toe heels.

One verified buyer said, "OMG! I feel like a billionaire in this coat - it’s worth every penny. I think my self esteem and confidence increased 50% wearing this coat! I absolutely love it!"

mob wife wearing black trench fur

5. Meshki Sexy Oversized Coat With Fur Trim Black

Everything about this look screams mob wife. This piece sells out, so if it's in stock and you like it BUY IT!!

One verified buyer said, "It is so beautiful and looks EXPENSIVE, for the price you can’t go wrong. I would say it runs very large so if you are petite like me (5ft 2, clothes size UK 6) instead of an XS you should order a XXS."

mob wife walking on street wearing black fur coat

6. Club London Black Long Belted Faux Fur Coat

This coat from Club London is made from heavyweight premium faux fur and is double breasted. Obsessed.

black fur coat women
Club London

7. Amazon Womens Faux Fur Coat Zip Up Cropped Bubble Coat

A great mob wife outfit idea that's also affordable. $55 from Amazon and it's prime! Reviews are promising. You can also wear this when this trend is over lol.

cropped fur jacket with hood

Mob Wife Dresses and Jumpsuits

8. Sndys Dani Plus Size Mob Wife Aesthetic Dress

Chic, classy, and mobby. It's also only $79! 

If you're looking for more mob wife pieces from Revolve, check out this curated mob wife collection!

off the shoulde black midi dress

9. Norma Kamali Long Sleeve Turtleneck Mob Wife Dress

10. Amazon Womens Square Neck Bodice Dress Long Sleeve Side Slit Flare Mini Dresses

Mob wife girls on a budget, this dress from Amazon (prime) is $39 and has great reviews

black square neck dress sexy

11. Callahan Marie Maxi Dress

Based on the reviews, this item runs large so size down. Another great versatile piece for the Winter/Fall. This can be paired with knee high boots, a fur jacket, black sunnies, and gold jewelry.

off shoulder midi dress black

12. Reformation Edda Silk Skirt

Pair this with a lace bodysuit, a cropped fur jacket, leather boots and a fur beanie!

silk lace dress

13. Abercrombie Satin Long-Sleeve Open-Back Mini Dress

Based on the reviews, it says to size up. 

One verified buyer said, "Cute dress! It runs a little smaller so I’d size up for a more flattering fit. I’m 5’1 145 lbs 36 DDD for reference. I’m wearing this for my bday dinner with my hubby. Definitely needs pasties or a sticky bra. Also had to steam it to get wrinkles out, other than that I love it!"

satin open back dress

14. Superdown Kristina Jumpsuit

Pair this with a cropped faux fur jacket and pointed toe heels. Great reviews on this too.

One verified buyer said, "So many compliments !!! Fits great.. has a stretch to it and so comfortable. Wore it with a cropped black blazer."

pin stripe jumpsuit

Mob Wife Jewelry

15. Black Stone Earring Gold

This is a best-seller on the site! One verified customer said, "I love these earrings, they look so classy! Get so many compliments wearing them."

black and gold textured  large studs

16. Vintage Textured square Earrings

A best-seller on Etsy and only $25! 

One verified buyer said, "The earrings came really quick and it’s true to the image share by the vendor, I thought it would be heavy for the ears but is lightweight, would buy again."

square cut earring textured

17. 24k Gold & Labradorite Stone Vintage Earrings

If you're looking for more chunky jewelry, check out these 15 chunky gold earrings.

gold and labradorite stone earring circle
Aureum Collective

18. 14K Gold Long Hoop Earring

Bottega earring dupe vibes.

19. Three-Strand Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace is a must.

layerd pearl necklace
Blue Nile

Mob Wife Leather Pants

20. Abercrombie Curve Love Vegan Leather 90s Relaxed Pant

This is a best-seller on the website! So many customer image reviews on this, so you really know what you're getting. Comes in petite sizes too! 

One verified buyer said, "Very flattering! Goes well with every outfit. It's easy to dress up or down. Also very comfy!"

women wearing faux leather high waisted pants

21. Good American FAUX LEATHER PANTS

One verified buyer said, "I am so happy with these! I went back and bought them in another color. They fit exactly as explained the sizing was right on the money! They’re very flattering and I feel very confident wearing them! I love that they’re lined on the inside. Incredibly well-made! Reminds me of my leather pants I purchased 25 years ago that I still have but no longer fit in. I was looking to replace those and I was struggling to find something that did not look like rubber or plastic. These were just what I was looking for. "

mob wife high waisted leather  pants
Good American

Mob Wife Heels

22. Schutz Mikki Up Boot

A versatile boot that you will make building an outfit so much easier. This is also made from real leather based on the website.

One buyer said, "I love this sleek, hugging boot! I cannot believe how classy and well made they are. This is normally a $500-1,500 boot per my past experience."

black pointed toe heel boot

23. Dolce Vita Auggie Boot

SO cute. Pair this with a mini skirt or mini dress and sleek sunglasses. So many reviews saying how comfortable these boots are.

One buyer said, "I work retail in a 12,000 sq ft store. I can wear these for a full shift of me running around for 9 hours straight AND go out after work and don’t feel any pain. First time wearing my feet were a little sore, but after they were so comfortable. Let this be your sign to get these shoes."

wide calf point toe boot
Dolce Vita

24. Amazon Slingback Patent Stiletto for Women

On Amazon and comes in different colors. It's kind of giving YSL dupe.

burgundy point toe heel mob wife aesthetic

Mob Wife Accessories


Can't be a proper mob wife without the iconic Wolford tights.

satin tights wolford

26. Faux Fur Cossack Hat

It's giving Russian mafia mob wife.

faux fur beanie black
Neiman Marcus

27. Free People Olympic Cat Eye Sunglasses

An affordable pair of cat eye sunglasses!

cat eye sunglasses mob wife aesthetic
Free People

28. Jimmy Choo Addy 52MM Cat Eye Sunglasses

This is very mob wife aesthetic. Jimmy Choo sunnies on sale at Saks off fifth!

jimmy choo cat eye sunglasses
Saks off Fifth

29. YSL Mini Satin Le 5 A 7 Tri Metal Mob Wife Bag

30. Sexy Ivory Faux Fur Shawl

Perfect for a fancy dinner date with your mobster husband.

ivory faux fur ivory fur shawl

31. Amazon 90's Headband

A nice thick 90's aesthetic headband is a must.

black thick headband
Princess Polly

What is a mob wife?

A "mob wife" is basically a lady who's married to a guy involved in the mafia or organized crime. Think of it like being in a super intense, high-stakes version of a regular marriage, with all the extra drama and danger that comes from the crime world. If you've ever watched "The Sopranos," you've got a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. Carmela Soprano, for example, lives a life that's got its perks like fancy clothes and a nice house, but it's also full of worries about legal troubles, safety, and moral questions about the family business.

In shows and movies, mob wives seem to have the perfect life: the looks, the power, and the respect. But they also deal with a ton of behind-the-scenes stress, like fearing for their family's safety or dealing with the fallout from their husbands' illegal activities. It's a lifestyle that's as complicated as it is fascinating, blending the highs of luxury with the lows of the criminal world. 

What is the Mob Wife Aesthetic?

The mob wife aesthetic is a very unique style that draws inspiration from the glamorous and dramatic lives of women associated with mobsters or the mafia, as depicted in popular moves and shows like the Sopranos or the Godfather. 

This mob wife dress code is mainly a mix of chic and provactive, giving off that "who is she" vibe.

Mob wives often have a mix of chic and sexy to them. Their style is very put together and refined, but also carries boss vibes and "don't mess with me, my husband will kill you" vibes. This mic is key to the mob wife aesthetic.

Silk, satin, velvet, and fur are staples in a mob wife's wardrobe. These materials reflect a life of luxury and comfort, often shown in rich, deep colors like black, red, and emerald green. 

Accessories play a crucial role in the mob wife aesthetic. Large, statement jewelry pieces—think chunky necklaces, oversized earrings, and cocktail rings—are essential. These pieces are not just for looks but symbols of wealth and power.

Mob wives love clothing that accentuates their body, with tailored dresses, pencil skirts, and fitted blouses. The silhouette is key: it should look like sophistication and control, with a hint of classic femininity.

Boots and high-heeled shoes are essential for achieving the mob wife look. They add an element of sophistication, contributing to the strong presence associated with mob wives.

Outerwear is just as important as what's underneath. Fur coats, whether real or faux, add an instant layer of glamor and status, while leather jackets can bring in that edgy vibe.

The mob wife aesthetic is finished off with heavy makeup —smoky eyes, red lips, and well-defined brows. 

Finally, the mob wife aesthetic carries a sense of mystery. This can be seen in the choice of sunglasses, scarves, and other accessories that give off that "who is she" vibe.

How To Dress Like A Mob Wife


If you're looking for more mob wife aesthetic clothing, check out these curated mob wife pieces from Revolve.

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